Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #20- Owning Your Energy & Human Design with Jenna Rossi

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BNB 20 | Energy Human Design Jenna Rossi

Jenna Rossi is an energy coach and human design guide here to help humans live their spirit expression through exploring and owning their unique individual energy. Jenna reminds distracted minds of their true purpose and gets people back to play. Even with years of her own experimentation and study, she believes the most valuable credential that she can give you is her Jenna energy.


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Owning Your Energy & Human Design with Jenna Rossi


Jenna Rossi is an energy coach and human design guide here to help humans live their spirit expression through exploring and owning their unique individual energy. Jenna reminds distracted minds of their true purpose and gets people back to play. Even with years of her own experimentation and study, she believes the most valuable credential that she can give you is her Jenna energy.


The best thing you can give her is your energy grounded in her spirituality, connection to source and inner authority. She trusts that what she's here to offer today may be different than what she shows up for tomorrow. So follow along if your heart feels called to it. Anyone and everyone who leads with love is invited into her aura. I'm so excited to have you here today.


And we have Claire. If you're watching on YouTube, you're getting the three of us. And well, if you're listening, you're just going to hear the three of us are going to have to figure out who's talking when, because a lot of people say Claire and I sound the same. So maybe you should just watch this one on YouTube. I don't know, but I'm excited to have you here, Jen. I know Claire, super excited. We met Jenna at the retreat that we were at recently. I know you've been hearing me talk a lot about it, Claire and I did an episode to recap episode 14 of this season. So season number four, if you want to listen to that. And we did share some of our experience with Jenna on that episode and instantly when we met and connected and after that weekend, I thought I have to bring you on the podcast and we have to do a three-way. That sounds weird, but we're doing it. No, we call it the SIS sandwich. You guys, we have our own little chat on Voxer. It's called a sandwich. because Jenna is in between the sisters. Oh my God, you guys, it's just getting weirder and weirder.


This podcast is PG. I swear. No, but I really wanted to bring you on and we're going to touch a little bit on human design, but I know we're going to talk about other stuff as well. I had been introduced to human design a bit before, and then you just really opened my eyes to it more. And we looked at our charts and we chatted about things and things just kind of clicked and, and shared, Claire shared her story more about how that clicked for her in the other episode, but we can get into it in this episode as well. I don't even know where to start. I feel like I should just turn it over to you, to me, to Jenna. So you can share a little bit about it. I love doing kind of a little bit of a backstory.


Energy Coaching and Owning Your Energy

Maybe how you got into this. I love hearing just a bit of the evolutionary process. Did you always know you were going to do this? Probably not. I know that is such a weird question. Isn't it? Did you know you were going to end up where you are, where you are and it's sometimes it's like, yes. Yes and no, because I feel like I always knew I wasn't supposed to be where I was, but then I didn't always know where I was going. So it's  yes and no. So I'm Jenna. Hello. If you're watching. Hello, here I am. If you're listening. Hello, here I am.


I am an energy coach. As Krissy mentioned, I'm an energy coach and human design guide. I work with clients to help them live their spirit expression here on earth. What does that mean? I still don't know. We're all figuring it out together. But previously how I got here, I always knew I wasn't meant to be where I was at and that was following the traditional path.


And I feel like that's everybody's story. Nobody's supposed to be following the traditional path because we're not all traditional. We're not all supposed to be doing the same thing. So I was, you know, raised in a beautiful, loving home. Went to college, ended up in a corporate and a successful career and I hated it. 


So I hated it. I absolutely hated it. I hated it. At least I thought I hated it, but what I actually hated was not myself. That sounds so bad, but I hated myself. There were things about myself that I didn't love. I was blaming my job and my, you know, not relationship because I always knew I loved my husband, but I was blaming everything outside of myself for why I was unhappy inside. And granted my career was not aligned with me, but I found myself in a position where everything outside of me was wrong. My career, my car was breaking down. You know, I wasn't aligning with my people at work. My relationships, everything was wrong outside of me.


And then it just clicked. I was thinking, that can't be. Everything outside of me, can't be wrong. And then, you know, oh, I'm just perfect. You know,  everything outside of me is incorrect. And I'm just something, you know, I'm just not meant to be here in this position.


I must move somewhere else. It must not be me. And so I started to just look within and I just, you know, began diving into everything that is me. And that's kind of where I discovered this expression of it's owning your energy.  And my purpose and my being in everything that I am right now is owning my energy and every circumstance and situation.


My Job is to Own My Energy

And my job now is to own my energy and help other people do that. And that's how I live in peace and live in happiness. That's kind of been my journey, I guess. I love when at the retreat we were talking, going around and talking about our businesses and you're thinking, my business. Why don't I say, I have a business I've just owned my energy. That's my business. And at first,  I didn't get it. I was thinking, okay. But what does that mean? And then the more I got to know you, the more we talked and the more you talked about what it means to own your energy.


