Badass Is The New Black~ Episode #3: The Million Dollar Idea

Mar 13, 2022



Hey there! Today we talk about the million dollar idea. I’m gonna tell you a secret. The idea is not the million dollar part… Welcome back to the podcast Badass is the new black. A podcast where I share how to be badass in life and business. This my friends is episode three and I am your host Krissy Chin.

When you look at someone who has made one million dollars what do you think about them? 

I’ll tell ya what I think. 

I think, gosh they had a good idea. Why didn’t I have that idea! 


I have ideas ALLLLL the time. I take a shower and have ideas, I lay in bed and have more ideas. Someone says something to me and I get ideas, I find a problem in my life I have ideas. 

When I was living in Chicago it was when GPS came out on your phones and you could use your phone to get yourself around. When you used your GPS it drained the battery. 

I bought a bike. I think I used it twice. I realized city biking or maybe biking, in general, isn’t for me. 

And I had this idea to create a phone holder where I could mount my phone on my bike handles so it could direct me where to go and because my phone would be on that whole time I would make it so that my peddling could charge the phone. 

Million Dollar Idea!

When I realized I wasn’t a biker I decided to try running. I actually hate running. That is actually irrelivant to the next million dollar idea I had. But it was at a time where I was getting really into living a healthy lifestyle and doing all the things I am “Supposed” to do when trying to be healthy. 

Water intake was one of those but I could never keep track of my ounces. Sure I had a water bottle that I knew was 16 ounces but I could never remember how many times I had filled it up. 

Ok so does this make 32 ounces or 48? LIGHT BULB! I had this idea to make a water bottle that would keep track of the ounces you drank automatically. 

Another Million Dollar Idea.

In 2015, I had an idea to develop business training and educational content for my customers in my first business. Having these resources would save me a lot of time which was something I struggled with.

That million-dollar idea ACTUALLY turned into a million-dollar business. 

So what is the biggest difference between those three ideas? 

Two of them have something in common and one of them stands alone. 

THE BIGGEST difference is that one of them I took the idea and I turned it into a reality. 

We all have ideas. And we all have really good ideas we also have bad ideas but I know you have had a lot of really good ideas... But it’s what you do with that idea that really sets you apart from the rest. 

All those people I see that have made a million dollars. It wasn’t JUST the idea that made them a millionaire. 

It was the fact that they took that good idea (doesn’t even have to be brilliant) and they brought it to life through blood sweat and tears. 

Now I am not saying if you have an idea and you bring it to life it will automatically make 1 million dollars there are a lot of other factors. Marketing, finding your client, is it good quality? BUT what I want you to take home today from this episode is that you have to TAKE ACTION if you want to generate success. And this can go for anything in life or business. 

If you want to go out on a date you can’t just think about it. You need to take action. Ask the person out. Or schedule the baby sitter. 

If you want to generate a successful business you need to take action to make it a reality. 

No more sitting around saying I don’t have time, I don’t know where to start. 

Get out there and figure out what you need to make your idea and dream a reality. 

How much knowledge do you need? Ok, go find that knowledge. Go listen to podcasts or YouTube. You don’t HAVE to go to college to learn how to make your idea become a successful business. 

How much time do you need? Ok, go find that time. Cut back on the TV, get up a little earlier.  

How much money do you need to have your ideas come to life? OK, go find that money.

So how do you decide what idea is your million dollar idea? 

You look at all the things you need to make that business successful and you figure out if you can make it happen. 

Do you believe in it enough to put in that blood sweat and tears?

That bike phone holder/charger idea and the water bottle idea. I saw too many challenges that I did not want to try and overcome? Obstacles don’t usually stand in my way. But I wasn’t really passionate about those. So for me to invest my time energy and try and find the money to invest in it was just not there for me. 

Those were easy outs. 

Business training and educational resource? 

Now that I was passionate about. 

Spending my time (my precious time) to help others find success. oh, baby, I LOVED that! 

I was so passionate about it, I still am! That is why I am here! I wanted to learn everything I could about it, and spend all my time on it. 

And because I TOOK ACTION, it came to life and because I was PASSIONATE about it I was able to put in the blood, sweat, and tears that it took to get me to the million-dollar mark. Because like I said before, it does take more than just an idea coming to life to make a million dollars. 


So right now I know you have ideas. 

Are you writing them down any place? 

If you are anything like me you have a lot of ideas and forget about them just as quickly as they come to you. 

So, start writing them down and then look at those and save the ones that you know you are SUPER passionate about.

The ones you believe in so much that you would spend all your extra time making it come to life. The one you think gosh this one is really going to help a lot of people. 

And then go for it! 

If you have already taken action and you are making your idea a reality KEEP TAKING THE NEXT STEP. You WILL hit roadblocks. Remember, Newtons Law you learned in elementary school. An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. 

That outside force in your business are the roadblocks and the setbacks and in order to get that ball rolling again to your finish line, you need to TAKE ACTION. 

Get yourself moving again. It will be the difference between your idea and your million dollar idea. 

That’s it for today. I love you guys so much until next time, keep doing the next thing. 


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