Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #9 - Is Your Business Setup For Success?

Mar 29, 2023

Seven figure businesses are set up very differently than most businesses, and today you’ll not only learn about those differences, you’ll get a simple action at the end to set up your business in a way that generates success so that you can serve more people and generate more revenue, so you can live the life that you were always meant to live. 



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I’m Krissy Chin -  business coach and founder CEO of the Krissy chin brand AKA K&C consulting cofounder of GROworkspace I built $1 million business from the ground up, starting at exactly where you are and I’ve helped thousands of other coaches, health professionals, and network marketers get their businesses set up online an automated so they can spend more time with their family and less time behind their computer while also making an impact on many more lives. If you are a multi-passionate person who wants to have multiple revenue streams with a business that is automated and streamlined you are in the right place! 


If it seems like this journey of building a successful business has been a lot harder for you or it’s taking you extra long, there is a reason for it. It’s because your business is not set up in a way to actually scale to that multiple 6 and 7 figures income levels.  


If you compare someone whose business is 3 months in, it looks very different from someone who is generating 7 figures. 


So, what I am going to do today is teach you the indicators or symptoms that your business is NOT set up in a way that will allow you to scale so you can serve more and earn more. 


Get To The Root Of The Problem

Because without being able to recognize what is wrong, you can’t fix it to make it right. 

It’s the same for everything. 

If your child is struggling in school. But you don’t know why. Then it’s going to be very hard to address that. Last year I was seeing some indicators that my child was struggling to find success in certain areas in life. He started Football and would have moments where he shined, but then overall wasn’t seeing great progress for the time he was putting in and so I needed to take a deep look as his parent to help figure out why is his growth stalled. And so I learned that he was struggling with auditory processing. The football coach would give multiple step instructions but he couldn’t process it all so he started to feel lost. He couldn’t keep up and so he wasn’t seeing the growth he should have. I had to get to the root cause, the actual thing that was causing this and then help with changing this. And so we started at Brain balance and discovered that yes, he needed to work on developing some new neuro-pathways in a weak part of his brain so that he could process at his age level. And so he started at like a 2 or 3-year-old processing and after 5 months of put in the right structure and exercises in place, he is now at an age 11 for processing which is older then he is!. I am seeing growth in school, he’s now into chess, enjoying soccer and karate. But what most people would do is trial and error other fixes. 

If he is struggling in school, they would get a tutor. If struggling with sports, take up some extra practice. But that’s not going to make a HUGE jump in improvement because it’s not really what’s causing the problem. He didn’t need more study time. He needed to wake up a part of his brain with specific exercises. 


Its like your business. If its not going right the answer is NOT to spend more hours working! That is actually the most detrimental thing you can do. It’s about getting to the cause of why your business is stalled out or not growing that will make all the difference and actually help you generate the success you want. 


So what we want to do is find the root cause so that you can get to the bottom of things and make a real lasting change that skyrockets your growth not just gives you a baby step improvement/ band aid fix. It’s like with your health. If you have knee pain most people might take something to help with the pain. I am going to take some natural herbs and apply some oils to cut the pain but what is the REAL problem? The real problem is that your ankle is out of alignment causing you knee pain and until you get that angle into alignment you will constantly have pain and cause more damage down the road. 


It’s why most business owners make little improvements in their business over a long period of time. And then when they are generating some success years later their business still feels chaotic and crazy and causes burnout. Because the root cause was never really addressed you just learned how to band aid the situation to feel a little more successful BUT you never really get to this dream state where you love your business. Your changing thousands of lives, you have plenty of money in your bank account and are spending most of your time with your family. 


But you were meant for more. You were meant to create a blissful business. One that you are excited to wake up to every morning and wake up to SALES! One that allows you to make a huge impact in the world. One that is so systemized and streamlined that it becomes easier and easier to make money and allows you to work less and less. And before you know it you have a 7 figure business, your taking vacations every couple of months, you are never worried about what's in your bank account, and your clients are raving about you online and sending you messages saying how grateful they are for you and your help.   


Don’t worry I am going to show you how to get this success but first I am going to show you the indicators or symptoms so you can see if your business is set up the right way or not.


And as I share this I want to make sure that you are not judging yourself on this. It is not your fault if you have been at your business for a year or 3 years and it’s still not set up in a 7-figure way!  We were not born knowing this stuff! You weren’t taught in grade school, you likely didn’t go to college for this. So this is just something you haven’t learned yet and instead of feeling shameful and less then for not knowing it yet, I want you to be proud of yourself because you are here! You are listening to this episode, you are already investing in your business and your growth with your time so give yourself a TON of credit for that. 


Six Indicators That Your Business is NOT Setup for Success

So I am going to share some indicators what your business isn’t set up like a 7-figure business and then you tell me which pertain to you. Maybe be 1 may be all of them. 


1. You wake up and the first thing you think about for your business is, ugh I have a lot to do today. How am I going to get it all done? 


2.  You find yourself trying to squeeze in work any time you can because you didn’t have enough time when the kids were at school. So you are answering messages while at your kids soccer games, or when you take a bathroom break at a dance practice. You catch yourself trying to respond at a red light or in the carpool line. 


