Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #2 - 5 Ideas for Freebie Opt-Ins to Help Coaches and Course Creators Grow Your Email List

business strategy email marketing lead magnet Feb 08, 2023
BNB 2 | Freebie Opt-ins to grow your email list

You’ve probably heard the marketing advice to “grow your email list” before, but how? There are a variety of strategies you can use to get people to hand over their email address so you can start showing up in their inbox and turning those leads into paying customers.



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The inbox is one of the most engaged audiences you have. It’s not like social media where you are scrolling through a bunch of strangers’ photos and posts. Most of the emails you get are from senders you know, so you’re probably interested in reading what’s inside. And the same goes for your audience and potential customers.


Here are five freebie opt-in ideas to inspire you to create one your clients will love:


1. Create an Ebook on a topic that your dream clients will find valuable.

Don’t let the term “ebook” intimidate you. You’re not writing a novel. An e-book is basically a downloadable PDF on a topic related to your niche, area of expertise, programs, or courses. This could be a comprehensive guide, an informational report, or a collection of tips, tricks, or how-to guides. You can write it out in Word or in a Google Doc and then use Canva to help you find a design template. Or keep it simple and just save the document itself as a PDF.


2. Come up with a checklist or worksheet that your audience can use in their day-to-day life.

Provide a printable resource that helps your potential customers complete a specific task, plan out their personal development goals, start living a happier and more fulfilled lifestyle, etc. This could be a step-by-step checklist, an interactive worksheet, or a planner template.


3. Host a free webinar or create a short video course.

Host a live webinar or create a pre-recorded video course and offer it as a free opt-in for people who visit your website or your social media pages. This is a great way to showcase your expertise and provide valuable information to your audience. It’s also a personal connection opportunity because people will have the change to see you talking on camera which is essential in the know/like/trust process.


4. Put together a resource list or toolkit.

Come up with a list of useful resources or a toolkit of products, programs, websites, trainings, or favorite podcasts that will help your clients through whatever issues they are needing help with. You could create a “starter kit,” for newbies, or more refined and targeted toolkits that serve your specific niche.


5. Host a free challenge or 5-day support group on Facebook.

Especially if your target audience is fairly new to coaching or online courses, having a challenge group is a great way to help them get started learning how to implement the strategies you teach and start seeing results. You could also do anything related to your offer and program. Think of it like a little sneak peek into the full experience you provide once they sign up to work with you. Get creative and have fun!


By offering high-quality and valuable freebies to your email subscribers, you can not only grow your list, but also establish yourself as an expert in your field and build trust with your audience.


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