Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #21- To Celebrate 100 Episodes, Claire & I Have a Fun Surprise!

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BNB 100 | 100 Episodes Surprise

 It's my 100th episode of the Badass is the New Black podcast! I am so excited to reach this milestone and I want to celebrate by sharing this super fun quiz with you- What's Your Signature Margarita Marketing Mix? A fun way to gain some insight into your branding and marketing strategy, plus you get your own custom drink recipe at the end!


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To Celebrate 100 Episodes, Claire & I Have a Fun Surprise!


So a few weeks ago I was driving in my car and I was running errands. We were about to be leaving on a three week vacation, to different places, Chicago, Wisconsin, spending time at our lake house with my whole family. I got in the car and I went to play a podcast.


I was like, you know what? I'm gonna listen to a podcast instead of to music. And I started to scroll through my library to decide who I was going to listen to. And I stopped on Jasmine star. She's usually one of my go-tos and I saw like 260. I think it was 260 something. It was, it was up there that many episodes and I, and my first thought was like, dang, that's a lot of episodes. I wish I had that many episodes and was thinking like, you know, I've been at this for since 2019 and I don't have nearly that many episodes. I haven't done an episode every single week. And then, so then I was like, I wonder how many episodes I had.


I didn't really notice the episode number before.  I looked at mine, which was right next to her as shockingly enough in my library. And I saw the number 99 on my podcast episodes. And instead of, you know, getting down on myself for not having very many, I was like, oh my gosh, my next episode is going to be 100.


100 Episodes of Badass Is The New Black!

Like it's going to be my 100th episode. And I got really excited. And instead of feeling down on myself for not having that many, I felt like I'm, you know what? I am really accomplished. I have 100 episodes. I think most podcasts don't go past 10 episodes actually. Like there's a very small percentage of podcasts that actually go past 10 episodes.


And the fact that my next podcast was going to be episode 100 was actually a really amazing accomplishment. And then that excitement instantly switched to panic because I realized that my next episode, I didn't have recorded yet. And I was leaving for three weeks. And the, the episode that I, the last episode I batched recorded was Lee had literally aired that Wednesday.


And I was like, oh crap. Next week is supposed to, I'm supposed to have a podcast and I don't have one and it's going to be the hundredth episode. And oh my gosh, it has to be really big. And it has to be really amazing. People always say, what are you doing for your 100th episode? How are you going to make it really big?


Are you going to throw a party? And like, that's great for marketing. And I was like, thinking, Hmm, shoot. It's going to be my 100th episode. Like, can I throw something together? And then I was like, you know what? I don't have to do things how everyone else does things. And I don't have to create this big marketing promotion for my hundredth episode.


I Don't Have To Do Things How Everyone Else Does

I don't even have to have a super spectacular interview planned or a really spectacular topic planned, you know what, I'm just going to get on this podcast and tell you the story about how I could have done something really amazing, but life happens. And I was just doing all of the things and working on some really amazing projects with work and trying to manage my kids and have some childcare, but not really for the summer and managing, getting ready for vacation. And it totally slipped my mind. I didn't even realize that this episode, the next one, was going to be 100. And I didn't realize that my batch recordings were literally running out the week before vacation. And you know what? It doesn't matter if we're not doing a big party in a big marketing thing.


Yes. If you can take advantage of some of those opportunities and do that, it can be really cool, but if it can't happen, don't sweat it. Don't beat yourself up about it. Don't get down on yourself about it. Don't get discouraged. Just say, you know what I'm doing, what I can, and we're just going to move on and move forward.


Instead of like, basically I was thinking, oh my gosh, I have to go home and record three episodes. So I don't have to do it on vacation and I have to make the next one really amazing. And I thought that for about two minutes. And then I was like, Nope, no, I don't have to because you know what, this is my business. And I make the rules and my business and I don't have to do it perfectly like everyone else. I don't have to have an episode every single week. Like everyone else. Sure. Consistency is great. But this is my, when did I launch the podcast originally the end of 2018, I think, or 19, I think it was August of 2019.


And I did episodes every single week. And I said to myself, I'm going to do a podcast for an entire year and just see how it goes. I had wanted to, I had tried blogging long ago. My first blog was called Oola lavender. I still remember that. And Claire helped me make a logo. And I like wrote maybe three blog posts.


And I was like, okay, this is not for me. First of all, I was trying to be like DIY essential oils because that's what I was promoting and doing heavily at the time. And I was like, who am I kidding myself? I'm not a DIY-er. I am literally like, I'm going to purchase the pre-made bath bombs because I actually don't want to take the time to make them, I am a creature of convenience. If someone's making it for me, like I'm going to purchase it that way. So that was a time when I was in the experimentation phase of who I was and how I wanted to show up online and, and show up as, you know, marketing the things I am really passionate about.

