Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #38 - Liberate Your Greatness: A Framework for Success and Transformation with John Roussot

mindset coaching mindset shift Oct 25, 2023
Liberate Your Greatness: A Framework for Success and Transformation with John Roussot



If you've missed our previous episodes, we had John on the show quite some time ago. John served as one of my high-performance coaches, and the knowledge and wisdom he shared with me has had a lasting impact on my life. I still receive daily reminders at 10:00 AM to focus on my three most important tasks, a practice he introduced me to. Every day, I'm reminded of the positive influence he's had on my journey. Today, I'm incredibly excited to have John back on the show to discuss his new book.

Now, we won't keep you waiting to hear about the book. In fact, we're sharing the exciting news right away: the book is launching today! If you're listening to this podcast on the day it's released, you can get your copy now. And if you're tuning in at a later date, no worries – the book is already available for you to grab. We can't wait to delve into the insights John has to offer, the concepts he's explored, and how this book can make a difference in your life.

So, let's jump right in. John has a framework that he discusses in the book, and he'll guide us through what's most valuable to help you in the time we have today. Afterward, we'll share how you can get your hands on the book.

The Framework: A Path to Success and Transformation

John's book, "Liberate Your Greatness," is designed to help people embrace change in a world characterized by rapid transformations. In recent years, we've witnessed profound changes that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed. It's essential to have the right strategies to navigate these challenges and achieve greatness. John's mission is to help individuals reach their goals faster, accelerate their growth, and amplify their impact on the world.

The book is based on a signature framework that John has developed over 20 years of working with individuals and teams in 33 countries. This framework distills best practices, reveals what doesn't work, and demonstrates how some people consistently excel above standard norms while maintaining their growth and performance. Over the past three years, John has channeled this wealth of experience into a framework, and he's eager to share it with you and our audience.

1. Awareness: The Starting Point for Change

John emphasizes that proactive change begins with awareness. Before becoming aware, you're essentially in a state of ignorance, and ignorance can be costly. Not knowing what you don't know can have daily repercussions. In the context of change, awareness is the key to making meaningful progress.

Awareness involves understanding your current reality, where you're starting from, and your desired future reality, where you want to go. It's not limited to self-awareness but extends to awareness of others and recognizing the power of interdependence. Collaboration and connecting with others can be a pivotal aspect of achieving your goals.

2. Alignment: The Path to Laser-Focused Action

The next step in John's framework is alignment. Once you're aware of your current and desired states, the critical task is to align your purpose, mission, values, objectives, and goals. When all these elements are in harmony, your actions become laser-focused. In contrast, lacking awareness and alignment can result in busyness that lacks direction.

Alignment ensures that your actions are driven by a clear purpose, making them more impactful and efficient. This principle applies both at an individual level and within teams. Often, teams struggle when they lack alignment on their goals and objectives, despite being productive. Alignment sets the foundation for effective action.

3. Action: Implementing with Precision

With awareness and alignment in place, the next logical step is action. However, this action is not haphazard; it is the result of intentional and focused efforts. Actions taken with clarity and precision lead to significant results.

For instance, John highlights that sometimes minor adjustments can yield major impacts. By being aware of the right strategies and having the proper alignment, you can make the right moves. These are the moves that distinguish successful individuals and teams from the rest. In the absence of awareness and alignment, even constant busyness may not yield the desired results.

4. Accountability: The Key to Consistency

Accountability is the fourth element of the framework and is a vital component in achieving and maintaining excellence. Being accountable means that you have someone who holds you to your commitments. They encourage, challenge, and ensure that you're delivering on your promises.

As an example, John mentions my practice of setting daily reminders at 10:00 AM for the three things I want to focus on, a practice he introduced during our coaching. It's a simple yet powerful way of staying accountable to my goals. Accountability keeps us on track, ensuring that we're living up to our commitments and continuing to grow and improve.

5. Amplification: Leveraging Your Impact

Amplification involves increasing the impact of your actions. A small impact can grow exponentially when you lead people effectively, manage systems, and use your influence. Leadership and influence can make a significant difference, even if you don't have a massive following.

It's not about the quantity of your influence; it's about the quality and positive nature of your impact. Whether you're leading in your community, your family, or your workplace, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Your influence can be transformative, even one person at a time.

6. Acceleration: Thriving in a Changing World

In a world of constant change, the ability to accelerate your growth and impact is crucial. To accelerate effectively, you need to innovate, communicate, collaborate, and co-create with others. These strategies help you move swiftly and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

As an example, John shared his experience at a business leader summit where people connected, communicated, collaborated, and co-created the future. The power of people coming together and working in synergy is evident when you see the positive impact they can create. These strategies are essential in a dynamic world where adaptability and rapid progress are key to success.

John's framework provides a holistic and actionable approach to personal and professional development. It's a journey of self-awareness, alignment, focused action, accountability, amplification, and acceleration. These six steps can guide you through transformative change and help you unlock your full potential.

John's book, "Liberate Your Greatness," is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the challenges of change, embrace their potential, and achieve greatness. It offers a roadmap to success and transformation, and it's a guide that you can return to at different stages of your journey.

We encourage you to take action and get your copy of the book, which comes with additional resources, including a masterclass, to further support your growth. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on your own journey of liberation and greatness.

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