Badass Is The New Black (Season 5) Episode #15 - How To Get Out Of A Rut So You Can Grow Your Business

business advice growth strategies May 17, 2023
How To Get Out Of A Rut So You Can Grow Your Business

This week I am here to encourage those of you who are feeling stuck. Are you in a rut? Are you feeling discouraged or ready to quit? I've been there and I want you to know that there is a way forward and we can walk that journey together.



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Welcome to season five, episode 15, where we're gonna talk about what to do when you get in a rut, and essentially how to get yourself out of it. Before we dive in, I'm Krissy Chin. I'm here on a mission to help you work less and enjoy and earn more with a strategy for your business, automation in your business, and a beautiful professional website with high converting funnels. 


I wanna share a huge win from one of our students before we really dive into this topic. Lori, who signed up with Build a Blissful Business on the very first day that the cart opened a few weeks ago, and before even the cart was closed, she posted in the community, “oh my gosh, I already have my freebie created.” That thing that you're going to use to build your email list through our training and our templates, she was already getting it done super quick. So huge shout out to Lori, one of our Build a Blissful Business students. Kudos to you and all of our other students.


We've got such an amazing community in there right now. They're engaging with one another, they're helping one another, supporting one another, and they are getting the work done. So kudos, cheers to our BBB students out there that are listening right now. I just want you to know that I'm incredibly proud of you. You are crushing it, and so keep up the great work, and if you didn't jump in with us this time around, maybe the timing wasn't right for you. I wanna celebrate you for just keeping moving forward in your business and doing the little things that you can be doing along the way until the next time the doors open and maybe the time is right for you and maybe it's a much better time. So keep your chin up.


Stuck in a Rut

Maybe you're someone who's feeling like you're in a rut right now. This episode is gonna be for you, and if not, there's gonna be a point in time where your high comes to an end and maybe you find yourself in a low before you get to another high. Whenever they show that business model where it's that person hiking up the mountain and it's just the straight line up to the top, that is not the reality. The reality is it's like a squiggly line going up and down and up and down and up and down all throughout your business over the years, no matter how much success you have had, there are moments where you kind of fall into this rut, and it could be something going on in your life, it could be something going on in your business. You are going through something, your neighbor is going through something, the cashier at the grocery store is going through something. And no matter how big or how small that thing is for you or anyone else, it's important because it's impacting your life in any sort of way.


The majority of the time, we have no idea what someone is struggling with because we're proud humans and we don't wanna show all of our struggles out there. And besides, the cashier at the grocery store is not going to disclose all of the things that they're struggling with at home, right? But they might be a little grumpy towards you and you might think they were rude, but maybe something just happened and they're devastated. Maybe they split up with their partner or maybe they’re late on a mortgage payment. You just never know. As the CEO of a company, I often feel a lot of pressure at times to make sure that this business is incredibly successful because I have people who are working for me that are counting on me, right? We had a family member who's been in the hospital for six weeks with their newborn baby and their sweet baby passed away. You know, they're going through such a huge life change and shift right now.


I'm seeing people out there struggling with their finances. The financial stress can be a huge strain on your day-to-day life.  I dealt with this back injury that caused nerve pain and I can relate so well to people that are just struggling with nerve issues and back pain and how debilitating it is.  I was having trouble focusing on my work and getting things done, because I'm just constantly thinking about the pain. I've done a lot of therapies and things to get that to subside, and it's getting so much better so I can celebrate that. But in the moment, oh my gosh, it was just causing a lot of issues. I would yell at my children because I'm in pain and they're bugging me and they have no idea, right? 


And the truth is that it doesn't matter if you view someone else's struggle as smaller than yours. You might think I just lost a child. And Krissy, you're talking about some nerve pain that's gonna go away, but it doesn't matter how small it is, how big it is, because to them it's big, right? It's incredibly big. 


I've just learned that no matter how big or small something appears on the outside, the reality is it's a big deal because it's affecting their life and they're struggling. And so I don't care if it looks like something small,  what matters is that you know how it's impacting their life. 


Maybe you're in that position where you are in a rut right now. Maybe it's a relationship rut.


The Quick Fix

I know this is more of a business podcast. Maybe it's a business rut. Maybe you're not making the sales that you once were and you're feeling down and you're like, Ugh, how am I gonna dig myself out of this? I feel like I'm in such a rut, and I wanna get through this, but I don't really know how to do it.