It makes perfect sense. So for those that are listening and don't know, are having that thought, what does it mean to own your energy? Can you elaborate a little bit more on that? So I believe, and I, I say I believe, but I want to say,  I know that we're all here on earth and I'm, I'm, I'm Lulu. I mean, that feels so cliche these days to say that I'm very spiritual, I'm very connected to the divine, but because I believe we are, we are all the divine. We are all source. We are all one. I believe that we are all here to play and expand, we're all on mother earth too, to simply play. Play is our jobs play as our careers play is our relationships play is our activities and literal play, you know, playing kickball and playing, you know, in the water and swimming like literal play. Play is everything that is outside of ourselves. And so I believe that we are here to play.


And when play gets too hard, when playing becomes difficult, when our relationships, when our careers get hard, when I was in that moment of, I hate my job, my job sucks. Screw my job. This isn't for me, instead of blaming our jobs, instead of blaming the play, we have to own our energy.


And we have to go within and say, what is it about me that is creating this? What is it about me that is mirroring this in my life? And we have to go within and ask ourselves, how am I creating this conflict within my life? because life is just a mirror. And it's through those moments that we get to expand as spirits.


And so it can actually be fun, like challenge and conflict and frustration can actually become fun. Once we start to look at life that way, and it has, for me, that's what I mean by owning our energy. We have to own our, our shadows and the stuff we're creating in our lives and own our discussed again, own, own, own our, you know, I'm, I'm saying in, in this sense, owning our, what we're creating in our lives, owning our conflicts, but also owning the things that we're ashamed of. You know, and that's something that we can bring up with you, Claire,  owning the fact that you and I both thought that we were really lazy. Owning our shame and owning things that were, we've been ashamed about our whole lives, owning everything about ourselves. And, and that's our job because once we own it, we can get back to playing. There's some that there's a sense of relief and release and owning that too. And recognizing that it's also okay to feel these feelings and to resent these things and to figure out why.


And it really stems from, there's something really powerful that I experience from our interaction in learning. You said something in your, when you're talking about your path, but how you, it's hard to say that you knew you guys wanted to do this because you never really knew universally felt like you were where you're supposed to be, but you didn't really know where you were supposed to go.


That hit home so hard. And we talked about that on their trait and probably something we'll talk about with learning about who you are and your human design and how to show up authentically so that you can be honest with yourself and own your energy and the way that you really are meant to, to rather than the way you are, you think you're supposed to.


And that's really, I think about what human design does. And I think how I am human, human design is such a powerful tool and I know we'll get to talking about it and how, you know, your charts show up and everything. But how I really look at human design and how it's been used in my life is it's really a tool to help us own our energy.


It's not our end goal. It's not, it's not your identity. It's just a tool to help you understand your identity. You know, you get to move past human design and continue exploring yourself. It's almost, I look at human design as a dictionary, you know, as you're navigating life and things are coming up and you hit a point where you're thinking, why don't, you know, why do I feel resistance here? Why am I not able to accept this about myself? I turned to a human designed to understand, oh, well, that's just a part of me. So that's really how I use human design along the journey. But I know we'll dive into that more, but I totally resonate with that feeling of not knowing where I meant to go and that was something I really had to accept.


And I think that's something that a lot of my clients have had to accept. And I'm sure a lot of your listeners are learning to accept or, you know, I think that's something we all could resonate with at least a little bit of not knowing where to go or where we're supposed to go. But something that has eased that for me was connecting with, that's, that's kind of the point. That's kind of the point is that we're supposed to be here playing and just expanding and experimenting with, Ooh, what is next? I don't know. And that's kind of the farm. I love that term play. That really, that was kind of the first time I had heard about it at the retreat and in reference to literally the world is our playground and approaching everything as play and even taking it a step further and thinking back to when we were kids and everything was playing, we approached it from a place of play. And then at some point in our life things switch and we don’t.


And we conform to the traditional same thing, you know, went to college and did the thing. And then it was man, I don't know about this. So I love kind of just taking it in, taking that in and looking at what I'm doing from a place of play. It just makes it so much more enjoyable.


Exploring with Play

Or exploring when it's not enjoyable exploring that. Why is it not enjoyable? And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but using it for a moment, an opportunity to learn more about myself in that moment of why does this not feel aligned right now? Or why do I want to be doing something different and learning to then bring it to, you know, being able to do something in a different way in the future. So I kind of love thank you for introducing that to me and looking at things as play,  how I'm going to play in my job and how I'm going to play in my relationships. So I love that.  And I think something you're seeing it as, you know, when my work is not playful. I think there's another way to look at it too. And just an example in my life right now is it's kind of seeing it backwards where right now my puppy Luna, she had to have a little style removed on her eye. And then it got infected. So now she has to have the cone on longer.


