Badass Is The New Black (Season 3) Episode #23 Top 7 Digital Products To Build And Sell On Kajabi

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If you have an idea and you want to turn that into a digital product to sell online, then this episode is for you. Join in and let Krissy Chin show you how you can do that using Kajabi. Krissy Chin is known by many as the go-to business strategy coach and consultant for those who want to create digital products and work more efficiently in their business. In this episode, she enumerates the top seven products that you can build and sell on Kajabi and explains why each of them makes sense. If you’re unsure what you can create your digital products from, you are in for a treat as Krissy shares some case studies that will show you exactly what (and what not) to do.


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Top 7 Digital Products To Build And Sell On Kajabi

I keep hearing from so many people that they want to get started in this digital space where they create a product online and then sell it. If you have an idea and you want to turn that into a digital product to sell online or maybe you aren’t sure what you could turn into a digital product and sell then this episode is for you. I also want you to go over to to download my Turn Your Knowledge Into a Profit Worksheet and Guide. It’s going to be a great addition to this episode. It’s going to take you through some steps to help you determine what you could turn into a digital product or give you clarity on maybe the current idea and then guide you through how to do that with only 30 to 60 minutes a day. In this training, I’m going to tell you about seven different digital products that you can create and sell online using Kajabi.


Live Workshops

Let’s dive into these seven different digital products. The first one is live workshops. You can take something that you teach in 30 minutes or 1 hour. Make a live workshop and then charge for it. This is great when you want to teach something that you have where you want a live audience to work with. I’ve done this before. It was called Build a Badass Bio. It was a workshop. I taught my attendees how to turn their Instagram bio into a lead-generating bio where it attracted their ideal clients then will get them more leads and customers at the end of the day. I did this as a workshop because I wanted to be able to pull attendees from the live audience and work with them in real-time, going over their bio, giving them recommendations, suggestions and transforming their bio right there live in the workshop.

It created this great experience for the people who attended and allowed them to ask questions live which helped build trust between us. It was a great way to do that. You could turn this into a three-day workshop if you wanted. Maybe it’s a 30-minute, 1-hour or 3-day workshop. You could meet at a specific time every day, three days in a row and do your live training. You could meet on Zoom or any other platform that you’re using to allow other people to attend and interact with them. You could charge for that workshop. I would recommend recording it so that you have access to that. This is easy to do in Kajabi. You can set up an offer with a fee, whether it’s a $1 or $7, a $49 training or workshop, whatever you decide is the right price tag for your ideal customer and the value that you’re offering.

What I recommend is tagging those who have purchased that workshop so you know who exactly is attending that workshop. You can use that tag to send them the information for the workshop or set up an automated email sequence that’s going to automatically send the information that they need to attend that event. Make sure that they’re registering. You’re collecting an email, growing your email list and being able to tag them to find out who’s interested in that particular topic so that when you have future products that you have released in your product suite then you can target those people because they might be interested in something else, a course that you’ve maybe expanded on that topic. Maybe it goes from Build your Badass Bio Workshop that costs $7 to then pitching and promoting a whole Instagram course. That’s an idea on how to create a digital product, a live webinar training that you can charge for and generate some income.

If you’re putting out new content every month or making yourself accessible to people on an ongoing basis, a membership may work for you.

Prerecorded Webinars

The second one I want to talk about is prerecorded webinars. This is something where it’s not a full course. It’s like this live workshop and training but it’s prerecorded. You could even repurpose your live training and sell it as prerecorded training or a webinar. I could take my Build your Badass Bio Workshop that I did. I’ve recorded it so that I could repurpose it for whatever reason I needed whether it was going to be a bonus on maybe a course I’m selling or I could repurpose and sell it as an evergreen workshop. I could put it on my website, host it on Kajabi and set it up to charge a fee for that.

Maybe you teach yoga. You could create a seven-day yoga prerecorded series and each class builds on itself. You could charge for that miniseries. I wouldn’t call that a course but a training series. If you teach financial planning or other people how to get out of debt then you could do intro training. That’s a prerecorded webinar to teach other people how to get their finances in check in 30 minutes. You take them through this process that you have that you’ve been doing with private clients for a very long time. You teach them in this prerecorded webinar. You could charge as little as $1 for this to gain some qualified leads, people that are willing to open their wallets if they’re interested in the topic. You could charge $100 or $200 depending on the value there and what you’re offering. The benefit to prerecorded is you can record it anytime that you want. You can have it go live whenever you want. You could make edits to it. You could modify it a little bit. There are some perks to prerecording your webinars. You can also use the repurposing of live webinars, training and workshops to generate income.

