Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #33 - The Power of Good Design (Part 6 of 6)

build a blissful business course expert web designer website Sep 20, 2023
The Power of Good Design

Welcome back to the "Bad Ass is the New Black" podcast! I'm your host, Krissy Chin, and we're diving into Part Six of our six-part series on building a blissful business. If you haven't already signed up for our upcoming master class, "How to Automate Your Online Business and Increase Sales While You Sleep," I urge you to pause this episode and head over to The link is also available in the show notes or beneath this video on YouTube.





If you're eager to take your business online with a website and harness the power of automation to build your email list and convert customers while you sleep, this master class is tailor-made for you!

In this master class, we'll uncover the three hidden obstacles that may be hindering your success, reveal how to gain an extra four hours in your day, and explore the strategies to scale your business to six or even seven figures while working part-time. Don't miss out; secure your seat at!

Throughout this six-part series, we've been dissecting the six critical areas that can either make or break your business. Missing the mark on just one of these areas could cost you thousands of dollars every month. If you haven't listened to Parts 1-5, I encourage you to catch up – each episode is under 20 minutes, and if you're like me and listen on double time, you can absorb this valuable knowledge in just one hour!

Today, let's dive into the importance of DESIGN and how it can be the key to your business's success or downfall. Design is Claire's area of expertise in our programs and training. She possesses an extraordinary talent for making things not only visually appealing but also understanding design psychology and how it can be harnessed to your advantage in your business.

Imagine you're nailing all the other five areas of your business – your mindset is on point, your foundation is rock solid, your offer is irresistible, your funnel is seamless, and your copy is persuasive – but you're still struggling to achieve the sales you desire. The culprit might just be DESIGN.

Design encompasses more than just colors and pictures; it extends to the layout and even the design of your COPY! Have you ever thought about designing your copy?

If your design isn't well-organized, your potential customers could become overwhelmed when they visit your website. The wrong colors might overload their brains, leading them to leave immediately. A confusing design could deter them from taking action, resulting in lost customers.

The weight of design on your business's success cannot be underestimated. If you're not a natural designer, like me, this can be a daunting challenge. You need to learn not only the psychology behind design but also the practical skills.

That's where Build a Blissful Business comes in. Inside our program, we provide templates with all the design psychology baked into the pages. Claire teaches you how to adjust your pages and graphics to align with your brand. Think of it as making a cake – you must have all the ingredients, with your messaging being the sugar. But tech design is like the frosting; it's the final step that wows your potential customers, draws them in, and makes them want to take a big, satisfying bite!

People come for the design and stay for the copy – so if your design is subpar, people won't be drawn in. We, as humans, gravitate toward things that are aesthetically pleasing.

Leverage your design to your advantage, enticing your audience to read and take action. This will enable you to build a thriving business, working part-time while earning a full-time income – all while you sleep or enjoy life's other adventures.

If you already know that Build a Blissful Business is the program for you – providing guidance on ideal customer clarity, crafting irresistible offers, setting up your funnel for automated sales, creating badass websites, and writing compelling copy – then get on the waitlist for BBB! The doors open next week at If you're listening in the future, simply head to to check for program openings or upcoming dates.

Join me next week for a special episode featuring BBB students as we officially open the doors. You'll get an inside look at how BBB has transformed their businesses, bringing clarity and success to their entrepreneurial journeys.

While this concludes our six-part series, the journey to building a blissful business is ongoing, and I'm excited to continue sharing valuable insights with you. Stay tuned for more episodes of the "Bad Ass is the New Black" podcast!


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