Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #1 - The mindset strategy that will bring you peace and prosperity in 2023

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BNB 1 | Mindset Strategy Peace Prosperity 2023

 It's a new year and a new season of Badass is the New Black podcast! Welcome to Season 5! I am sharing a valuable mindset tip to help you start your year in the right frame of mind and I have a new tool to help you create the website of your dreams. 

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The mindset strategy that will bring you peace and prosperity in 2023


Welcome to season number five of Badass is the New Black podcast. I'm your host, Krissy Chin. I'm incredibly excited that we are at season five because that means we've been at this podcast for five years, which is incredible. I don't think I've stuck with anything that long except for maybe my marriage, which is a good thing. But I'm incredibly proud that we're at season number five. I'm incredibly honored that you are still here with me at season number five, 

and if you're listening for the first time, welcome. You are gonna get a lot here and I just wanna keep pouring into you to help you start, grow and automate your business. 


Q&A with Krissy

So before we dive in to talk more about mindset, because mindset is really the foundation to everything, we have a quick question that came in from a listener. 


So let's go ahead and listen to that question. I'll answer and then we'll dive into the episode. 


Hi, my name is Aiden Biller Jo and I run makeup lessons by Aiden, where I teach girls how to be confident in everyday makeup. And my question is, what is your number one piece of advice for growing your Instagram platform?


Great question. I would say that I probably have a two-part answer to that. One is keeping up with the trends and then two, staying consistent. And I think both together can be really impactful for growing your audience. 


So if a platform is pushing a new thing, then I would say it's important to jump on board with that. When Instagram said, okay, everyone we're doing reels. Now, it might take a little bit of time for you to get into it, but it is important to kind of stay up with the trends, to try them out, to leverage them because the platform is going to push accounts that are using and doing the things that they want you to do. 


So if you know reels are big and you've never done a reel before, I think it's time that you bite the bullet and give it a try. 


And then staying consistent. That doesn't mean that you have to post five times a day, but something consistently. So it could be two posts a week or two reels a week that you do. If you think about that at the end of the year, if you do two a week, you're gonna have over 100 posts. So that's great, and it just keeps your account consistent and the people that come around and like what they see, they're at least getting something new on a regular basis even though it might not be daily. 


Submit Your Questions to the Podcast!

So great question. If you have a question that you want me to answer on the podcast, go ahead and hop over to my website  scroll down to the podcast section, record your little voice memo asking your question, make sure you say your name and your business and I'll feature you on the podcast. 


Let's take a peek at 2022 here at the KC and the GRO brand, because a lot has happened and it is incredibly important for you to look at what you have accomplished to put into perspective how far you've come.


Reflect on 2022

Even if you're not at your final destination or you haven't reached that big goal that you've set, you have come a long way and you've made big strides to get you to that point. And so it's really important to take a look at the past and see how far you've come and acknowledge that and be grateful for that. So I'm gonna go over some of our big things that happened in 2022, and then I want you after this episode, when you have some quiet time and space to think about all of the things that you accomplished, whether small or big in your business, in your life, in your relationships, in your finances, in your wellness, whatever it is, you've made great strides even if you haven't reached that big goal yet. So I want you to think about it.


Okay, so in 2022 with the GROworkspace brand, which is our (mine and Claire’s) brand that services Young Living distributors specifically, we launched a blog over at GROworkspace. You guys, we've been at that business for years. I just want you to know it's never too late to officially launch a blog that is great for SEO, for search engine optimization, to have more organic reach.


So we launched a blog over there finally, which is really exciting. We shifted our focus over at GROworkspace, which caused us to change our business model, which was just crazy. It was very big for us. It was a little bit scary, I'm not gonna lie, but it was needed and really we're really excited about it. 


One, so that we can support our customers better, and two, to help take the business really where we want it to go in the next five years. So that was really exciting over there. Accomplished a lot over here in the KC brand. I brought Claire on board, my sister and co-founder over at GROworkspace. So she's now working with me really intimately in the KC brand. 


We launched our done for you services website, copy design services, which is really, really exciting. We have now supported over 200 amazing individuals in our signature program, which was called Digital Duplication Academy. It's getting a facelift, it's getting restructured, it's getting added trainings, and we're doing a relaunch in April as build a blissful business, which has really just come full circle because when I launched this, the KC brand in gosh, 2019, my very first course for this, for this brand was Build a Blissful Business, but it was a very different version. 


It was a much smaller course and just took us through a piece of building our brand. And now it's like so much more of an extensive program. And so it's actually really special for me that our new signature program is taking on the name Build a Blissful Business because that's really what it is all about.


So stay tuned for more details on that. In the next few months to come, we have completely revamped our leadership team, the roles and responsibilities, and it all just feels really, really good. It feels just really needed for the business and the brands. So I'm excited to keep learning, to keep growing, to keep evolving, and then bringing you everything that I'm learning, the mistakes that we're making, the things that we're doing really well to help you build your business as well. 