 Show Up Doing What You're Passionate About

And that's great. The exploration phase is really amazing and everybody needs that. And I want you to understand that, you know, in that exploration phase, some things are going to stick and some things are not. So my blog did not stick. First of all, I came to the reality that I was not really a DIY buyer. Second of all, I was not really a blogger. At this point in time, I was like, you know what, I'm going to start a podcast. And I had launched the Krissy Chin brand at this time.  I was like, you know what, I'm going to launch this coaching brand with a podcast because this feels like the best medium for me to show up, share some knowledge and thoughts that I have. And hopefully they help you out there achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. I decided to commit to the podcast for an entire year and I did, and it was literally basically two a year that my father passed away and I had to, and I took a break from a lot of things that I was doing.


I was still showing up in a capacity, but I was totally taking a break and stepping back. And my podcast was something that I was like, you know what? I don't have time for right now. And that's okay. And gave myself some space and reassessed and decided, am I going to pick this back up in the new year? And I did in 2021.


And then I think I took a little bit of a break around the holidays, the end of last year, and picked back up in, you know, with a new season in 2022. So I started at the end of 2019. We're in the middle of 2022 right now at the time of this recording, my 100th episode. And I have a hundred episodes.


Make Your Own Rules

I should have a lot more if I was doing it every single week, but I took time for myself. I took breaks when I needed it and I came back.  I just want to encourage you and inspire you that this is your business. There are no strict rules. Just because you start something doesn't mean you can't take a break because something else is going on and come back to it.


Do I want to have an episode every single week for you? Absolutely 100%, but sometimes things happen in this Krissy brain where I can't keep track. And before I know it, I'm leaving on a three-week vacation and I don't have any episodes recorded. And it's my hundredth episode. So long story short decided, you know what, I'm just gonna, this'll be my little vacation from podcasting.


And I know you all are very busy in the summer as well. And you know, you're doing more things with your kids and maybe you don't have the childcare that you did while your kids are in school in the fall. Maybe you aren't doing as much work. Maybe you're not listening to podcasts as much in the summer. And that's okay.


Give Yourself Permission

So I took a little three week break and I came back, not with any big major thing to say, except for, to give you permission. As I have given myself to be flexible in your business, we were on our digital duplication academy coaching call with some of our students yesterday. And we were in the branding session. So we've got, we've got designed calls, copywriting calls, and then branding calls. People come with any questions about branding, their target audience, business strategy. Like that's what that is dedicated to. One of our students was on and she was, she was wanting some feedback on her freebie, you know, she has this program, this course that she's offering and she doesn't know what freebie to offer.


So we're kind of coaching her and talking her through that. And she shared before we even shared anything she shared with us, you know, I can't, I can't like give away. There's like nothing else to really give away, like everything's in this program and I can't give away a module, you know, because then I wouldn't have anything to replace it.


When you know, we've got our coach Sherry who was sharing some ideas and then, you know, I chimed in with, you know what, this is your business. You get to make the rules. Why can't you share a module from your course? Why not pick the module that is going to give away incredible value and show them, you know, give them that quick win and show them how you teach and use that as your lead magnet, as your freebie, to get people on your email list. And then they're really getting to know like, and trust you. They're getting to see our teaching style, you know, and if they get these quick wins out of that module and you're leading them to purchase the full on course, they're more likely to jump in. Why can't you do that? And she was like, okay. Yeah. And I was like, you know what? Authors give away the first three chapters of their book all the time to promote their book. I might do something similar when my book comes out, it's in process. You guys, it's a whole process.


It's coming. I promise, but why not? All right? Like we have the permission. This is our business. This is your business. You have permission to do it and test things however you want. And that was the other thing that we were chatting with her about. And I said, you know what, why not test it? What's, what's the difference, what's going to hurt by just testing this out and seeing if it works so much of entrepreneurial life and business is testing. You know, and of course I come on here and I share my little golden nuggets and the lessons I've learned through testing and hope that maybe you can speed up the process or get your results faster by not having to face some of the challenges that I did.


Bring Play Back Into Your Business

But your business is different. Your audience is different. Your personality is different. Everything should be this fun testing phase. Like bringing more play into your business, you know, bringing, bringing more of yourself in your authentic energy, whatever you feel like showing up as right. I was like, I'm going to like curl my hair and put on makeup and like, Ooh, do a little necklace for my 100 episodes of you're watching on YouTube. You're seeing like, I got a little glammed up for you. But like, other than that, like we're just here chatting. There's nothing super spectacular, except for something I'm going to share with you at the very end, you know, it's just, we get to break the rules.


We get to do things our way. We get to test things out. And if it doesn't work the way we intended, we get to switch things up. We get to try something different. I just want to give you permission to switch things up, to try something different, to not feel the pressure, to show up so perfectly all the time.