Virtual Summits

The third one is virtual summits. This is something that I did in 2020, my Virtual Summit. We were shut down due to all of the things. People weren’t attending regular summits in person. Virtual summits were big before but then they started to get even bigger like everyone and their mother is doing a virtual summit but I don’t think that means you can’t do it as well. I did a virtual summit and used Kajabi to host the entire thing. My summit brought in 4,000 people in attendance. That was 3,500 new people to my email list which was awesome for list building and generated over $20,000 in revenue. That was exciting. You could use a summit because you’re teaching yourself. Maybe it’s a five-day summit and every day, you’re doing a different training. It’s similar to a workshop but it’s more extensive and you want to call it a summit because you want that feeling of a community, build it up bigger and if you want to collaborate with other people.

This is the main traditional sense of a virtual summit where you bring in a lot of different people to do education and training, you collaborate together and you teach. It’s virtual and online. You don’t have to rent a space to do this. You are paying for your Kajabi platform or whatever else you’re using and that is your hosting space. You can do a virtual summit interview style where you are on every video and interviewing the speakers or the speakers and you are doing solo training where you have prerecorded or maybe you’re doing it live, videos where you’re teaching. Virtual summits are great because the information can be done live or prerecorded.

It’s a matter of what type of atmosphere you want to create with your audience. Do you want it to be live and add Q&A? Is everyone’s schedule crazy?” No one can line up to go live at the day and time that they would want it to be released in that 4- or 5-day segment. You have to do prerecorded and release it. That is totally fine. That’s probably the most common way that people are doing a virtual summit. If you’re collaborating with others in your industry to put on a virtual summit then this is a great way to build your email list. If you are hosting it then you’ll get access to your email list. The benefit to the speakers is they get more exposure from all this combined audience of people in their industry and space. Hopefully, you’re letting them offer a freebie in that so they can build their email list as well.


You can charge for the summit. That’s how you can take this digital product and earn an income. I’ve seen anywhere from people charging $1 to $99 for the virtual summit. With VIP passes, people can purchase access to even more information. I’ve seen $300, $400 or $500 being charged for virtual summits. It depends on how much information you’re giving, what kind of value and what transformation that’s happening to decide what that price point is. The purpose of the virtual summit, if it’s to build your list then you want to go to a lower price point. If you want more quality leads, you go a little higher price point. There’s some room to play there.

If you’re someone who likes to host events then virtual summits could be a great opportunity. If you have a good network of people in your industry and you want to collaborate and work together then I think that’s a great option for you. It does take a lot of work to put on a virtual summit. It might not be the first digital thing that you launch with. I don’t recommend it but if you’re far in your journey and looking for more ways to expand your digital product suite, a virtual summit can be something you can add. If you want to be able to teach on a variety of topics to your audience that they’ll find value then a virtual summit could be a great opportunity where each person is teaching on a different topic. You’re covering a wide base but it’s all focused around what that ideal customer or person is that’s attending once.

I know a pastry chef who ran a virtual summit on Kajabi as well. He set it up in an evergreen style where he uploaded all of the content into Kajabi. There were a lot of different pastry chefs that put videos on how to make different pastry items. I’m not in the industry so I don’t know the lingo. He had all the videos uploaded in there. I believe, if I remember correctly, he gave free access for four days. If you want extended access for four months then you could pay $29. He got people in for free. The people that were serious and wanted to watch all 60 videos which literally could not be consumed in four days then they would spend $29 to get access to that. He ran ads to that and did that evergreen style. That worked well. For the summit that I ran on Kajabi, I gave free access during the summit so they could attend for free during that one week but then I collected payment for those who wanted to buy extended access if they weren’t going to be available to watch all of the episodes. Each video or training was only available for 24 hours. If they couldn’t watch all 3 or 4 in that time and it was something they wanted to listen to or learn about then they wanted to purchase that extended access pass to get ongoing access. I did that. That’s how I made money through that digital product.

After the summit was done, I even offered for a little while where someone could purchase the summit videos for $19 and have 30 days access. It gave them an extended period of time but not lifetime access to the videos. I could generate income from that. I’ve personally paid $29 for a virtual summit which gave me initial access to everything the day that it launched but then I had to purchase extended access if I wanted it longer. It wasn’t completely free at all at any point. I had to pay to enter and participate in the summit but then it was just a limited time. I had to pay more if I wanted extended access. It’s just a matter of thinking, “What content do you want to offer? How do you want to present it? Who is your ideal client to figure out that space where you want to be? How do much you want to charge?”