Krissy, gimme the magical answer on this podcast episode so that I can get out of this rut in the next 20 minutes. 


The truth is that there's no magical answer to do that in 20 minutes, to turn your life around, to get out of this rut. The truth is that these low moments where you feel like life is not going the way that you had hoped. Maybe you had wished it was easier or better.  And it's not.


This is not the time to try and get out of it as fast as you possibly can. So I'm not going to have the magical answer to say, do this thing and tomorrow you'll be out of your rut. I'm here to actually talk about the truth of what these ruts are and what they do for your business, these lows, whether it's a life or a business low.


And the truth is that you don't fight it. You embrace it and you use this time to learn and understand more about you, why you feel this way, or maybe how you ended up in this situation, because action needs to be taken, okay? And processing through that. How did I get here? 


That's something that happened after my divorce.


I remember my divorce way back when I was young, my first marriage. And I remember my oldest sister, Katie, asking me, how do you think you ended up in that relationship? It was a very toxic relationship. And I was like, oh, that's a good question. So like, doing some deep inner work to kind of figure out why did I fall into that?


Self Reflection & Growth

How did I get there? And learning more about myself and what maybe I was drawn to, to be able to grow from that situation and not have it happen again. You know? Or let's say you end up in a financial situation where you're feeling like you're living paycheck to paycheck and strapped for cash, and maybe this is a moment in time to take a serious look at your finances.


Maybe business isn't as successful as it was. Let's take a look at the finances first. How are you living your life? Assessing how you're living your life now, and does it need to shift? There's a new show on Netflix called How To Get Rich. And of course with the title, you think it's gonna be a show about just teaching you how to make a bunch of money. But what he's really doing in there is he's going into people's lives and he is helping them take a look at their finances and how they're living their life and helping them get a handle on where they're spending their money and how they can spend their money in a different way.


Basically the idea is that you can have a rich life without making millions of dollars, right? Because everyone's perception of their rich life, a life that they love and enjoy is different. He's kind of going in and helping them create this rich life, which doesn't necessarily mean I'm helping you generate a million dollars. Helping you see what matters to you. And oftentimes, we need money to live our life well, right? And so he's taking a deep look at the finances. You have a different version of what your rich life would look like. And I have a different version of what my rich life would look like because we all have different interests and desires.


I wanna encourage you that when you feel like you're in a low or you're in a rut instead of panicking, take a deep breath and then try to figure out how did I get to this point? What is it that I need to look at, dive in deep and explore within to grow from this situation?


How am I gonna use this opportunity to learn and grow, to be a better human and a better person, a better mother, sister, father, brother? Because we enter these lows and these valleys, right? And these lows and these valleys are really actually there to prepare us for that next high. They are here to help us grow and expand so that when that next high is coming, we can take it in and we can even get there. Sometimes we have to dig deep within, we have to hit these lows, maybe feel rock bottom to be able to grow so that we can actually level up and reach that goal that we want. Whether it's a business goal or life goal. The lows are not going to be there forever.


This Too Shall Pass

You are not going to be in this rut forever. So use them for their purpose. Use them to be able to grow into a more amazing person to fully experience and embrace what's coming next. Everyone out there is going through something of their own. And if you need to talk to someone about what's going on for you to find that safe space, then I encourage you to do that, to get that support that you need. You work through this rut, this low that you're experiencing, so you can grow as a person, you can grow as an entrepreneur, and you can reach those goals. And I want you to know that I believe in you. I'm cheering for you, and I'm here for you and where you are, wherever you find yourself. If you're in a rut right now or not, it's gonna be a small amount of time compared to your entire life. And whatever happens in the future, know that this is gonna help you grow stronger and you're gonna move past it. And you're doing incredible things already, even if you feel like you're not, you are doing incredible things already and you're making a huge impact on this world, and we need you. So don't give up and keep working towards your goals and your dreams and dig deep when you're in these low spaces to grow and expand. That's it. That's my message for you today. Maybe it hits home for one person.


If it does, that's great. Let me know. Reach out. I'm here on Instagram, @thekrissychin_. Send me a message. I'm cheering you on, and I will see you next week on the podcast.



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