You CAN Build A Blissful Business & Live The Life You’ve Been Longing For…

And it doesn’t have to take thousands of dollars or years of your life to get there.

Yes! I Want This!




You CAN Build A Blissful Business & Live The Life You’ve Been Longing For…

And it doesn’t have to take thousands of dollars or years of your life to get there.
Yes! I Want This!

Hey there, business bestie!

I SEE YOU and I know you are working SO DARN HARD.

Right now, you’re dealing with all sorts of things…

You’re digging in, focusing on your goals, and trying to make all the right decisions to buuld your business, but let’s be honest - there is NOTHING simple about building a thriving online business that you LOVE.

Between the first day of working for yourself and the day you look around and finally feel like you’ve made it, there are about a million things to do and a billion tiny choices you have to make.


  It’s all so incredibly nerve wracking - what if you make the wrong decision?

  What if you put in a ton of effort, but no one wants what you’ve got?

  What if you’ve tried so hard for so long, and nothing ever comes of it?

  With all the over thinking and second guessing 24/7, this could easily be the most exhilarating and gut-wrenching time in your life.

After all, depending on where you are in the process...

You might feel lost before you’ve even really started. There are so many steps to take… How are you supposed to know where to begin?

Or maybe you’ve had a little bit of success (HELL YES!), but… then you stalled out, and getting back in the groove feels harder than getting started in the first place!

Or maybe you’re so busy posting on social, writing blogs, and perfecting your sales calls that you don’t even know which way is up anymore.

Worst of all, you might be doing everything by the book, but when you look at your business bank account… something is very, very wrong. I mean, if you’re doing it all “right”, why isn’t the money showing up?

Tell Me More!

And because of all this, you’re feeling…

  Confused. You know there are about a hundred different things you “should” be doing right now, but how do you get them all done? And in what order?

  Nervous. I mean, you know you could probably increase sales if you put yourself out there more, but… people might judge you, and you do NOT want to feel like a slimy, pushy salesperson.

  Tired. Yeah, sure, working for yourself is great, but who knew it would be so exhausting? Who knew it would take all your creative energy and then some?

✓  A little defeated - ESPECIALLY when you see what others have achieved. If you’re doing the same stuff they’re doing, why isn’t this working out for you? Why are you here, sweating over your laptop, when others are sharing how they’re making tons while out and about enjoying life with their spouses, families, and friends?


Building a business is hard work, and building a blissful business - one that feels great AND supports your lifestyle - can seem like a complete pipe dream most of the time.

Also, it’s hard to find the right resources that will help you no matter where you are in your journey…

You know this because you’ve spent hours poring over Pinterest, scrolling through influencers’ Instagram posts, and interacting in dozens of free Facebook groups…

There’s good information there, but how does it apply to you? And what should you implement RIGHT NOW to make a difference in your biz?

I Am Ready To Build A Blissful Business NOW!

But guess what...


  You don't HAVE to deal with the disappointment

and frustration anymore.


  You don't have to waste hours of your life trying to

do it alone with only the glow of your laptop to keep

you warm...


Because the right guidance can change


But guess what...

  You don't HAVE to deal with the disappointment and frustration anymore.

  You don't have to waste hours of your life trying to do it alone with only the glow of your laptop to keep you warm...

Because the right guidance can change EVERYTHING for you.

Here’s what I mean. What if...

  • Instead of waking up to face a massive to-do list of tasks that may or may not help, you had a proven plan in place that took the guesswork out of how to build a biz.

  • Instead of taking six months (or more!) to decide if a platform or marketing method was working for you, you knew exactly what to look for - and how to pivot if something’s not working out.

  • Instead of worrying about finding your next customer, you could build a personal brand that draws them to YOU.

  • Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for a few sales to roll in… you could use a few specific tools and set your business up on autopilot.

Imagine that - making money and having time to actually breathe and enjoy your life? (It can happen. I promise you it can!) 



You can TOTALLY have all of that - and it's EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

Introducing ⬇


The ultimate course created to give you a comprehensive education in building a

business and personal brand that grows your bank account AND supports your dream lifestyle.

