Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #7- Writing Copy That Attracts Your Ideal Customer For Your Website with Becca Mitchell

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BNB 7 | Writing Copy to Attract Ideal Customer for Website

Is your website attracting the right people? Are they buying your product or services or opting in for your freebie? If the answer is no, the problem is likely with your copy! Becca Mitchell is an expert at writing copy that attracts your ideal customer and she is sharing with us her best tips at how to level up our copywriting so that our websites convert!


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Writing Copy That Attracts Your Ideal Customer For Your Website with Becca Mitchell

This week on the podcast I have a very special guest who has helped me with my own website and setting up a 6 figure launch for my business. Becca Mitchell is an expert in copywriting and how to attract your ideal customer to your website, especially if you are an entrepreneur. She has a lot of really valuable advice and tips to help you set up your website so that it attracts the right people who want to buy from you so let’s dive in!


Why Do We Need Good Copy?

The first thing we need to really understand is why having good copywriting is important. Becca does a great job at explaining this. She says it’s not just about saying what you sell and why they should buy it. It’s about wording things in the right way to attract your ideal customer. In order to do this, you need to be very clear on who your ideal customer is! If you don’t know who you are looking for, you won’t be able to connect with them on your site. 


Your copy should communicate to your audience who you want to work with, why you want to work with them, how it will benefit them and what that will look like in their life. What words and imagery will convey that to the correct people? Ask yourself, is your website converting? Are people buying your product or signing up for your freebie? If the answer is no, the problem is most likely with your copy.


Get Super Clear

Becca does a great job at helping us to get very clear on who our ideal customer is. In our Digital Duplication Academy we help our students to work through this process as well. The last thing you want to do is say you want to work with everyone. That is a great way to reach zero people through your website.


Start by asking yourself who do you want to attract to your business. What types of people do you enjoy working with? Why do you enjoy working with them? What is it about them that you like? What does that process look like? 


Then ask yourself what their pain points are. What makes their life hard? What is frustrating for them? What do they need and how will that help them? You want to be able to communicate to your audience how you can help them, and in order to do that, you need to know what their problem is first. 


Becca encourages us to be like a little kid who just keeps asking “why? Why? Why?” Keep asking yourself why. Why should this person work with you? Maybe you are a business coach or you have a business opportunity for them, why do they want this? To earn more income? Why do they need that? Maybe they are single moms. Why would a single mom want more income? So she can spend more time with her kids? Why? What will that look like for her? If you can paint a clear picture of why working with you will benefit them, what that will look like in their life, then you can really connect with your audience. But it starts with getting crystal clear.


Make Sure You Are Pushing People Away

One area that can be hard for people is getting really specific on who you want to work with. We all want to sell our product or service to everyone so the idea of pushing people away feels wrong. Of course we want to sell to anyone who is interested but in order to do that effectively we need to get super specific about who we are targeting. We aren’t going to be super polarizing on our website or unfriendly, in order to turn people off. We just want to be clear who we enjoy working with and why, so that we get the right people.


Becca encourages us to start by focusing on our values. If you value trust and you do not like it when people try to micro manage you, then you might have a customer testimonial about someone you helped and say that you loved working with them because they really trusted your process and let you do your thing. That’s a great way to convey to your audience that you want to work with people who value the same things as you. Think about what you value the most in your business, and make sure you tell them. If you value honesty, and you love working with people who are honest with you because it makes the process of helping them much more effective, then explain that in your copy.


Your About Page is Not About You

One really mind blowing thing that I have learned from Becca is that the about page on my website is not about me! This was a real game changer for me because we always view the about page as a place to talk about ourselves and tell our life story. Becca explains that most people really just want to talk about themselves so when they are reading your about page, they don’t really want to hear your life story, they want to hear about themselves in your story.


The key to your about page is to tell bits of your story and how they relate to your ideal customer. 




For example, when I tell my story I talk about how I used to be a nurse and that I wasn’t finding fulfillment in that so I pursued entrepreneurship. My audience might not relate to being a nurse so I want to focus on what it’s like having a job that doesn’t fulfill you, how I found my path and took the leap to start my own business and how I have helped others do the same. When people read about your success, they are going to ask themselves “ok great, you did that but how can I do that too?” So you need to show them how you can help them do the same thing.


Becca shares with us some tips for how to use your about page to really demonstrate to your audience how you can help them. One way is to use client testimonials. Showcase people who you have helped and share their wins so that your audience can see clearly how you can help them and what they will gain from that. 


I asked Becca what we can do if we haven’t helped anyone yet. Her tip was to share how you have helped friends and family, even in small ways, if you haven’t had any paying clients yet. She also suggested sharing ways you helped yourself and things you have been able to achieve as a way to showcase what you can do to your clients, if you are just starting out. 


Becca also suggests that we use our about page to show our audience the results they will get from working with us or buying our product. Start with some connection points like what would more energy in their day to day life look like? Are they spending a lot of time in the line up at Starbucks? What if they didn’t need to start their day with coffee anymore? What would that do for them? 


It's Time to Go Improve Your Copy

These are all such valuable tips. I want to encourage you each to go back through your website and just ask yourself a few questions as you read your copy. Look for phrases that are just “fluff” and aren’t really adding to your messaging. Don’t be afraid to delete that extra stuff that isn’t helping you in any way. Ask yourself if you are being crystal clear in your copy? Who are you wanting to work with? Why do you want to work with them? What do they need? How can you help them? What will that look like in their life? Are you communicating your values and why you like to work with this type of person? Do you have testimonials on your site? Is your about page about your ideal customer?


I bet you can make some major improvements to your website copy by just having that honest conversation with yourself and making some changes right now. And if you need support, I have great news. 


Our free masterclass is coming up, “How to Build a Wildly Profitable Website Without Knowing a Thing About Tech” and we will dive into all of these things, how to build a beautiful website that will attract your ideal audience and convert them into lifelong customers. You can register below, it’s happening on April 12 at 8pm EST.


We are so thankful to Becca for sharing her expertise with us this week and I hope you found this beneficial and will go put these tips into action!



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