And she's been dealing with little hotspots on her paws. So I was saying to my husband, you know, I was in total victim mode and I knew it. I called it out. I was thinking I just want to be a victim for a moment. Let me be a victim. I just want to complain.


 I need you to mirror back to me what I'm not seeing. I'm not complaining about her because I love her. And I want to take care of her. But this has been going on for so long. What is happening? Why is she not healing? Why does this pattern keep happening?  I know in some of your listeners, I don't know if this all resonates, but I'm like, she's a mirror for me. She's just an extension of me. This is a pattern that's coming up in my life. And he said, well, you guys are glued at the hip. She's glued at the hip. Are you taking care of yourself? Physically? What are you taking care of yourself? Are you going to the gym? He called me out and I was like, no, I'm not. I mean, I haven't been since I moved into this new house.


And so I started looking at my health and it isn't where I want it to be. And so my dog's health isn’t  where it wants to be. And so he had me as a kind of mirror that back to myself. And also I was looking at him and he asked are you having fun? You haven't been having fun.


She's so sick and sad and stuff. He said but are you having fun? Or when was the last time you played? So rather than my job isn't fun anymore. I was able to look outside, I had something in my life Kind of coming in externally showing me, I'm not playing, you know, versus asking the question inside,  why isn't this fun anymore? I had something coming outside and telling me, are you playing like Jenna? And go play. You need to go play. You need to go be in pleasure again. because I haven't been, I've just been on mom duty and I'm not even a mom.


I mean, I am now sitting here questioning like, oh gosh, my dog has anxiety. Is that a mirror of me? Yes. Let's get into it. Yes. because it's the same. I mean, When you think about it, your dog is happy when you're happy. But I mean, okay. So I mean, we could get that A whole other, I mean, I'm not completely The direct, the direct correlation. Like I don't feel anxious. So like Using that as the mirror, not even to reflect on all of my life, am I actually like my. We could be totally over analyzing and that can be a conversation for another time, but just starting to pay attention to like, when it's a pattern, you know, when something's a pattern, like I'm like, why my dog and a cone every month? You know? I'm like, okay, wait, let me like, look at this. Like there's a reason. Okay. Okay. So what is that process then that you go through to like to try and shift that and change that.


I just ask myself better questions. So instead of getting frustrated and you know why I get frustrated. Like don't not get frustrated, like be in your emotion. One of my favorite tools is to be in, be in your emotions is to set a timer for 90 seconds and just like, feel your emotions. Like I don't ever want to not say to not be in your emotions and not be human.


Because we're human first. We came here to be human first, but set a timer for 90 seconds to feel your emotions, feel your anger, fill your, just rage, whatever it is, your sadness. And then sit there for a second after and ask yourself a better question. You know? Like what is it within me? That's, you know, let's say like with Luna, I'm trying to think like maybe what I asked she's she feels, I'm like, I feel like she's trapped in the house. I asked myself the question, like, how am I trapping myself in life right now? So really just kind of like pulling those words that I'm like describing about my external world and then kind of repositioning them within myself.


And just owning it.  And having no shame, like, you know, we're all, we're all doing it and the sooner you can just kind of own it. You can move past it, laugh at it. And laugh at it. because we're all doing it.  A hundred percent.


And I love that. Like giving permission to have the emotions and my husband is not, he's better about it now, but like having a boy, like Avery's emotional and he cries about things probably gets that from me. And as a kid, I didn't show any emotion. Now I cry with any little thing, any little heartfelt thing. Like my nose gets red.


Now my eyes get watery. He likes to give tells like super genuine. And he would always just be like, don't cry man up. And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no. Like we need to feel our emotions. We need to let him feel his emotions and not be ashamed for feeling those emotions and like letting them pass, but then not sitting in them for an extended period of time causing more harm than good emotions past. And, and that's something that like in the human design world, I really in, in, in the community I've really picked up on and we can talk about if we get to it, like the emotional wave, which neither of you have, but some people have the emotional wave and as their authority. And so it's a more of a mechanical, emotional wave where your solar plexus is defined. You're, you're kind of riding a constant emotional wave. So based on your son's chart, he might actually be riding a constant emotional wave where he has a high, a neutral and a low. And that just may be very mechanical for him.


