Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #10- How To Master Email Marketing in 2022

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BNB 10 | Master Email Marketing in 2022

Experts say the number of email users should reach 4.2 billion by the end of 2022! So let's not pretend that it isn't important. Having a healthy, growing and engaged email list is VITAL to building your business. I'm breaking down the best tips and practices that I have learned over the past four years of building my 6 figure business.  



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How to Master Email Marketing in 2022

There are some people out there who are saying that email marketing is dead. I wholeheartedly disagree with this! Email marketing is King (or Queen) for anyone who wants to build a business! Did you know that 80% of people check their emails each day? Experts say the number of email users should reach 4.2 billion by the end of 2022! The bottom line is you NEED an email list, you need it to be healthy, growing and generating revenue for your business! This week I’m going to break down some of the strategies that we have been using consistently over the last four years of building our business to 6 figures. 


First You Need to Grow a List

You can’t do any email marketing without an email list! But you don’t just want any emails on that list, you want a HEALTHY list. This is a list full of people who want to be there, who are interested in the content you are putting out and who are opening your emails.


Do NOT buy email lists. I cannot stress this enough. It is not worth it. It may seem like the easy thing to do, but those people are not good leads for your business, they won’t be opening your emails, they’ll unsubscribe and it will impact your deliverability. You will likely get marked as spam. 


People need to opt into your email list voluntarily. Ideally you should be using a double opt in so that they have to go check an email and confirm that they want to be on your list. This gives you a healthy list full of good leads, people who are truly interested in what you have to offer! 


You can get people to opt into your list in a number of ways, but basically you would normally have a freebie offering, or a coupon code or maybe you collect emails in your Facebook group. You can also ask someone else to promote your freebie to their list in order to drive more traffic to your offering. This is a great way to grow a healthy list. 


You also want to clean up your list regularly. Every 6-12 months, do a list cleanup and remove those who haven’t opened any emails from you. Maybe they put their email in wrong or they no longer use that email. Having these people on your list hurts your open rate and your deliverability. Also if you are using a CRM system, and it charges you per contact, you don’t want people on your list who aren’t opening your emails. You want to make sure that all your contacts are good contacts.


Next I’m going to outline three things you should be doing with every single email you get.


Add Emails to Your CRM

You want to be adding every email you get to a CRM system. This is a customer relationship manager. I don’t mean gmail or hotmail, I mean a system that lets you organize, automate and segment your list. Using a CRM is invaluable as it saves you so much time, helps you be more effective and gives you the ability to do a lot more in terms of strategy and marketing. Some website services have a built in CRM such as AttractWell or Kajabi, or you can use a third party CRM such as Active Campaign or Convert Kit. I do not recommend Mail Chimp, especially for those who are in Network Marketing because those types of businesses go against their policies. 


Segment Your List

Next you want to segment your list by adding tags to your contacts. You can do this in a number of ways. If they came to you via a freebie, you want to tag them so you know how you got this contact. Maybe your brand encompasses multiple passions of yours such as real estate and healthy living. You might have some leads who came in through a real estate freebie and some who came for info on healthy living. You want to make sure to tag them accordingly so that you are sending those contacts information that is relevant to them. 


You can also segment your contacts by location. Maybe you are building your business online but are having a local event. You don’t want to invite people to an in person event if they live on the other side of the world. 


Another way to segment is by their actions. For example, you might want to tag those who have made a purchase with you. Or segment by where they are in their customer journey. If you have a product suite, you might have a certain offering for beginner’s and one that is for intermediate learners etc. You can create segments so you can see where they are in that process.


I really like the idea of segmenting using a quiz. You can send out a quiz such as a personality test, that segments your leads by personality or interest. It’s a fun way to get information and who doesn’t like to take a quiz?


We are creating a fun quiz that you can check out here: 

Send Valuable Content

The next thing you should be doing with every email you get is sending valuable content. I say this all the time but it’s so important, you need to be creating weekly content! It doesn’t have to be long, but something like a blog, a podcast or a youtube video that is just 5 minutes can be enough as long as it is content that is going to be super interesting and valuable to your audience.


Make sure you use an email subject line that grabs their attention. You want them to read it and think “I need this right now!”. For example “5 Steps to Grow Your Email List” would be really enticing for someone who is learning to build a business online! You can also leverage a pre header if your email service has that feature. This gives you the ability to give them a bit more information on what your content is about. Try to keep your subject to 50 characters or less because they can’t see that many words when they are scanning their inbox. You want the most important words to be visible in order to get their attention.


Keep the content in your email short and to the point. You have maybe 1 to 15 seconds to get their attention as most people just skim over an email. Make sure the most important content is at the top of your email.


Space out your email, use graphics and be as concise as possible. Make sure you write how you talk as this will prevent you from being marked as spam. 


Market Your Products

The last thing you need to be doing with every email you get is marketing your products! This is the whole reason you are growing a list so it’s important that you do this. People won’t know to buy something if you don’t tell them about it. If this is a struggle for you, maybe you need to revisit your mindset around selling. It’s not about profiting off of others and just taking their money. You have established a brand, identified your audience and their needs and created products or a product suite that meets those needs. Each sale represents a transformation. The more money you make, the more lives you have helped find that transformation. 


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