I want you to take imperfect action. If you've been listening to the podcast for a while and you stick with me to the end and we switch on the little outro clip and music, I say, take imperfect action today. So that's what I, my mission for you is, is to take that imperfect action. It's okay. If it's a little messy, it's okay. If you like go in a circle instead of a straight line forward, that happens. Sometimes we go in like a figure eight or a squiggly line, like success. Isn't like this perfect straight line from starting point to finishing point success. It's like this messy maze of squiggly lines where we're like going sideways and then we're going up and then we're going backwards.


And then we're going diagonal. It just, it is what it is. That's the reality of entrepreneurship, but you are strong and you do hard things. You are capable. Okay. That's basically all I wanted to share. Now, my big, big little announcement, my big little that's like cancels each other out or something. It's a big announcement.


What's Your Signature Margarita Marketing Mix?

Claire and I have been working on a quiz with one of our amazing friends, Linda Sindhu, who is a master at quiz quizzes and creating quizzes. And we are finally ready to launch our quiz, which is really exciting. And the quiz is going to take you probably less than two minutes. It's super quick and simple. And once you get the results, it's a, we're calling it our signature margarita, Margaret marketing quiz. I know it's like mama, mama, handful, but we're gonna, we're going to do a little cheers. I've got my margarita here in this fancy little cup. If you're watching on YouTube, if you're not, and you want to see it, go over to YouTube and take a look.


This is actually from my husband's family's restaurant from back in the day, he, he went and visited home and they brought a bunch of stuff back from the restaurant. That's been closed down for years, but this was in storage and they brought all kinds of Tiki glasses back, literally cases. And I was like, we don't have a restaurant. What are we going to do with all of these glasses?


He's like, we can take some to the lake house and we can have some here and we haven't used them yet. So I thought, what better way to kick off the margarita marketing mix quiz with this cute little tikis, a girl in a hula skirt dancing. What better way to kick off the quiz with this little homemade margarita I'm recording on a Friday.


So that's really amazing. I'm actually, I just launched the quiz to you guys via email the day that I'm recording this, and now you're hearing it again on Wednesday. So if you haven't taken the quiz yet, and you want to know, I haven't even told you what you're going to get from the quiz. If you want to know how you are so special and stand out from everybody else and attract the most amazing customers and create this community that buys on repeat, then just jump in, take this quiz. You can take it at the Krissy Chin dot com forward slash quiz. Super simple to get to, or the link will be in the show notes and huge shout out to Jay, the bar man, Jarrett. Who's one of my, my husband's favorite bartenders that works at 12, currently in Atlanta at one of our favorite bars that we go to a super fancy swanky bar and he crafted these amazing recipes and captured them with beautiful photography.


Once you take the quiz, in addition to getting your results and knowing what makes you stand out from everyone else and attract these dream customers, you're going to get this signature recipe for a margarita that fits your results. So super fun. The recipe is going to be coming to your email. And I would also love for you to screenshot your results once you get them.


So you'll put your name and your email and you'll instantly get your results. And then we'll send you the recipe in your email. So screenshot your results. I cannot wait to see what margarita flavor you are for your marketing mix. Share it to your stories. Poor, post it, post it for it, post it on your social tag me so that I can reshare it to my Instagram as well.


I'm super, super excited. I'm so excited for this to be the 100th episode with like no script, no bullet points, no, you know, major topic. And, but a really amazing fun quiz that I get to launch to you that you get to take and get some insights on what makes you stand out and what makes you really, really amazing and thrive in everything that you do.


So you're going to love it. You're going to love seeing the results. You're going to love your margarita flavor. Even if you're not a Marc fan, we can't be friends anymore. If you're not a mark fan. Okay, fine. We can be friends. We can be friends. I actually, this is what, something, something maybe not a lot of people know about me, but I am actually not a huge drinker. I'm not like a glass of wine every night. Like, if you are totally cool, no, like that's great. I just don't really like the taste of alcohol and wine gives me headaches. So I just don't find myself drinking it very much. But when I do, it's a margarita and I've got the story behind that in one of the emails that you're going to get after you take this quiz, like why margarita is, how did that come about? And it's something that Claire and I both share together in this little bond. So if you want to hear that story, you're gonna have to take the quiz and then be opening up the emails that I'm sending you, because you're going to get some fun stories in that. So again, to take the quiz that Krissy Chin dot com forward slash quiz, once you get the results, screenshot it, post it to your stories or share it on social tag. Me that Krissy Chin. You can also tag Claire. See Marie, oh gosh, what is her Instagram handle, guys? This is embarrassing. Okay, wait, I'm going to find it. @ClaireMarieVB.


Sorry. Claire. Forgot your ID handle. Super embarrassing. Not really love you, SIS tag us. And we, we can't wait to see what flavor you are and learn more about you and tell you some stories down the road. So that's it for me, cheers to the 100th episode. I will see you guys later.


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