Like he is energetically meant to be emotional. And that's like who he's here to be. The half of the world is meant to be like that. And so your emotions that you're feeling are his too, because you guys are both open in the solar plexus. And so one of the things that, you know, I've learned from human design and from my teacher and from the community is that, that I really love just even for my practices to experience the emotion, like, but don't indulge in it, the experience of adults indulging in it. Like don't avoid it, but don't indulge in it. Like just be with it. because when we indulge in our emotions and we amplify them and we let them become something that they're not actually not meant to be, you know, it's just energy moving through us. That's great perspective. Okay. Let's get into human. Okay. All right. Excited. You're starting to talk about it. I'm like, okay. We're like jumping the gun. I hadn't heard about it. I know like we're going to be doing a team event with our team of all of our contractors that work with us.


What is Human Design?

I'm super excited that only one person really knew what human design was. So I know there's a lot of people listening that are like, what is that? Is this another personality quiz, you know, that I need to take. So I'm a big personality quiz person. That's not exactly what this is. So if you can explain what human design is and then just kind of share some insights and then you can, I'll just, I'll just let you lead. So just to keep it simple, because that's what I like to do, you know? And that's based on my chart too. So you'll, you'll kind of learn my energetics through this as well. It's your energetic blueprint. So it's based on your birth date, time and place much like astrology and it gives us our energetic blueprint.


So it really helps us understand how we're meant to energetically navigate in this human realm. And so the way that I like to describe it as it's kind of like our energetic compass, you know, on, on earth, it really helps us just kind of navigate situations. It helps us have eye gate relationships. It helps us, helps us understand who we are on an energetic level, how many different types are there? There's five. So there's the manifestor and they're here to like lead. And like they're the only ones that can really like to act and like to take action in life without needing to respond to anything. Then there's manifesting generators, which are here to respond and they have like the energy to do multiple things and want to do multiple things and kind of initiate and respond.


Then there's generators or who are here to really kind of like hone in on one thing and find what they love and kind of just like find Prague, like this is an example, but find a project that they love or that work, that they love and their joy and like to do it. And like they really love instructions and steps. And they have that like honing in sacral energy, then a projector kind of guides all of those people to like the future and kind of nurtures all of them. And then a reflector is their chart is completely open. They don't have any of those centers, those shapes colored in or defined. So they're here to be the mirrors. They mirror everybody like their energy really like is just a mirror. So they're really here to kind of help us see ourselves on a deep level.


And they also like their goal is really to find a community that they feel really vibrant. And now when you pull your human design chart, if you're listening, you know, you can do [email protected]. There's many resources, just Google. There's a lot out there. And again, I want to say there's so many resources that I don't want to claim myself to be like an expert in this space.


I study human design, I've experimented with my own human design, but I again, really use it just as a tool to support my clients. It's not, you know, it's not a Bible for me, it's, it's a resource. So I really use it intuitively as a reference point and just kind of a, like I said, a dictionary for my, my clients and, and for you to be really the authority above human design. But when you pull your chart, it's gonna look like this and I'm, you guys have both seen your charts. Like, you know what it looks like. So for those of you listening, it's this funky looking body graph where it kind of looks like the shocker system.


It kind of looks like a head and a body, but there's some geometric shapes and some lines and some of them are colored in and some of them are not. But what you will come to find when you're doing your research, is that the colored parts of your chart, you are, you have. That's what makes up your energetic blueprint.


But what I want to be really clear about is that we have everything within us. We have everything within us. So despite what your chart says, despite what you have, or don't have colored in on your chart, you have everything, you are everything like. Like what I said at the beginning, and this isn't just my perspective, everybody in human design will agree with this.


You know, you are everything. We are connected to universal intelligence. We have all the energies within us and all the capabilities within us, what the colored parts say is essentially, it's what you have access to consistently. It's the energy that you have within you consistently on a daily basis based on the body and being that you chose in this lifetime. So your chart, Claire, you chose to be a projector.  And Christie, you chose to be a manifesting generator. So we'll kind of just start there, Claire, you wanted to be a projector.  You chose to be a guide of energy in this lifetime. So projectors are really here to guide energy and kind of guide the other energy types in this world.


So they're really here to do less of the like hard work and do less of the hands-on work and be more in their flow and be more in their, in their joy and in their, the be more in the things that really light them up and fuel them naturally and organically and, and be more of a master of systems and, and help people in that sense.


So does that resonate with you? I know we've kind of talked about this, but I want to check in and has that still been resonating with you since we talked about it? I mean, yes and no though. It's not necessarily the energy I've owned in my past. I think innately, I knew that like, that was something that came easy for me because I did it anyway.


So, you know, in my nine to five more corporate startup job, whenever we would have meetings, it was me and baby boomers. And I was under the impression that my job was to, you know, set up the CRM system, get everything digitally, move forward with the business, create systems, help with organizational stuff. If they were to bring in an idea that felt like it wasn't going to be as productive as it could be.