Templates And Downloadables

We’re on four, which are templates and downloadables. This is another type of digital product that can be created and sold online. It can definitely be done on Kajabi because we do it all the time over here. With my first business on Kajabi GROworkspace, we sold premade classes for people who were selling essential oils. They could buy these classes that we created that we’re talking about their products. They could use those classes to market and teach people about the products that they were selling. We could create things like printables. Let’s say you had a big yoga community and you were using essential oils. You wanted to introduce essential oils to your yoga company. We would create this digital product or class with information on oils for yogis that you could use to then teach. We have this cute principle that has different recipes like mat cleaners, breath roll-ons, calming sprays and all these things that as a yogi, you might be interested in with oils but we had this digital download principle that gave these recipes so someone could purchase that then download that printable and share it however they wanted.

Your business won’t grow and thrive unless your students are finding success with what you’re teaching them.

We now also create Canva templates for that community so that they can upload these templates into Canva, modify them and use them however they want. If you’re a graphic designer and you have that knowledge in your head, you know how to create this stuff. A lot of people out there, entrepreneurs are looking for more content to be able to use and look professional but save some money by not hiring someone one-on-one then you could create templates for someone that they could use. I’ve seen so many people sharing and selling social media templates, things that you can use in Canva, modify them and then use them on your social media. Just because there are thousands of people out there doing it doesn’t mean you can’t do it too. Maybe you have a different look, feel or vibe. Maybe you vibe with super bright, bold colors and all the other templates you’re seeing are very soft, neutral and bright-white backgrounds. There’s a space for you in the market to create your own Canva templates to use and share.

Let’s say you are a copywriter. Maybe you create copy is your jam. You write great email sequences and sales pages. You do all these things for your private clients but you want to sell something more on a greater scale. Maybe you create a very simple five-email nurture sequence which is a template and you sell that. You’ve got the emails typed out and the different spaces in there where it says, “This is where you put the information about your ideal client. Here’s where you enter their pain point. Here’s where you talk about their transformation.” You have this template built out for them that they can copy, paste, edit, modify and make it super easy to make their own and use that. That could be another template that could be very simple to create and sell online.

There is a great Sales Page in a Day template. I use that Kajabi template to create the sales page for The Scalable Podcast System which is the mini-course that I have. It was a complete dream. It was so worth the $37. It saved me days of work. If I did it myself, it would not have looked nearly as good as if I were to do it myself. It was amazing. I worked on it for over two days but it didn’t take me a full two days. A couple of hours one day and a couple of hours the next day to get everything fine-tuned in there. I would have been working on this thing for days or weeks if I had not been able to use a template. It saved me a bunch of time. It was super valuable. I know that you’re going to need that Sales Page in a Day template. It has the design and the copy already built-in with little messages on, “Here’s where you enter this information here. Here’s where you put the pain point. Here’s where you put what you’re offering.” It makes it super simple and easy for you to do that. That’s an example of someone who’s creating a template, a digital product and selling. You could sell a workout program meal prep or meal recipes in a booklet style which could be a digital download. That will take you longer to create but the return on your investment could be big.

Digital Book

Number five, the digital book. That is another one like an eBook that you could create and sell online, which is a digital product. There is no physical thing you have to print out, ship, mail and sell. That’s why we are in this digital space because there is less cost to creating it and we can sell it for a higher profit margin. If you’re a writer, you like writing and creating and you want to sell a digital book, maybe an eBook is your go-to. When I started talking about selling an eBook, I instantly was like, “That’s a big process like 200 pages,” but then I was like, “A book doesn’t have to be 200 pages. It could be 15, 20 or 50 pages. It could be a small booklet that’s 30 pages so it’s tiny. Maybe it’s two Word document pages of what you think when you wrote a paperback in high school but it’s quite short and simple.” That could be an option as well.

Let’s say you are a builder. You’ve been building homes for a living your entire life. You’ve been working in construction. You know everything about a home, things that most people do not know about. You decide to write a mini eBook on home repairs for new homeowners. Let’s say it’s a small book with the top twenty most common repairs to be made once you’re a homeowner. I would buy and need that. I’m a homeowner and there are lots of things I don’t think about. You could take your knowledge in that and turn it into a little eBook. Maybe you are in real estate and you want to write a little eBook on how to sell your first home. It could be put in the form of an eBook and you could sell that. If you’re a hairstylist and you want to create a digital book to highlight your top twenty up-to styles, top cuts or trends and then you have tips to go with each style, you put it in the format of an eBook, put it online and sell it through your Kajabi site.