You can build your own blissful business & live the life you’ve been longing for…

I’ll show you how.

I Am Ready. Sign Me Up Now!



You can TOTALLY have all of that - and it's EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

Introducing ⬇



A six-module course created to give you a comprehensive education in building a business and personal brand that supports your business and your lifestyle.

You can build your own blissful business & live the life you’ve been longing for…

I’ll show you how.

I Am Ready. Sign Me Up Now!

Right now, you might be wondering who the heck I am.

I'm Krissy Chin, and I'm so glad you're here!

I help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and network marketers just like you who want to turn their side-hustle struggle into a blossoming, blissful business. 

I’m a laid-back, sarcastic, midwest-raised, So-Cal at heart kinda girl. I teach other badass boss babes (and bros - we don’t discriminate!) how to leverage their knowledge and grow their businesses online to 6 figures and beyond.  

Here’s the thing, though. I wasn’t always a savvy business owner with a thriving membership group, clients to teach, and sales that come in each and everyday!

True story: Not that long ago, I was working 12 hour night shifts as an RN at my local hospital even on weekends and on holidays. 

Y’all, I had hard core FOMO so this schedule was BRUTAL. I was caring for those who needed it, but I never really felt fulfilled. Taking vitals and giving meds emptying bedpans was important work, but it wasn’t what I was put here to do, and I knew it.

You ever feel like that? Like you know what you are doing is a good thing, but maybe there is something more? 

Deep in my gut I knew - there was more for me. I just had to find it.

The reality was...

  I wanted more personal fulfillment, financial freedom (I like fancy things, okay?), and scheduling flexibility so I could enjoy my days instead of flopping on the couch dead-tired whenever I had a minute to myself.

  I had no clue how I was going to get all of that, but I was determined to make it happen. 

  With a mind open to new opportunities, and a heart that was ready for MORE, I invested in a $150 essential oil kit…

  These tiny vials of oils and that fat stack of order forms did more than just give me a side hustle.

That kit literally CHANGED MY LIFE.

See, instead of going the “home parties” route, or the “bug everyone you used to know from high school” route, I decided to treat my network marketer business like an entrepreneur would.
I dug deep into personal development, and instead of worrying about individual sales, I focused more on growing and serving my community.
As time went on and I rose through the ranks, people began to notice that what I was doing differently was actually wildly successful… They sent me DMs asking my advice, and I was happy to help.
The requests and emails and messages kept coming. That turned into something I never expected… I realized I was able to give these folks the help they so desperately desired because I had turned the philosophies I created and the tools I used into a system.
When people heard about this step-by-step approach, they wanted in, so I then turned this system into a nifty little side business.
A short amount of time went on… and that business is now the THRIVING MULTI 7-FIGURE business I run today along side this business where I help YOU do what I did. 

No joke - I built that business piece by piece and went from, “Hey, Krissy, you should totally sell this information - it’s so worth it!” into my first MILLION in less than two years.


These days, I'm no longer running the halls of a hospital. Instead, I’m running businesses and helping anyone who is just like me to make that conscious decision to own who they are, to get what they want, and to take action to get there.


In short, I help people achieve their biggest business dreams in far less time than they ever thought possible.

And it all starts with building the FOUNDATION of your business. 

YES! Teach me how to build the foundation!


“I knew nothing coming into this class about pillars, branding, marketing.

The structure was what I needed to get the vision and confidence to start. I can now see a vision of how I can make a successful blissful business!”

- Kelle Cathy

“I definitely gained more clarity on my business road map and how to bring it and scale it online!

This course made me break it all down and define what I want to achieve and what I need to get there. I am excited to dive deeper into Social Media with the newly learned strategies, revamp my website and take my business to the next level!!!! Oh, and PS - this course was my catalyst to rise up and even achieve a rank up this month in my network marketing company.”

- Desiree Bonau

“I have been in business already for roughly five years. I have been running it part-time dreaming of the day where I could finally take some time and decide on the direction I wanted to take it. I have so many ideas and so many ambitions but felt very stuck.

