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 Digital Duplication Academy

A high-touch group program that will have you feeling confident in your lead capturing website and proud of your automated process that fosters lifelong customers and creates duplication on your team.

Build a website in a day

Convert leads on autopilot

Foster an engaging community

Duplicate with ease

Here is what you will get inside Digital Duplication Academy:


Phase 1 

Website in a Day


The reason website creation is hard and takes so long is because you have no copywriting or web development training.

But it doesn’t have to be hard or take forever. 

Speed up the process and get amazing results when you use our step-by-step training and templates.


  • The "Pre-work." Complete branding training to give your brand. unique look and help you attract. the perfect customer.
  • ‘Home’, ‘About’, and ‘Contact Me’ copywriting templates designed by a professional copywriter. 
  • Customizable Web Page Design Templates* that allows you to create a beautiful, non-template-looking, website in a flash! 
  • Branding guide and Canva template to make customizing your site to fit your style effortlessly.
  • Customizable Canva Templates to make creating images needed for your site fast and easy.
  • Step-by-step training to help you accomplish your goals in a fraction of the time. 

*Design templates are designed for GetOiling, AttractWell, and Kajabi. If you use another platform you will need to build out your website pages. This will add extra time to the process.



Phase 2

The Irresistible Lead magnet  


What’s a website if it doesn’t help you capture emails and turn your warm leads into paying customers?

But with all the “freebies” out there, how do you get anyone to grab yours?

We have the irresistible answer. 

This Module teaches you everything you need to create that irresistible freebie that will have your visitor begging you to take their email address.

This module includes:

  • Training to teach you how to create an irresistible freebie that no one else offers!
  • Canva Templates to make creation fast. 
  • A guide to help you create an effective marketing and sales email sequence to turn your warm leads into life-long customers on autopilot!



Phase 3 

Digital Duplication: The Effective Educational and Community Center


We know social media is causing stress in your life. Your FB groups are not as effective as they once were. FB is blocking your posts and hiding them from your community causing crickets in your group and sales volumes to plummet.

Plus, it takes a specific process to create life long customers from the get go or duplication for your team.

You need a NEW option and the solution is here! 

Adapt our onboarding process to fit your team or communities' needs and watch your business flourish.

When done the right way, an Educational and Community Center empowers them to learn, engage, take action, and duplicate or refer more people to you.

Your Pre-built Educational and Community center comes with…

  • Proven onboarding system to turn your new customers into life long customers
  • An onboarding email sequence template designed to get your new customers connected and engaging on autopilot within minutes. 
  • Built in strategies to get your customers on your monthly auto ship program or saying YES to your next offer.
  • Canva Templates to keep your Educational and Community Center on brand.
  • Training to ensure you have a duplicable process.

 *Templates and Step-by-step tech instructions provided by AttractWell, GetOiling, and Kajabi Included. 

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Live Coaching and Support

Enjoy 8 weeks of access to our expert coaches through community support M-F and 16 LIVE Coaching Calls (2/week) to help you overcome any obstacle.




4/1 Method to Supercharging Lead Generation

Just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come. Learn our 4/1 method to drive more traffic to your website and supercharge your lead generation.

What people are saying...

Leigh Houston

"Digital Duplication Academy (DDA) is perfect for anyone who is passionate about their business but doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to spend creating and maintaining a website.   I created a WordPress site a few years ago and while it served me well, it took way too much time and energy away from what I loved to do…not to mention what produced income.  The site was difficult to navigate and was constantly needing updates and tweaking. It just left me feeling stressed and overwhelmed…and honestly incapable of keeping up with the site.  I was hesitant to join DDA because I already had a site running (although mediocre).  Joining DDA was probably the best business decision I’ve made so far.  Now I feel empowered to focus on my real work. My website is my happy place and I proudly share it with anyone interested in my products and services.  I spend my time creating content and serving my people instead of trying to figure out the code necessary to add my content to my old site (no thank you).  The program gave me the website I needed but more importantly, my time back.  The program is very easy to follow and Krissy and Claire are there every step of the way. "

Jordan Baesler

"Before this program, I had a stock website and all these ideas but hadn’t put any of them into action. Mainly because it felt daunting to learn how to do it all by myself. DDA helped give me a road map for where to start and where to go with my website while providing the templates and copy structure so I didn’t need to start from scratch. It taught me about the importance of defining your brand/values and then gave me tools to do that, and provided invaluable extra content from the coaches — answering questions I didn’t even know I had. I now have a beautifully unique website, a better-defined brand and niche, and systems/automations to help me work more efficiently. But most importantly, Krissy and Claire helped me see the value I bring — helped me see that something I already do can be turned into revenue — helped me see the bigger vision for my business!"

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Melody Risser

"I am so impressed with Krissy, Claire, and the team behind Digital Duplication Academy. I now have the clarity I needed and feel confident about what I am offering on my site. What felt impossible and daunting on my own became VERY possible because of the DDA team and the hard work they put into this program. I craved a personalized website but the task felt daunting until I started Digital Duplication Academy. The easy-to-follow trainings are thought-provoking and spark creativity. I now have a brand, a target audience, copywriting skills, and a beautiful site that will serve my business. The coaching, support, and encouragement I received through the DDA community is invaluable. My new site is exactly what I wanted thanks to DDA!"