I would challenge it. I would ask the questions. I would play devil's advocate. I would, I would recommend some alternative options as an opportunity for us to have that conversation. It wasn't accepted well, because that wasn't my role, my duty. So, you know, I was, I was, I was the newbie just out of college kid that was meant to take orders and it did, it did not land well. Like I didn't feel great in that position, in that role. And it wasn't, you know, what I had to offer wasn't received positively. It was, that was a really challenging role in the very beginning and formative stages of my career path, but made me totally pivot and quit my job and then go back to serving tables.


because I could guide people through a menu like nobody's business, Claire owning her energy and then them not receiving it well. And so then that just triggered more different emotions. Well, well, first I want to say that that's totally valid and I'm sorry that you experienced that, but I think that's like a few things first. I mean, that kind of leads to the second layer of human design. Like I, I mean, I think that was conditioning of the people around you not receiving your truth. You know, you were honoring what was natural and organic to you as a projector. I mean, that sounds like that was a projector's role, what you were stepping up into and wanting to do.  Asking those powerful questions, being kind of the thought provoker and kind of energetically guiding the room. But was that your perceived role by everybody else? Was that what you were perceived to be doing by everybody else? No. And that's not necessarily your fault or their fault. But, but what that comes to, so there's two things in human design that everybody will say is like, if you can take anything from human design, it's these two things. If there's anything you can practice or experiment with. And that's one thing I should've added at the beginning is that human design is an experiment. Like it's an experiment you can take and leave whatever you want, but just experiment with it. Like it's just an experiment, spend time with it.


It's not something that's going to, you're going to digest overnight. It's not something that's going to feel good right away. because your, your energetic blueprint, your birth chart, it's who you're meant to be in alignment with, you know, when you were born. And then we had all this conditioning thrown on top of us. So who you are now and what feels right in your soul right now.


And then I tell you what your human design is. It might be like, oh, that's not me, but that's also with all your conditioning of who you feel like you are now. So, it's really about experimenting and being like, maybe that is who I'm meant to be. So it's an experiment. But if you can take any two things from human design, it's your strategy and your authority. And so your strategy is really how you are kind of called out into the world. So your strategy, Claire, as a projector, and I'm a projector as well. I don't know if I said that I'm a projector okay. Is to, and I, and I don't love this word, but to wait for the invitation.


Okay. So I like to say, prepare for the invitation. So prepare for the invitation, you know, do what you love, you know, be, be in your heart space, be in what you enjoy and, and be prepared for that invitation to come in. So what I hear maybe in that situation was that you didn't have that invitation. Like you didn't have that job title position, you know, that wasn't the space for you to be in that position. But that doesn't mean that that's not what you're actually meant to be doing. So that makes sense. So then you didn't love it because then he focused a certain way when they didn't respond, you know, in a, in a great way. And it led you to quit your job and something else, you know, had you known a little bit more about this and your human design, you know, maybe your path, maybe you wouldn't have quit or you would have addressed in a different way, or, but obviously everything happens for a reason that was meant to happen the way that it happened.


But just interesting how just recognizing now in your human design and seeing that space now, when it comes into our business together, you can show up in a way that feels really good when you are owning your energy and who you are, you know, energetically in a space that's really productive for both of us, which I think is really cool. And speaking to like how that may play out, if you guys are both aligned and open to it.   A manifesting generator, which is kind of a combination of the manifestor and the generator. You have sacred energy.  You have the sacred energy, you have the energy to do it, you have the energy to kind of manifest and bring to life what it is that you want.


And that is many things that are many projects that are in many directions that are changing your mind. That is taking shortcuts. That is having a lot happening at once and going in a lot of different directions at the same time and just having a lot happening in your life. But that brings you joy. Like resume, like laughing over here because we're getting a puppy on Saturday.


And I said something like, maybe we should, you know, breed this dog. Michael's like one more thing. Do you really need one more thing to do? And so I'm just laughing. That's just, that's me. That's who I am. I'm. So multi-passionate, I love doing lots of different things. I love starting a lot of different things.


I love being a part of a lot of different things. So it just really shows up in my life, in every aspect and, and people that aren't that, or haven't done a lot of studying on it to understand them, they don't get it. They're like, I just don't get you kind of thing. She, I call her a workaholic all the time and she Krissy cracks me and she's like, no, I don't work all the time. I just never turn it off in my brain because I love it so much. And I mean, tangentially, not related to that comment I just made. But when she told me she wanted to breed the dog on the other end of that text message, I was thinking like, going crazy.