I’ve gained a clear direction, I know who my audience is, I know what types of tools and resources I need to start taking advantage of to get there, and of course I have a long to-do list but now, it’s a to-do list with a purpose.
I now rate my brand a 10 out of 10. I am always hesitant to give a full score but I feel more confident than I ever have and I think that is worth celebrating!”

- Amanda Curtis

What Makes Build A Blissful Business Different?

Many courses will give you brand-building basics… but then they leave you on your own with a head full of questions and no practical answers in sight.


Other courses give you rah-rah feel-good cheerleading… but no functional information, so you end up where you started.


It’s jam-packed with no-fluff step-by-step training. You’ll get the info you need right now in short, digestible lessons, so you can put the information into play immediately.


Forget wasting hours watching long, drawn-out videos. Build a Blissful Business offers individual training videos that are between 5 and 23 minutes. You can access these videos from anywhere, so you can catch up on lessons whether you’re on the go, sitting on the couch, or working in your office.


You’ll also receive worksheets to help you make decisions and take fast action when applicable.


I teach you with the future in mind. The resources you create during this course will make it so much easier to hire and onboard copywriters or web and graphic designers. 


The course flow is designed to help you achieve little pieces that build on top of one another so each exercise isn’t overwhelming. By the end of the little steps, you’ll have a one of a kind, stand out brand - one that will attract the right clients while still feeling comfortably, 100% authentic to YOU.

This isn’t just abstract stuff, either.


You’ll learn from real life examples that will create clarity and help spark ideas for you and your own brand.


Build A Blissful Business is based on the years of research and experience I used to build my own two brands AND the expert knowledge of guest instructors.


In order to make sure you get the in-depth training you need, you’ll get access to bonus videos from a branding & design expert, a web design expert, and a legal expert. Nothing is left out, and nothing is held back!

Here's What's Inside:


Many people buy courses... and then never finish them. Sure, they run out of time or lose focus, but those aren’t the only reasons why. Sometimes, it’s just because they don’t click with the way the material is presented! That’s why you’ll get a primer on how to get the most of this course. I’ve made everything dead-simple so you can get the most out of your time spent here, ACTUALLY FINISH THE DARN THING, and get the results you plunked your hard-earned dollars down for.

In this pre-content module, you will...

  • Assess the current state of your business.
  • Get set up so you can work through the course from anywhere in the world.
  • Learn the tips and tricks that will keep you going to the very end.
Build a Better Business Course: Module 1


Master Your Mindset



No outward change can happen without inner change taking place first. OK, we’ve all heard some version of this before, but I have to say it again, because it’s TRUE. That’s why we start with mastering your mind. In this module, you’ll get a powerful morning mindset routine. Once you’ve learned this practice, you can turn off the negative self-talk, ditch the core fears that hold you back, and fully step into a new way of thinking - one that will help you thrive.

In this module, you will…

  • Crush the limiting beliefs that force you to play small 
  • Begin anew with an abundance mindset 
  • Capitalize on the most important tool you have access to - your mind
Build a Better Business Course: Module 2


The What, Why & How of Your Personal Brand

Your brand is so much more than a logo and some pretty fonts. It’s why people think of you before they consider anyone else, and what keeps them coming back for more. You can’t just jump in and order business cards, though. You gotta start with the basics. Master this and you’ll be on your way to running a blissful business - one with staying power.

In this module, you will...

  • Uncover the one branding element that separates those who will sputter out in six months from those who can’t be stopped!
  • Dismiss the damaging myths about creating a personal brand (hint - you DON’T have to annoy everyone on your Fb timeline!)
  • Create a unique brand that stands apart from everyone else - even if you’re selling the exact same thing.
Build a Better Business Course: Module 3


Build Your Badass Brand

(Ready To Get To Work?)

Set up a rock-solid foundation for your empire. Without this crucial step, you stand to waste YEARS of your life trying to figure out what your business is about and how you really help people. Spoiler alert - without clarity on these two things, it’s impossible to reach the level of success you’re looking for, so this is key!

