Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #5 - 5 Effective Copywriting Tips to Help Coaches Connect with Their Audience

branding copywriting marketing Mar 01, 2023
BNB 5 | 5 Effective Copywriting Tips to Help Coaches Connect with Their Audience

An essential part of marketing your coaching business online is written communication, aka copywriting. You need to write social media content, emails, website content, and more. Here are the best ways to create and emotional connection with your target audience, make more sales, and sell out your programs to dream clients.



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As a coach, you are passionate about helping people improve their lives, achieve their goals, and be the happiest and healthiest they can be. In order to do so, it’s very important to effectively communicate the value of all your offers and programs to potential clients so you can keep reaching your big business goals. 


Here are five copywriting tips to help you do just that:

1. Lean Into Great Storytelling for Deeper Connection

People love a good story, and incorporating storytelling into your copy can help make your message more engaging and memorable. Share personal anecdotes or testimonials from your past clients, and if you’re just starting out, use YOURSELF as your best client! You’ve been self-coaching for years so don’t be shy about sharing that. 


2. Know Your Audience Inside and Out

Before you start writing, it’s important to consider who you are trying to reach with your message. Are you really clear on your dream client? Do you know their specific pain points? Can you empathize with where they are while empowering them to change? Understanding your audience will help you tailor your message and choose the right words and tone.


3. Use Clear and Descriptive Language to Make a Bigger Impact with Your Words

Rather than using passive language or abstract concepts, use colorful and creative language to paint a picture with your words. For example, instead of saying “gain the confidence you need to speak on stages,” say, “step onto any stage radiating with magnetic energy that entices your audience and keeps them on the edge of their seat with interest and intrigue.”  This shift in language makes the message more direct and powerful.


4. Focus on the “What” not the “How”

People always want to know what’s in it for them. Instead of going into great detail about how many modules they’ll get, how many hours of extra bonus trainings, or the small details of how you’re going to help them, talk about who they are going to be once they are done working with you. What are the results they can expect? Why should they get excited about working with you? What makes it the obvious choice to sign up for your programs? Elaborate on the person they will be on the other side of your time together.


5. Include a Call to Action

At the end of your copy, be sure to include a clear and specific call to action that tells the reader what you want them to do next. This could be signing up for your freebie opt-in, engaging with the content by leaving a comment, or simply contacting you to learn more about your programs or offers. Be sure to make it easy for the reader to take the next step by telling them exactly what they should do next. You’ll be surprised how well people can follow directions when they are simple!


By following these quick copy tips, you can effectively communicate the value of your coaching services and inspire others to work with you. Remember to always be authentic and genuine in your messaging, use conversational copy aka “write like you talk,” and stay true to you and your unique voice.



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