And I just thought that my immediate thought was like, I need to ask her questions about the why's and have her think through like every single, every couple of months, this dog is going to have, it's a girl dog. So it's going to be her lady time. And like, does she, she gonna be okay with like, I just want a bunch, a little puppy throughout. No, I know like, I'll think through this, But I just have these thoughts and sometimes they happen. And sometimes they don't and I'm totally okay with that. If I literally acted on every thought and idea, like, there'd be a million things happening. There's only like 50.  Your strategy to kind of help you navigate those things is how Claire is, is to wait for an invitation or wait for something that feels, and I was actually talking to a client about this today. because that can be very, that can be conditioning in and of itself to wait for an invitation. It can start to pinhole you into feeling like there's no options and start to make you feel very small. Like a lot of projectors become just conditioned in that. Like there's no other way to say this. I'm not going to spin around in circles. So I like to, I mean, and people feel different ways about this. Some people like to be very traditional in their human design practice and say, I need an exact invitation that tells me exactly what I'm meant to be doing. Like, you know, maybe Krissy saying, Claire, I want your opinion on this. Like, it needs to be very clear where I like to feel more of an energetic invitation. Like I need to know that I like being received here and recognized here. And if I'm feeling that, then I will share. So it's, it's more, it has been more about me getting clear on that energy within myself and experimenting with that of like, okay, I'm being received here. I know that feeling within myself and that has been the experiment. Whereas for you Krissy, it's about paying attention to life and the universe and looking for things to respond to. So it can be like, it was, it was me, you know, at the retreat like, oh, okay, Jenna, own your energy.


Like I want to have her on the podcast. And it's really looking at life and looking for things to respond to. So always looking out for something that really sparks that joy within you and then being like, oh, I want to create something from that. Oh, that I want to go after that versus sitting in your head and sitting and coming from your mind and trying to create from a mental state.


Does that kind of, does that resonate with like, you're always kind of like following the kind of like a, I don't know, I don't want to say a rabbit, but I don't know if that makes any sense, but you're kind of always like following the thing like that, you know, the carrot in front of you.  


We'll go with that.  Like you're always like there, life is always, the universe is always giving you something to respond to and you get to choose whether or not it's like a sacral. Yes or no. So that's your inner authority. It comes from your gut. And that's definitely, I think how I operate is very intuition based.


Like if it feels good, I'm going to do it. Like I have a lot of thoughts, but then like, just because I say it doesn't mean it's going to happen and it's only going to happen. If it actually really feels good, I'm only to make the dog if like we go down that path and like, it feels really good and I can have a lot more thoughts about it.


And something's just telling me like, Nope, no, that grant, so that's, that's your sacral authority. So that's the second thing that's really like really supportive and human design is your authority and that's your sacred energy. So that comes from your sacral and it's a for you, it's a very aha. Like you can actually sometimes hear like sacred beings doing that.


Like<inaudible> like, it's a very sound thing. Like, I don't know if Claire, you hear her making sounds a lot, but like you will. And it will change very in the moment thing. So like you can get to the dog at the end of this week and go, oh, nevermind. It's not for me. Like, no.


And you really trust yourself in the moment. Whereas your authority, Claire is splenic. So yours is more of like an, I explain it to yours is more of like a whisper your, your authority and your inner authority is more of like a whisper. So once you get that invitation, that energetic, whatever kind of invitation you want to receive when you decide whether or not you want to do it or participate in it, you'll get like this. It's kind of like a very, very small whisper. And it's very in the moment as well of whether you go forward or you don't, it's not as like in the body, it's not a like polar push forward. It's more of like this like inner knowing. That's interesting. because I do feel like my intuition is very strong, it's definitely not like an answer that's inside my head. It's just like this gut feeling of knowing.  It's more of a knowing versus like a body. Like yes. Now that's kind of the difference between the spleen in the sacral. But what I wanted to say too is like, so how you two can support each other, just being an mg and a projector like in business together is like, for example, Claire, like you recognizing that she loves doing all of this work. You know, like in allowing her to kind of like just spazz out sometimes in her mg, like magic and, and allowing her to kind of be in that and, and knowing within yourself that it's not always up to us as projectors to partake and guiding, like sometimes people don't want our help, which sucks. because we're projectors. And we always want to like, like we, we always want to help, like, that's one of our things, but then Krissy knowing that like Claire needs or really loves invitations to give her guidance being very mindful of like asking like, Hey, what is your opinion on this?


And like being really clear on bringing her in with those kinds of clear questions will make her feel really seen in special. Hmm. I love that. Do I do that Claire? I think you do when I don't respond for awhile or then like, I am often the, like Christine, our business partners and we have a million groups chats going on on a regular basis.


I let her lead. Like I, I usually she's the one like throwing out ideas, figuring out the systems, doing all the things that all, all of our contractors and you know, I wait for like, Claire, do you have a thought on this? So I give, I think I gave you the space to need to invite me for lack of a better term or a better way to explain that.