In this module, you will...

  • Define your mission and your purpose so you can make every decision from a place of confidence
  • Identify your unique message to help you stand out and attract your ideal client
  • Design unique visual brand assets that help people to find you, love you, and choose you again and again and again
Build a Better Business Course: Module 4


Identify, Attract and


Contrary to popular belief, you are NOT for everyone. Your business is special, just like the people you serve. So… how do you attract the right people? And what do you say when they’re finally here? In Module Four, you’ll figure it all out.

In this module, you will...

  • Niche down and identify your IDEAL client
  • Create a premium solution they can’t possibly resist
  • Crack the code on communicating with them effortlessly
Build a Better Business Course: Module 5


Set Up Your Socials

(The Book, The Gram...)

Love it or hate it, social media is not going anywhere. It’s time to embrace it - or you’ll lose out on the thousands of ideal clients sitting out in the social universe that need and want what you have to offer. Don’t worry - it can be easy and even fun (YES, really)!

In this module, you will…

  • Put together an eye-catching profile picture and an attention grabbing bio
  • Harness the features of Instagram and turn it from a time-sucker to a business booster
  • Build yourself up to Influencer Status and amplify your message 100x over!
Build a Better Business Course: Module 6


On The Line

(What's Your .COM?)

If you’ve been building your business without a website of your own, you run the risk of losing everything.  It’s time to get digital, my friend. (Not techy? That’s totally ok. Hey - if I can do it, so can you!)

In this module, you’ll...

  • Start from scratch with the basics you need to get your website started. 
  • Learn how to create a good website that actually converts visitors into clients (instead of a cash-sucking digital junk drawer)
  • Get FREE trial access to a one-stop-shop for your website, landing pages, email system, a community section, webinars, and more.


And that’s not all. If you act NOW, you’ll also receive…

Insanely Valuable Bonus #1: Guest Expert Trainings

✓  Protect your Business with Attorney Sarah Waldbusser
✓  Visual Branding with branding expert Carol Hampshire
✓  Website Design and Navigation to Optimize Traffic by web design expert Tiffanie Teel

(Value $1497)


Here are your options...

Enroll NOW to get a $6894 Value for Just One Low Payment of $197 or Two Low Payments of $119 Each.

(SAVE 17%)



Get access to all 6 modules + all 3 BONUS trainings!





Make 2 payments & get all 6 modules + all 3 BONUS trainings!



No problem, because I’ve got all the answers…

Short answer? YES, absolutely. Remember, I got my start in network marketing so I’m very familiar with the ins and outs of the biz. I’ll show you how to go above and beyond what your upline tells you, and how to cut out the crappy parts you feel compelled to do because “that’s how everyone else does it.” Build A Blissful Business can be the key to LOVING your network marketing business.

Get ready to love what I’m about to say. You ready? OK. When you learn and implement all the lessons in Build A Blissful Business, you are going to have MORE time in your life, not less. I’ll show you how to automate the boring stuff, and use your newfound brand clarity to make the interesting stuff EASY and even (dare I say it?) FUN.

Oh, how I WISH this course existed when I was new to business. YES, this can work for you - but only if you like saving thousands of dollars and years of blood, sweat, and tears. I help you build the foundation of your entire business. When you’re clear from the start, you won’t waste time and effort going down the wrong path time and time again. Build A Blissful Business is perfect for someone who’s just starting out.

How do I know if this is right for me?

✓  If you’ve read this far, and you’re feeling the pull to join, chances are this is exactly what you need.

✓  If you’re stuck in your business and don’t know where to go, this course is for you.

✓  If you are stressing from financial strain and want more, this course is for you.

✓  If you’ve been treating your business like a hobby and know it’s time to get real, this course is for you.

✓  If you’re struggling to find new potential clients, this course is for you.

✓  If you’re looking for a mentor without the heft price tag, this course is for you.

✓  If you have no formal training on starting and growing an online business, this course is for you.

