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Ready to turn your knowledge into a profitable business working less than 5 hours a week?! 

It’s time to *actually* work less and earn more by doing something you love!

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Attract customers ready to buy and scale your business with reoccurring revenue!

It’s time to *actually* work less and earn more by building and scaling high-converting funnels.

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The 6-figure CEO’s secret to increasing their sales while spending most of their time with their family.

  •  Discover the 6-figure CEO’s secret to doubling your leads and sales while spending most of your time with your family.

  • The sneaky hidden obstacle that prevents struggling business owners from turning their prospects into paying customers (and exactly what to do about it).

  • The single greatest key to getting back 4 more hours each day while scaling your business to 6 figures and beyond. (Yes, that is actually possible for you!)

  • How to confidently automate, streamline, and systemize your business without knowing a thing about technology.

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We both know you are hustling your booty off to build your business .

You desperately want more customers but can't seem to find them. 

Your community engagement is down and you don't know what to do.

You want a way to do a whole lott more in less time. 

You have products and services you can offer but you just can't seem to figure out how to generate the sales you are seeing others do.

When I ask, "How are your systems?" you say, "What systems?"

Heck you don't even have your own website! OR you do but it is not generating the revenue you hoped it would.

You are ready for multiple streams of income and would love more passive or reoccurring revenue.

You’re ready to finally embrace the “work smarter, not harder” side of business because you’ve put in the hours to grow your business to this point and are now ready to see what automation can do for your business.

It’s time to get your business set up like a REAL business. 


Working with me and my team will allow you to build and scale a business online so that you have the time and financial freedom you want so that you can live the life you want.


We both know you’ve hustled your booty off to scale your business to the point it’s at now.

Selling out your service is the norm for you and now you’re looking to scale beyond your current income level with residual income that adds to your bank account while you sleep.

You’ve been brainstorming digital products, courses, and memberships beyond your current offer suite and you’re a little stuck on what idea will explode your income.

You’re ready to finally embrace the “work smarter, not harder” side of business because you’ve put in the hours to grow your services side and are now ready to see what automation can do for your business.

It’s time to revamp the backend of your business with products that can be sold to thousands of people so you can fall to sleep counting dollar signs and wake up to them in your account.

Working with me will allow you to build and scale a business online so that you have the time and financial freedom you want so that you can live the life you want.


Hi, I'm

I teach Network Marketers and Coaches how to attract their perfect customers online, turn their leads into customers on autopilot and build multiple streams of revenue leveraging skills and knowledge they already have. 

Like you, I decided I wanted to stop trading time for money and instead create scalable offers. Together, we’ll attract the right people to your business and then turn your idea into a reality that will allow your offers to sell online while you’re sleeping, on vacation, or simply just out living.

How do I know? I started as a Network Marketer, leveraged my knowledge, launched my own membership site and now run a multi-million dollar course and membership site. I have reached the financial goals you are striving for and average $70k months with residual income while working less than 20 hours a week running two brands. I know how to build a business to work less, enjoy (and earn) more.

Also, fun fact. My sister, Claire, is my business partner and we are your dream team to help you build and scale.

Now, I’m sharing all my secrets with you!

You’ll learn EXACTLY what you need to do to built a wildly profitable website. How to make sure you fill your email list with leads READY TO BUY. I'll help you implement strategies to turn them into paying customers on autopilot. PLUS how to create an engaged community of repeat customers (Hello! that is how you really scale!)

Ever since I implemented these strategies in my business, I’ve actually been able to take a break and step back from always being on, and the best part? My income hasn’t dropped a dime, in fact, I’m making more than ever with half the hours.

Ready to learn how to leverage automation with a wildly profitable website so you can make more with manageable systems and structures?

OH! and PS you do not need to know a thing about tech!


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Badass is The New Black

The podcast designed to help you build your online business and scale to multiple 6 & 7-figures. We dial in on all topics surrounding business and personal growth to give you the edge you need to identify and attract your ideal client, crush your sales, and scale your business online through automation so YOU can live the life you dream of, working less and enjoying (and earning) more.



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The most High-Touch Program available for Network Marketers and Coaches to help you...

  1. Identify your Brand and target audience
  2. Build a wildly profitable website in a flash
  3. Turn your leads into customers on autopilot
  4. Build an engaged community of lifelong customers that buy again and again. 

Avoid years of mistakes and learn from experts who has been there, done that.

DDA is run by both Krissy and Claire and a team of brand, design, and copywriting coaches!

Watch our latest Masterclass to learn more about DDA!

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Have your website set up but you feel like "what's next?"

You would love a coach that can help you scale your business but are on a budget. 

You find yourself with questions like, "How do I analyze my funnel," "How do I do a sales call," or maybe you want feedback on a freebie or a subject line to get more emails open. 

Get exclusive access to Krissy and Claire and a community of other digital creators and scale to 6!

We simplify the process making it easier, more manageable, and far less overwhelming to get support and scale.


This isn’t all, there’s even more possibilities for you to change your life with the help of my work


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