Website Assessment Tool

Before we dive into the mindset shifts, that's gonna help you have a peaceful and prosperous 2023. I have a brand new gift for you. It is our website assessment tool. So for those of you that do have a website, whether you just started it yesterday or you've been at it for five years, I have a quick assessment for you to take to determine if your website is as effective as it could be. The point of our website is to attract our ideal customers, right? To get them on our email list, to get them to purchase and buy the things that we want them to buy and buy them on repeat. 


And oftentimes when I look at clients' websites or I'm just doing a website audit, there are so many things that I find that are missing, key things that are gonna make or break your website. And they're breaking their website at this point, and they're not, their website could be so much more effective than it is. It's like baking with multiple ingredients, okay? 


Your website is to make amazing brownies, you need all of the ingredients, you need the eggs, and you need the flour, and you need the sugar and the vanilla and a few others. If you leave out the sugar, that's gonna really affect the flavor of the brownies, they're not gonna be very good.


No one's going to want to eat them, right? Your website is exactly the same. There are certain ingredients that you need to make it incredibly powerful and impactful, and if you're missing one of those key ingredients, it can really affect the effectiveness of your website. So I created a really quick website review assessment tool. You are basically going to answer a few simple questions.


It's probably gonna take you less than 60 seconds. How exciting is that? And then you are going to get the result and see how effective your website is. If your website is not scoring at a hundred percent effectiveness, then I have a free guide for you that is going to tell you which pieces you are missing and how to add them in or make them better so that you can attract your perfect ideal customer that buys again and again.


So just go to  and spend 60 seconds getting your website assessed. 


Mindset Shift

One of the ways to find peace and prosperity is to have the mindset that things happen for you not to. You think about a time when something didn't work out. I was talking with a friend the other day and she was talking about her dating life and how she had been telling a friend of hers about this guy that she had seen and was kind of interested in him. And somehow at some point this guy showed up on her friend's Tinder, Bumble, or whatever the app is. I didn't use those apps. Whatever the dating app was her friend, this guy matched with her, okay? And so she came to my friend and she said, would you mind if I went out on a date with him? And of course my friend said, that's fine, you know, but she was bummed about it. She was like, dang, like trying to find my person. And you know, that's getting cut off there. 


So fast forward to the future and my friend realizes that this guy would've never worked out. She hung out with him a little bit in the friend group cuz he was hanging out with the friend that went out on a date with him. And he was a bit of a disaster and their personalities really clashed and really her friends saved her from a potential bad date or bad few dates. And so we were having this conversation about it, how sometimes the things that were bummed about or that don't seem to work out the way that we anticipated or wanted them to, instead of looking at it as, that's something bad that happened to you. Why does this always happen to me? Right? Think about it, that maybe this happened for me, that maybe things are not working out the way that we think because there's something better.


Maybe the door is being closed because the palace doors are gonna open for you down the road when they are supposed to open. And so I wanna encourage you to go into 2023 with this mindset of things happen for me, not to me. And maybe this is a morning mantra that you do and you just say it today. Things are gonna happen for me and not to me.


Things Happen For Me, Not To Me

When I was in college, I would set my timer for the minute that I could schedule my classes and I would have pre-planned out all of my classes and literally I would create this perfect schedule for myself. And then the timer would go off and I'd log into my portal, my student portal, and I would try and book those classes. And without fail every single time, I could not get all of the classes on the days and the times that I wanted. And I would be forced to pick a different day and a different time for one of the classes. And I was always initially bummed about it. Like, ugh, this was the schedule that I wanted. It was gonna be perfect. And without fail every single time, the schedule that I ended up with worked out better. It allowed for opportunities that came across my path down the road. It allowed me to take on a babysitting job that I wanted and needed at the time. And it worked out perfectly because the class that I wanted on Wednesday couldn't happen. It needed to happen on Thursday. And that opened up Wednesday, which was one of the days that they needed. 


And this was at a time in my life where this happened for me, not to me, the inability to schedule the classes at my ideal time. And it happened every single semester. And so eventually, I don't know, maybe after a year or two I realized right after scheduling and not getting all the things I said, you know what? This is happening for a reason. I know that there's gonna be something down the road that I'm actually able to do now because this is the way that my schedule is. So whether you believe that it's God's plan or it's the universe working things out for you, whatever you believe in that's personal to you, you know, I really believe that everything does happen for a reason and we are able to control the way that we look, look at that, and and do some things. 


So that's how we're gonna start the podcast off this year. Short and sweet with a quick mindset tip, having you introduce that mantra today, things happen for me, not to me, giving you one golden nugget that you can take home and apply to not only your business, but your life as well.

I will always have a free gift for you on every episode. So take advantage of our free website assessment tool. Remember to go to to do that quick website assessment. I cannot wait to see how your websites are scoring and then see you grab that guide and make those changes to improve your website. And then of course, if you have a question that you want me to answer on the podcast, you can go over to  Just go to the homepage, scroll down to the podcast, and you'll see a space there where you can hit and start recording. Just tell me your name, your business, and the question that you have, and I will put you on the podcast and answer your question.


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