✓  If you’re lacking the confidence to build an empire and legacy of your own, this course is for you.

In other words, if you’re ready for the right next step, Build A Blissful Business is right for YOU.


This is a good question. I’m one of those people who thinks that there’s always more I can learn, and if there’s even one great nugget of wisdom in a course, it was totally worth it. Having said that, Build a Blissful Business is not a great fit for people who don’t want to make changes in their existing businesses, and it’s not appropriate for someone who hates all things tech and isn't willing to learn or hire it out. If you want to be successful with this course (and, let’s be honest, in business), you need to embrace change and have an open mind about the possibilities.

It’s time for harsh truth. If you’ve been downloading all the freebies, hoping to strike gold, you are wasting time and hard drive space. Spoiler alert: downloading all the free checklists, top 5 whatevers, and eBooks will only get you so far. There is a reason they're free, my friend. They’re just digital dust-gatherers that make you feel like you’re working for a quick second. They will never get you the transformation you need to have a Blissful Business of your own, so NO, you cannot find this information for free.

GREAT QUESTION. I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely purchased courses that were way too much information. Who has the time to watch two-hour long lessons and then spend half the day journaling once a week? Not me! Build A Blissful Business lessons are straight-to-the-point and achievable. Even better, you get access to all the lessons at once. If you want, you can tackle everything within a few days, or you can take your time and work at your own pace. Because you’ll have lifetime access, you can go as slow or as fast as you like.

Your 100% satisfaction is incredibly important. This course can change the face of your business and your life, but it won’t change a thing if you just get access and then forget about it. If you work through the course, implement the lessons, and you’re still not satisfied, simply send in your work at the end of the 6 module course within 30 days and I’ll gladly give you a refund.

In business and in life, there are no promises. Think about it. There are way too many variables at play for me to predict that you’ll make X amount of dollars or that you’ll get Y amount of followers. I will say this, however. If you take this course seriously and implement all the information within, you will definitely see progress. How much progress? The good news is that’s completely up to you. If you put in a little effort, you will see little results. If you lay on the elbow grease and go for it, though? The sky’s the limit.


Okay, friend. I've told you my story - even the embarrassing bits.

I am no different than you.

I worked a normal job.

I do not have a fancy-shmancy business degree.

I didn’t spend six figures on formal marketing and sales training.

I dreamed of being home with my kids.

I dreamed of freedom to do whatever, whenever.

I imagined what it would feel like to make so much money I didn’t have to look at my bank account each week.

I wanted to get to the point where I could take a few girlfriends out to dinner and not flinch at a $200 bill.

I wanted to buy new clothes without worrying about it cutting into money we needed for regular bills.

So I went after it and I GOT IT.

If you want to feel like this, and you want more for your life, YOU CAN HAVE MORE!

But what you can’t do is sit around doing the same thing you have always done.

In order to see a change, you need to make a change.

I'm Ready to Work with You!

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

At this point, the way I see it, you have two options.
Option 1 is to continue doing what you are doing exactly the way you’re doing it. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can pretty much predict that this will result in you finding yourself in the same STUCK place next year. You will look back and wish you’d made a change. You will feel regret at all the time you let slip by.
Regret sucks. Don’t let that happen to you.
Instead, you can choose option 2. This is where you 100% commit to taking a fresh new look at your business and SOMETHING starting TODAY using the proven lessons in Build A Blissful Business.
You can go as fast or as slow as you like, and when you’re done, you can look back and marvel at just how far you’ve come.
It's Time I Choose Option 2 - Enroll Me Now!

So, you can continue to go it alone, trying to cobble together some sort of plan from a mishmash of blog posts and instagram captions, stressing out every month when you see your numbers AREN’T climbing…


Or you can follow a path that shows you EXACTLY how to create a business and brand that gets you the financial freedom and lifestyle you’ve wanted since day one…

Are you ready for this? Are you ready for the Blissful Business & life you’ve been longing for?

YES, I Want To Build A Blissful Business!

I can’t wait to see you inside!


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