These examples could be used for other digital formats as well. You just need to determine what makes the most sense for you and the information that you’re providing and your audience. If it’s information that can be consumed by reading then an eBook might be a good option. If it’s information where you’re giving someone the basics to start but then they have to fill in the blanks then a template that we talked about before could be a better option. Depending on what type of information or value you’re giving or how they need to consume it and the action that has to be required by them to be successful will determine the best way for you to get your knowledge out there and into a digital product to generate a profit. Hopefully, this is making sense and turning on some light bulbs as we talk through these different things on ideas and options that you could do for your business.


There are two more. We’re on six and then seven. Courses are the next one. Courses are a service series of training that you want to offer someone. It could be on a very specific topic like The Scalable Podcast System which is a mini-course on how to streamline your podcasting process to remove you from all of those tasks that you have to do with producing a podcast episode. You as the host can just show up, record, be done and the rest is taken care of for you. It’s a very specific mini-course for a very specific person, even more specifically, podcasters who are incorporating some interviews. They get the most benefit out of this because I help them manage the interview process. You can have it on a broader topic where you cover the basics or dive deep into one specific topic.

A friend of mine, David Bianco, is an actor. He has a course called Booking and Busy. While there are a number of topics that he could write a course on, he could do a broad topic on how to get started in acting. He can cover the foundation of acting and getting into that industry but he chose to have a more specific course. This course is specifically on how to get more auditions and have better auditions so that you are booking more gigs and staying busy with your acting career. David took his knowledge about acting and his success in his career and he turned it into a course for actors. I have another friend, Ryan Weeden who is a hairstylist. He has a course on Balayage. It has a certification program. Once his students go through that course then they’re a certified MOB, Master of Balayage. He took his knowledge about hair, turned it into a course and then he also has a membership site with that as well.

A friend of mine, Emily Reagan that you have read on the show before. She created a course that teaches you how to become a virtual assistant. She was a virtual assistant for other entrepreneurs doing a lot of virtual work for them, tasky work, uploading things into their Kajabi and doing some PR. She learned how to support an entrepreneur. She was like, “I’m going to take this knowledge that I’ve learned. I’m going to teach other people how to do the same thing that I was doing.” Now, she has a successful course that teaches people how to become virtual assistants. She has that step-by-step course. I would love for you to share with me in the comments if you have an idea on something that you want to create a course on or maybe you have already created a course on it.


That takes me into the very last one, which is memberships. Number seven, memberships as a digital product, a way for you to take the knowledge that you have in your head and turn it into income. This is certainly last but not least in digital products. I love memberships because it is true residual income. Membership is when someone purchases a subscription. Before online memberships or Netflix was a thing or Netflix is a subscription that you pay for, things that you pay for every single month or you pay an annual fee. In Amazon Prime, you have a subscription. It’s annual. It’s not monthly and you pay that fee to get free or cheaper shipping.

If you thought that you couldn’t take knowledge from your brain and turn it into a profitable business online, you are wrong.

If you guys remember, before this digital space, there were magazine subscriptions and maybe there still are. I remember my grandparents getting the People Magazine. We didn’t get it at home but whenever we would go visit my grandma, she would give us her old People Magazines. She had a magazine subscription where she paid every month or year. For $13 a year, you get your magazine sent to you every single month or a newspaper, you had subscriptions for that. Subscriptions have a long history but now the digital space is just a lot more popular. What we love about them is that people will pay you every single month to get access to new content. A magazine, it was a new magazine every month. The newspaper, was new information. With a membership, if you can provide new information then people will continue to pay you.

My first real and successful business that is still a membership site now is GROworkspace. I started it by creating a business course but before we even launched it, I had this idea in my head about residual income. I learned about residual income through my network marketing business. The whole idea was, with network marketing, you’re selling a physical product and the company is doing all of that for you. You’re their sales team. You’re marketing it. If you can get or help someone order those products using your referral link then you would earn a commission off of that. It’s not a new concept. It’s used in everything.

