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  • Bonus 1: Generate Sales Without Being Salesy with Krissy Chin
  • Bonus 2: Build a Network That Can 10x Your Business with Krissy Chin
  • Bonus 3: Website Design and Navigation to Optimize Traffic by Web design expert Tiffanie Teel
  • Bonus 4: Visual Branding by Branding expert Carol Hampshire
  • Bonus 5: Protect Your Business with Attorney Sarah Waldbusser
  • Bonus 6: Organic Growth on Facebook by Facebook expert Fallon Zoe

What Krissy's clients are saying...

"Krissy has helped me think about challenges and opportunities differently.

Her insight has made things that felt overwhelming much more doable.
I am so grateful she is helping me make my online course for aspiring authors a reality! I highly recommend working with her."  

Amelia Forczak
New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter
& Founder of Pithy Wordsmithery

"Krissy helped me grow my Instagram audience from 500 followers to over 20,000!  

She’s constantly challenging me to find new ways to add value to my audience, understand their needs, and speak to them with authenticity and a sincere desire to serve them.
She’s also supporting me to automate my business, so that I build a sustainable, profitable online business."  

John Roussot
High Performance Coach


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