Badass Is The New Black (Season 4) Episode #11- The Power of Manifestation For Your Business Plus Bonus Tips on Creating Community

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This week I am sharing an interview I did with Ashley Gordon. She is a master coach, founder of the Quantum Coaching Academy, she specializes in helping coaches build a world-class business and create life changing transformation for their clients. She’s sharing her tips for creating community and how to use manifestation in your business.  


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The Power of Manifestation for Your Business Plus Bonus Tips on Creating Community

Ashley and I are like soul sisters because her podcast is Badass Manifester and mine is Badass is the New Black. We’re in the same mastermind group and I knew right away that we would be friends. I’m so excited to have her on the show this week to share with you about a number of things. In fact we’re featuring part two next week so make sure you catch that!


Build A Community Instead of an Audience

So the first thing we are going to dive into is building a loyal following because it's really not about having 100,000 followers or a million people following you. It's about building those close, tight relationships with people who need you and want you because that's so much more powerful. That builds massive business and I think everyone wants that kind of audience. They want people that trust them and when you say jump they say how high. When you say it’s time to invest in yourself, they say here’s my wallet. They are so committed to the process. That type of loyalty and trust is what generates the most success in your business. 


Ashley has done an amazing job at building this type of following and building this type of audience in her community. I asked her to walk us through how she went about doing this and some of her best advice for you. She said “I manifested my community” and “I don’t necessarily consider them my audience, more so I consider them my community.” She noticed from the beginning that some people built audiences and some built communities and the idea of a community always resonated more with her. Community is when people show up for each other.


Show Up Every Day

So that was her intention from the beginning and I think that is really important to note. She set her intention very clearly. Her priority was to build connection and community, not generate sales, which was a huge mindset shift and really what led to her success. She made sure that each member of her community felt seen and heard. She went live every single day in her Facebook group and shared whatever was present for her and had her people share what was present for them. She took the time to show up for them, to encourage them and to show that support which built that loyalty and trust factor. If someone commented in her community, she made sure to respond in a way that made that person feel seen and heard as well. All of this led to a sense of connection and community. 


“loving on people, letting them be seen and heard, letting them feel how much you care, so that they just want to be around you more”


Another really key point she made is to be consistent and show up no matter how many people you have because it creates a ripple effect. If you only have a few people, show up for them and make sure they feel seen and heard and they will go tell others and it will build from there. I think that is so important because so often people want to build that massive audience first and then just expect loyalty, trust and community but you have to earn that first by establishing that trust with them from the beginning.


Using Manifestation

That leads us to manifestation. Ashley is a manifestation coach and she uses manifesting to build her business and build her community. Ashley’s two main strategies for manifesting are setting a clear intention and envisioning the outcome. 


“My intention has always been to have massive impact on the world. I’ve always said my audience is growing, I have massive amounts of people reaching out to me. Every connection I make is coming back to me tenfold.”


She talks about how manifestation is not just being clear on the outcome you want but also what that would feel like. How would it feel if that came true right now? “I would extract that feeling state and just sit with that, literally meditate on it.” She does this driving in the car, listening to music, feeling how it would feel to get that outcome she wants. 


It’s not just envisioning the end goal, it’s really one step further and focusing on what that feels like and really focusing on that. I think that is where the magic happens. Our brain doesn’t know the difference between a lie and the truth. You want to envision the outcome you want so your brain thinks that this is reality. It’s a subconscious thing but your brain will have you do things to make that become reality. If you are wondering about the “how”, how will you know where to show up and what to do? Ashley says that isn’t really what matters. If your intention is clear and you're envisioning then it doesn’t matter where you show up. “If you know that all of the success is inevitable, it doesn’t matter where you show up because wherever you show up is the right place for you to show up and build the audience.”


Set Your Intention

She also talked about setting specific intentions or general intentions. For some people, they like to be super specific. For example you might say your intention is to hit 100,000 followers by the end of the month or by a set date. For some people, it might be more about hitting that large following and what that will feel like but it’s less specific in terms of an exact date. Ashley says that different things work for different people and just to try it both ways and see what works best for you.


What About Those Slumps?

So what happens when we hit a slump? How do we get out of that stuck feeling? Ashley had some really awesome insight to help us. She says slumps are important because they show us where we have limitations and where we need to break through. 


 “If you're manifesting something big, the universe knows what you want and it's giving you what you need in order for you to get what you want. So the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship are only preparing you for that massive vision.


So be encouraged! If you’re in a slump, it doesn’t mean you’re out of alignment or that something is wrong and you should quit. Ashley says this means you are upleveling! We need to look at that feeling, and we need to let ourselves feel it, not dismiss it, really acknowledge it because if we can feel it then we can move through it. A lot of people let a slump cause doubt in them and tell themselves that they can’t do this or they aren’t cut out for it. Don’t do this! You need to show up more during this time and keep going. Ashley says to ask yourself “what am I supposed to learn from this?” Trust the process and let your business grow and develop in its own way. 


Everything Ashley has shared with us has been so true for me in my own journey. It’s so important to embrace the journey, trust the process and keep growing and learning. When your business hits a low and things aren’t going how you want, just remember to keep going because those lows are part of your journey and you need to let yourself go through them, learn and level up. 


On that note, I have a free worksheet for you this week that will help you take the knowledge you have and turn it into a profitable business so make sure you grab that!


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