The auto-ship and re-ordering are where you create residual income. This is where people who are successful in network marketing understand this concept and build their business of this concept of auto-renewal, auto-subscription or membership where every month, their people are purchasing products whether it’s replenishment products or they’re trying new products. Every month, they’re spending money and used your referral link so you’re getting an influx of commission. As you grow your team or customer base and more people are joining this auto-ship, it starts compounding and you start generating more residual income. The more people that sign up with you and start joining this auto-ship, the more money you’re earning. Since I was introduced to that concept when I started network marketing and had it ingrained in my head that how you build a successful business as you get people to come in, trust you, purchase what you have and then continue to purchase from you, that was what I wanted.

While I created a business course for the Young Living community in network marketing, I wanted it to be a subscription and a membership where I didn’t have to find new customers every single month. We could acquire a customer and then they would continue to pay as long as they were using the service. I had to think, “They’re not going to purchase this business course. As soon as they’re done going through the business course, they’re not going to want to pay me. They’re going to cancel.” You don’t want people to cancel because then you’re not getting residual income. I had to think of a product that we could offer that would be new every single month to keep them coming back for more, to keep them on the membership or the subscription.

That was new classes and resources every month that our Young Living brand partners could use to market and sell their products. Every month, something was new. They wanted to keep that membership. It was very cheap. We started at $4.95 a month and we gave them a ton of content. We were going for more people at a lower price point versus fewer people at a higher price point because that made sense for the industry that we were in. In the first month, we made $8,000. Because of our membership style where they stayed on and then we would get new members, we made $20,000 in month two and then that grew to $30,000. By four months, we had made over $100,000. We had made six figures because of this compounding effect that you can have with a membership or a subscription site. Membership is huge. We’ve now generated multimillion dollars with a membership-style business. I love teaching membership and supporting people who want to build memberships. Only offer it if it makes sense for what you want to offer. If you’re putting out new content every month or making yourself accessible to people on an ongoing basis then membership may work for you.


I have people that message, email and DM me all the time and they want to pick my brain or they have questions. I love getting questions. There are only so many that I can take on. I’m just too busy running multiple businesses or raising my babies, trying to live the life that I want to live. To be able to support my people who are trying to scale their course or membership sites online, I don’t have time to take twenty private clients. Many people also don’t have the budget to pay what it takes to have private sessions with me. Financially, they can’t do it. I decided that I want to launch my own membership site. That will be providing new monthly training to help you build and scale your courses and membership sites to 6 and 7 figures and give you more access to me, to ask me questions, pick my brain and for me to give more direct feedback to people and give you the attention that you want and deserve.

Along with that will also be a community of other entrepreneurs who are in the same place that you are. They have a digital product online. They are trying to scale that. They want to earn multi-6 or 7 figures online in this digital space. You have this community, not only me to have access to but other people to get feedback from, offer feedback and support one another. I know that’s a huge thing in entrepreneurship is having this community of like-minded people because, you guys, we are a rare breed. We’ll get together with friends that I haven’t seen in forever and they’re just on a different wavelength. We have to find something else to talk about because this whole business or entrepreneurial stuff is not in their mindset.

Choosing The Perfect Digital Product For You

I know you’re someone who has a lot of ideas. You’re super driven and a go-getter. You take action. You might be a little scared to take that leap but you’re going to do it. We are a different breed. Having that community will be amazing. If you know that you are interested in it, want to get on the waitlist and get a special launch pricing, you can go to Put your name on there to be in the know and get that special pricing when I do launch. A side note, let me ask you. Is what you want to create something where you need to provide ongoing support to your students or audience or is it just a one-time thing? That will help you determine if it’s a course or membership. Also, you know that I teach all things about how to create a business that you love but a life that you love. Thinking long-term about, “How many hours do you want to be working? What’s the type of schedule that you want to have? What’s the type of lifestyle that you want to have?” Then determining, “Is a course or a membership site suited for that?”

One of my private clients, Amelia, who’s a ghostwriter. She came to me and said, “Krissy, I am maxed out with my one-on-one clients doing ghostwriting and helping people write and market their books. I want to make more money doing less, work less, enjoy more and earn more. I want to be making money while I sleep.” I said, “We need to take what you’re doing with your privates and turn it into a course.” Thinking of her course and creating a course, we worked together privately. She was talking about membership and all this elaborate stuff she wanted to do with a membership site. She wanted to be offering all of the stuff. She had this entire list of things that she had written down that she was going to be offering.