But I don't know if that is like, my internal struggle is like, does she feel like I'm not pulling my weight? Does she feel like she needs to reach out to get an answer because I'm not being proactive. So it is this internal struggle of like, how do I, when you said like that idea of waiting for the invitation, my immediate, but what if that invitation never comes? And I have things worth sharing. And it's interesting that you share that you feel like, like, yo, through your filter, it's I'm not pulling my weight. Oh, I'm not sharing. So she's trying to like draw me in, whereas me, I love brainstorming, bouncing ideas off with other people getting validation of like, yes, that sounds like a great idea. Or even no, that's not. Or here's my other thought let's poke holes in it. Like I'm a problem solver. So like if someone posts, holes, like, okay, let's figure out another way. So my intention is never or thought is never, okay, Claris disappeared. She's not participating. Like I'm doing all of the things like gotta, you know, draw her out. Like that's never, but it's so interesting that that's kind of, because of your experiences, how you work and all of that, that's kind of what you think. So that's very interesting.  And some of it's, you know, from, from past experiences like that, that initial workplace environment probably conditioned me in not the greatest way to feel like, you know, if, if my opinion isn't received and isn't valid, maybe I shouldn't be sharing it in the first place. So that's some stuff probably that I should need to work to undo and inside. And I will say like the biggest thing that all of us projectors do have to heal.


And I don't want to say every projector. So I, I know there's probably projectors listening and I would doubt that they didn't have to work through this. So I feel like I'm like channeling all the projectors, listening to this right now. And they're all like, no girl, I told I totally resonate with this, but we're all working on having to see ourselves because when we see ourselves, other people see us and then the invitations come. So when invitations aren't coming, when people aren't asking for our insights, when people aren't asking us for our opinions, when we're not being invited into life, it's because we're not inviting ourselves and we're not seeing our own worth, we're not seeing our own wisdom. And so that's where the healing has to begin.


And I want to say that's okay, because that's what every projector realizes is like, like it's, that's where I have to start. It's owning your energy. Like, it's not that it's not the outside. It's not that there aren't invitations coming in. It's because there aren't invitations in here within me to see myself.


That's a perfect example of like you and your business. Like, what is, what's your, was the, I just own my energy. And like, it shows up in how you can serve people when we are all owning our own energy, we show up in the best way and get the most out of everything, make the deepest best connections with people.


You know, people respond to us in a way that is most beneficial to our energetic energy. So I love that if you're going to do one thing today, or one thing after this episode, like literally just focus on owning your energy. Is it that you just want to sit and watch TV and eat bonbons or like own it, like own it for the afternoon.


Like if you're feeling super productive and, and you know, want to get things done, like own that energy and live in that space just in the moment, moment by moment. And I think that's some of the best advice that I've gotten from you, whether you said those words directly or not, and being able to just live in a better space.


The question I think, and this is the question that I had the very beginning of the revelation that I am a projector, which is something I didn't know, to even look towards as any sort of, you know, guided experiment of understanding. But when you say own your energy, some people that may not even, they may not have the capacity to even allow that to resonate.


Like for me owning my energy. Okay. Now, now as like the analytical person in me, I am, I've been told I'm this person that should wait for the invitation that, you know, has the subtle knowing and intuition and is meant to be a guide. And, and, and now I'm like, well, what did I do with that?


Okay. Also, like, let me respond to that. You guys are both, both also have line one in you. Okay. So you both have a line one, one of you have it conscious and unconscious. And I know there's some saying words that I can't describe everything because we're recording a podcast. I know there's so many details in the human design system that I could share with you.


That is a lifetime of wisdom that you can explore, but you both have a line one in you. And that is the investigator, which means you guys both need to investigate and study to feel safe in something like, before you do something, you need to like explore it indefinitely and then you'll do it. And so you both have that, like within you.


So it's kind of interesting. I maybe Krissy has it unconscious since like, you're just kind of like, Hmm. I guess unconscious, because she explores by just like, like going out and seeing who who's, how is the marketing delivered in these emails she's getting and like just, you know, absorbing all of the things where I like sit back and ask all the questions before I got to the world at all.


So that's something where to like, even just with me saying own your energy and you being like, okay, well, how do I do that? That's something that you're responding from your energetic blueprint of like, I need to know all the details of how to do that. Some of it's ego, some of it's your conditioning of like, we all need to know, like our ego wants to know how, you know, our subconscious brain that keeps us safe, wants to know, okay, well, how exactly do we do this? If we're being triggered listening to this, but also it's your line one. That's like, I need to know all the steps. Give me the steps, give me the details. But like, for me, I don't have the line ones. So I'm much more like, nah, like I don't want to know steps. Like I don't don't give me instructions. I'm like the opposite of instructions. So that's just another example of like what human design gives us to validate, like how we interact differently in the world.