3. You find yourself unable to turn your brain off from work. You are constantly thinking about what you need to do, what didn’t get done all  while your kids or partner are trying to engage with you. You find yourself getting distracted by thinking about all the things for work. Your kids ask for something you are trying to respond to an email and get frustrated so you snap at them. They are upset you feel like a bad parent. But all because you are just trying to make this business work to give them a better life! 


4. You are feeling stretched with your finances. You get invited to participate in activities like weekend getaway or nice dinners out and feel like you just can’t swing it financially right now unless you go into debt. And the last thing you want to do is rack up a bunch of credit card debt. 


5. Inflation has taken a HUGE toll on your lifestyle and the things you could afford you maybe can’t afford anymore before.  Everything you pay for on the regular, food, gas, and house maintenance has gone up in cost leaving little extra for anything else. 


6. You are spending what little time you have on admin tasks of your business instead of being able to focus on the relationships and diving in deep with your customers and clients to really help them. 

 These are all signs that your business is not set up like a 7 figure business. If you are watching on YouTube type in the comments which one resonated with you most.  

And if you don’t make the adjustment soon, like adjusting the ankle to address the knee pain. You will find yourself burnt out needing a hip replacement because you walked funny for years accommodating for that knee pain. Hating what you are doing, and with all the financial stresses and disappointment from not being to make that impact. 


You have hit a wall and you are ready to find a better way. To learn the proven strategies that allow your business to operate in a streamlined manner so that when the kids get home you can leave your phone in the house and go outside and play. You can spend the evenings with your partner instead of needing to slip back on your computer to “take care of a few things.” You won’t bat an eye when someone invited you on that ski or beach trip! 


And I know you are saying “is this really possible for me?” Because your situation is different. You are servicing a different customer than those other successful people. You have to take care of an elderly sick parent so you have less time. You didn’t grow up in the tech era where you had a cell phone at 12 learning tech from a young age. 


So you spend so much wasted time telling yourself that “you can’t do it”, that “these people may have been able to, but your situation is different”, but you want to. And so you think “when my situation changes then I will be able to figure it out.”


But the truth is life will always throw you curve balls. There will always be something in your way. Something that comes up that you have to give your time to. So the reality is that if you feel stretched too thin now, then you 100% need your business set up like a 7 figure CEO so that you can have twice as much time to do all the other things you want to do. Spending time with your elderly parent and enjoying the last few years you get. Driving your kids around to all the afterschool activities because before you know it they will be 18 and off to college and you won’t see them every day. 


But you don’t know what changes to make in your business to turn the ship around. How do you work more efficiently? How do you find more people that want your products or services? How do you turn them into customers so you can grow your revenue so you can treat your friends, who are visiting, to dinner. Or take your family on that cruise for spring break? 


How do you complete the to-do list faster to get 4 more hours back in your day so you can spend it doing whatever you want - getting a massage or mani-pedis with your girlfriends? 


Setting your business up in this way is not rocket science. But if you want to set it up in a way that gives you SO much time back and brings more joy to your life and more results to your customers, then you need to leverage a proven strategy. If you just keep guessing and throwing darts at a dart board with a blindfold on and no instruction or strategy on how to hit the bullseye you are going to be standing at that board for a very long time. TOO long in fact. SO long that you are going to get tired. Burnt out and need to give up and go home before you ever accomplish your goals.


I know this seems a little hard to do. Like you are going to have to sell your left kidney to get to the place you want to go but it’s not that complicated. There are some simple things you can do in your business so that you can complete your to-do list in record time leaving you with 4 more hours every day. 


There are simple strategies to put in place to get seen so people know you exist. 


There are simple techniques to help take the people who have been following you and turn them into paying customers so you can increase your revenue and stop worrying about the economy and inflation. And help more people get better results. 


And I want to show you these things! I want to show you not only how to do these things but how to speed up the process so that this can be your reality in a few months' time, not a few year's time! 


Join My New Masterclass

And that is exactly why I created a BRAND NEW Masterclass that I am hosting FOR YOU on April 25th. So I can pull the curtain back and show you how to do this. I have NEVER taught before so even if you have attended some of my other trainings this will be brand new! And I am going to help you discover those very things. 


  • You’ll Discover the 6-figure CEO’s secret to doubling your leads and sales while spending most of your time with your family.
  • I’m going to show you the sneaky hidden obstacle that prevents struggling business owners from turning their prospects into paying customers (and exactly what to do about it).
  • The single greatest key to getting back 4 more hours each day while scaling your business to 6 figures and beyond. (Yes, that is actually possible for you - no matter your circumstance!)
  • And you will learn how to confidently automate, streamline, and systemize your business without knowing a thing about technology.

In 60 minutes, which is how long the masterclass will be, you are going to understand SO MUCH MORE about your business and how you can make lasting change. How you can adjust your ankle to stop the knee pain - rather adjust your business to stop this cycle of constantly getting stuck, feeling overwhelmed and like you know there is a better way you just don’t know how to get there.  

Why am I sharing this when it is a MONTH away? Because I want to give you PLEANTY of time to rearrange your calendar to make sure you can SHOW UP LIVE! While I will have a replay for those that register, Showing up live will make the biggest impact on your business! So do what you can to free up your calendar April 25th 1-2 pm EST.

The link to save your seat will be in the show notes, below this video if you are watching on YouTube. Or you can type in to save your seat! 

Until next week when I am back here with a new episode, go out there and take imperfect action



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