I looked at her and said, “Amelia, if this is what you want to do, I’ll support you but let’s go back to when you first reached out to me and said, ‘I want to do less work and make more money. I’m maxed out with what I’m doing.’ Is it a course? There’s more work to do upfront here for the course but once it’s done, it can be set. You can turn it to evergreen, run ads to it and generate leads. People will buy it and you’re hands-off or is it that you want to do the membership site, where it might be less work to set it up initially but there’s ongoing work every month? Let’s look at the list of all the things you’re including and see if you have to include it or if it could be different tiers of membership based on what they get.” She sat and thought about it. She went, “Krissy, you’re right that I did say that. I was getting ahead of myself. It just seemed like it was more of an easy button.” I was like, “We have to think long-term because a membership can be more to manage.”


She decided to do the course first. She did and launched the course. She has two courses. She is awesome. She has done a podcast episode with me but now she’s working on a membership site. One step at a time. It’s thinking about what you are able to offer, what you want to offer, how it would best be represented and what kind of lifestyle you want. I know a guy who used to work for Disney. He would create 3D characters for Disney. He started a site where he would teach others how to create 3D characters using different programs. Whatever programs they use to create 3D characters, he would teach people how to do those different techniques and styles. If you thought that you couldn’t take knowledge from your brain and turn it into a profitable business online, you are wrong, my friend. It can be a super niche like my friend Shane who creates 3D characters and teaches other people how to do the same. You would think there are not many people but there are plenty of people.

At first, he made the mistake of selling a course. It was a series of training, one-time payment in a course style. He set it up on Kajabi. It was the one-time training and then he included ongoing education. Every month, he would do training for the people that purchased his course. We all met at the Kajabi Summit and chatting about what we’re doing and all this. He was like, “I’m spending so much time doing these ongoing training for people who aren’t even paying me anymore. They purchased the course initially. I think I need to rethink how I’m doing this.” What he should have done was a couple of different options. Either had it be a membership site only where they come in and pay monthly or annually and as long as they’re getting connection with him getting this training, they’re paying or he has a course. There are people that do not like membership. They don’t want to be paying ongoing. They want just that one-time payment. They want to get content and be done. There is a market for both.

He could have done just a course for, “You’re going to learn how to do X, Y, Z, heads and limbs.” It’s like a series of training in a course and then has a membership site where if you want ongoing training then you can purchase the membership site and, “I’ll be on two days a month to do this training, live Q&A.” He could have both a course and a membership site. Maybe someone would purchase both. Maybe someone would only purchase the course or would only be in part of the membership but there are options. He doesn’t have to be resentful of the time that he’s investing, where people aren’t paying him anymore at this point but he’s still having to do all this work and trainings and support people. That’s something to think about when you’re thinking about, “What type of content am I offering? What’s going to be the best way for me to put and get it out there?

Also, what is going to generate the most success for your students? That is what we want. Your business won’t grow and thrive unless your students are finding success with what you’re teaching them. What is the best option for giving your students in generating success so they can give you a great testimonial that you can use? Is that a course, a membership site, a template or just a one-time training? With memberships, it can be a lot of ongoing support. With GROworkspace, I have hired an entire team of people that help create the new content every month, upload the new content and manage the community aspect that we have with a membership. I have a whole team of people helping me. With my coaching brand membership, it will be me doing the training and Q&A and offering support. Know with a membership that it’s going to be your time to do that but the benefit is that you can serve a lot more people. While I’ll only take 1 or 2 private clients, I can help a lot more people that need more minimal support, want these community and group settings. It’s a cool and special thing to be able to offer.

We covered the seven ways to turn your knowledge into a digital product that you can sell. It was live workshops, prerecorded workshops, virtual summits, templates and downloadables, eBooks, courses and membership sites. If you want to learn more about any of these, let me know. I could do more in-depth training on each of these. If you need some more help or want to get more clarity on turning your knowledge into a profit, only working 30 to 60 minutes a day to generate your first $1,000 a month, download my free worksheet and guide at I would love to know what type of digital product you’re thinking would be best for you or maybe you’ve already created. Share that with me. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can get updates with the new episodes. I appreciate you. I’m so glad you hung out with me to learn more about digital products.

I get super excited. I talk fast about this topic because it’s something that has completely changed my life and there is so much potential here. If you read the last episode then you know that digital products, digital courses, membership sites, we are not at the end of this industry. We are still in the beginning. It is not too late to launch your business and these digital products as a complementary thing to whatever you’re doing. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job. You can be a financial planner and offer people at your day job. You can help the masses with financial planning through a course or membership site. I hope that you feel more inspired and you can take action. Download that worksheet and guide at to help you get started. Until then, we’ll see you in the next episode.

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