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Season 3 Episode 11: Unlocking Your Full Potential Through Message Clarity With Adria DeCorte

Your message has everything to do with the success of your business. If you aren't clear in your message or putting out the wrong message, you will attract the wrong people, or maybe no people at all, which means wasted time and decreased dollars. Take notes from my guest, Adria, who is going to give us the inside scoop on how to craft a clear message to attract the perfect people, to help you work less, enjoy, and earn more. 

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Season 3 Episode 17: How To Manage Your Business When You Have ADHD With Alisha Crossley

While I don't have a diagnosis of ADHD, I see some major similarities as a visionary, big picture, ideas all the time, squirrel-brained girl. This interview helped open my eyes to how to manage freedom and flexibility more. Also, because I have a squirrel brain and Alisha has ADHD, we got off on other topics, which were all so valuable that I left them in the episode for you. Stick around for more mind-blowing management tips.

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Season 3 Episode 15: Becoming A Successful Mompreneur: Brand, Process, And Automation Tips With Desiree Bonau

You have to start somewhere, but where do you start? I dive in with one of my Build a Blissful Business Students to chat about being a mom while doing this whole entrepreneurial thing, finding clarity in your brand, adding processes and automation to your business to help you save time because if you're anything like us, you are busy. 

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