Own our energy. I'm all in like sweet. Here I go. Like, hang up, hang up the podcast and like listen to music. And then the other half, maybe the way they're reacting, if they are feeling like, oh my God, I need to know all the details.


It may be because of the way they're energetically designed. So maybe those people, I would say, if you're feeling that way, maybe begin with human design, like maybe human design is the perfect tool for you because there are details there. Like human design is a detailed system and it may be the perfect system for you to kind of begin to own that and feel very validated and feel more connected to your energy on a just tedious and like exploratory level.


 So cool. The more that I've explored, then the personal development, like while here about personal development, for me, human design is more personal development, learning more about myself. And the more I do that, the more successful I am in all areas of my life, in my business, in my relationships, like in my health and wellness.


So like the more I explore about me, the more I'm able to show up for everybody else. I just, I think it's really awesome to just keep pouring into yourself so that you can pour into other people. And this is just one, like you said, a tool that someone can use to learn more about themselves so that they can start owning that energy.


So Jenna, I put all my stuff in this is a while ago, but I also did it recently. And I, when you, when the graph has pulled up, it looks like something drawn on the side of a stone in caveman days. And it looks impossible to translate and understand. There are symbols, there are weird lines. There are shapes that are filled with numbers.


Like how, how do for those that have line one in a conscious way and need answers? How do you even get answers from this? Is it an on your own self-exploration thing? Is it a thing that someone should probably book a call with you to figure out? Is it that a tool so they can start with, or that happens? 


So if you are someone who wants to book a call, I do have energy unpacks. I have being deep dives. I work with clients more intimately in my own your energy program, which is a private client experience. Or if you're someone who just kind of wants to dip your toe in and begin your experimentation on your own, there are a few different books out there.


The human design, the science of differentiation book is probably the one that I would recommend beginning with it's the red book on Amazon. Like that's the one that I feel like everybody has, but it's detailed. Like it's, if you're, I'm saying, like, if you want to go in and study the system, that's the one. If you're like, I, no, I want all the details. Like I don't want to just like tiptoe and learn a little bit. And like, you know, not just like, you know, look on Instagram, but the hashtags and stuff like this is, I want to go all in. I would begin there,  there are other resources online.


If you just kind of begin to search around. And, and again, I would invite you to tap into that inner authority, even if you don't really know what that is on a human design level yet, like really trust your spirit and work with someone. And, and if you're deciding to work with an outside source work with someone that really resonates with your spirit, because this system is interesting. It's complicated work with someone that feels really good for you. I've got people that like are practitioners in this, I'm having air quotes for those of you who are listening air quotes around practitioner There. So there are, but they're like self, like acclaimed practitioners.  Like there's different pieces. There's I think there's only one human design school.


That's like truly a human design school. And that's really, I don't know if it's hard to get into or something, but it's like, it's really, it's very specific and kind of individualized. But then there are other people who have a lot of different programs that say like, Hey, you know, take this and you can be certified to do readings and different things.


I was trained in it and stuff, but I don't say I'm a practitioner or anything. I mean, everybody, everybody can read their own human design chart. It's, you know, nobody's special. I got to go look at them more. I looked at both of my kids. They're both generators. I thought it was interesting, but they're both so different.


There's different ways you can look at charts too. You can do connection charts. It's pretty cool. Oh my gosh. Well, I know we only literally touched the various. We like, we barely scratched like barely scratched. I don't even think we scratched it. We just like opened the book. 


But I love that. We just got to introduce, if you guys have not heard about human design or the concept of like owning your energy as energetic beings, tell us in YouTube, in the comments or send me a DM I'm 100% follow Jenna. She's Jenna energy on social. I don't, I'm kind of just curious as to, or if you love it, if you're like, like one of the people that works with us, she was like, oh my God, I love human design. I'm so excited for this workshop. So we hired Jenna to come in. It hasn't happened yet. And we're going to do a workshop with any of our contractors that want to participate, where we get to teach them a little bit about this and, and how it can show up in their life and how it can show up maybe working together so that we can work more efficiently, together, more proactive together. So I'm excited to do that session with everybody, but so let me know if you have, or haven't heard about it. I'm just kind of curious. Maybe I should do a poll on IgG when this episode gets released, but then go follow Jenna and watch her own, her energy. You guys, that's really fun. Where can people find you? Everything at Jenna energy at gen energy on Instagram? My website is Jenna energy and then Jenna energy, the podcast, keeping it consistent. That's right. Business strategy. I like it. Love it.


I am so grateful Jenna could come and share with us today. If you want to learn more about human design and owning your energy be sure to check out Jenna on social and connect with her!


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