Badass Is The New Black (Season 3) Episode #24 How To Take On The Digital World And Become A Top Influencer With James Hickey

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Social media has become so prominent in the past couple of years that it has made way for a different shift in the digital world. As an entrepreneur, how can you create success for your business by becoming a top influencer? James Hickey, a Digital Marketing and Social Media consultant, joins Krissy Chin as he shares his journey to success as a top influencer, working his way to the digital world and dominating it. James tells Krissy that one of the essential steps is putting yourself out there. Another thing is that entrepreneurs must remember to make use of social media platforms. He notes that you don’t have to be active on all media, but one must have their presence in all of them. Discover more on how you can succeed in the digital world and be a top influencer to bring your business to the top in this episode. 


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How To Take On The Digital World And Become A Top Influencer With James Hickey

Digital Marketing Consultant

This episode is all about digital marketing, from how to become an influencer in your space to what tools can be used to help you save time when posting to social media platforms. If you want to be known by more people as the go to person in your space, then tune to this episode with digital marketing guru, James Hickey.


Let's welcome James Hickey to the show. He is one of the top leaders in the digital and social media marketing industry. He provides his clients with a proven digital and social media marketing plan for retail businesses, startup companies and entrepreneurs. He has spoken all over the world and now also trains individuals to become digital marketing consultants. James, welcome to the show.

Hi, good morning from San Diego.

I'm excited to talk to you. I know you have an extensive background in this digital marketing space. You have worked with a lot of different clients, retail space, brick and mortar, entrepreneurs. Having that diverse background of working with a lot of people, I know you have a ton of knowledge. I'm excited to dive in. Let's start with your story. How you got where you are now? Most of the people that come on didn't start their very first job building an online business.

The internet at the level that we are using it now has only been around for several years. More people are getting into it. I was a very young entrepreneur. I got in the gas station business. I bought my first gas station when I was 28 years old. By the time I was 35, I had six gas stations, five in San Diego and one in Lake Tahoe. Somewhere along the line, I learned I was an entrepreneur. I never went to college. I had some street smarts or entrepreneurial spirit. I got to the point we call it the 2000s. There was this auto repair marketing bootcamp. I went to the boot camp and there was Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Dan Kennedy is one of the biggest copywriters out there. Bill Glazer is part of it. For a couple of years, I joined up with these guys. I started learning about marketing, to market my auto repair businesses, and it was good stuff. I started to get into the marketing end of it. I read the book, The E Myth by Michael Gerber, by the pool of entrepreneurial myth. That's when my life changed on me. That's when I realized I was an entrepreneur.

I will tell you the three parts of it. In the beginning, there is the technician, the manager and the entrepreneur. The technician will save for a repair shop or a bar. They'll bounce around the different bars, but they'll stay in that profession for a while. They are comfortable with that. There is a manager, white picket fence, they stay forever. For example, the last station that I had in Point Loma, my manager is still there, almost eighteen years later. There is an entrepreneur. He is the one who thought of starting the business. All he can think about is opening the next one. I'm reading this book going, "I'm an entrepreneur." It opened my eyes because I was trying to run my business doing all three. I was trying to be the technician, manager and entrepreneur. Once I realized that those weren't my two jobs, I shifted my mindset.

You don’t have to be active at a high level on all social media platforms. But you need a presence on all those platforms. 

I slowly got out of the gas station business in the mid-2000s, 2005, 2007. The industry changed on me. I was doing auto repair and tune-ups, brakes and smog checks. Everybody else has turned the gas stations into selling cigarettes, cupcakes, pizza and found drinks. I became a dinosaur. I saw the writing on the wall, loved the marketing part of it, knew I was an entrepreneur. In 2007, I started searching online, start internet business, make money online. I came across a company called Carbon Copy Pro. There is a lot of top marketers out there. I could rattle off a good 10 or 12 names that we all started that company together. That is where I met Jeff Lerner. That is how I met you is through Jeff.

I joined them in 2007. They were teaching me internet marketing or how to resell their digital products. I was doing it for a while. I started learning at a high pace. My girlfriend at the time was a realtor and I'm like, "Jane, let me help you with your real estate marketing." As I was selling these courses, I ended up making her the top agent in her office. The two other agents, "What are you doing? She's like, "I don't know. My boyfriend, James is in marketing now." "Can we pay James?" In the end, I'm charging them 750 a month each. Her boss came to me, "I see what you're doing for the girls. What will you charged to run all 60 agents?" That's when the light bulb went off in my head. I was, "I have a new career choice."

It what's called internet marketing back then. If I could do real estate and I could generate leads for real estate office, I could do anything. With my entrepreneurial mindset and change, sticking with that company, which is surrounding myself with other top internet entrepreneurs shifted the way I thought of things. For a couple of years, I was taking on clients, real estate, startups, some bars, restaurants. In 2000, these two guys walk in my office wearing suits. I saw the office from the gas station days. I took JMH oil off and put on sign off. I put on JMH Marketing, remove the signs. I have a new business. Two guys walk in my office and they are like, "We are starting up a social media marketing agency here in San Diego. You come up everywhere. You have all these Twitter followers. Every time we search internet marketing, your name's everywhere."

That's what I learned attraction marketing from all my friends years ago, Mike Dillard and all of them. I attracted them to me. They asked me to come and work for his agency. I looked at them deadpan. I go, "I'm an entrepreneur. I don't work for people. I work for myself." I said some of my version of that. I was like, "Did I say that? Hire me." I have never been hired before because I'm an entrepreneur. The one guy, David Turner, his company is called Parallel 6. Research it. He goes, "Name your own pay, name your own title, name your own hours." It got my attention.

That sounds a little bit more entrepreneurial.

He saw the writing. I said I want to work four hours a day. I want $7,000 a month. I want to be called the Creative Director. They did all of that. They fired the two guys that they had my position already. I was overseeing 28 accounts. I had a whole team of people under me. I was showing them landing pages back then, simple landing pages, sales funnels, email marketing, Twitter marketing and all this. I have a team of people who were using all these projects, Basecamp and Zoho. I would meet with a client. I create a digital plan for them. My team will implement it. The first three years, I was running the agency, but I only work four hours a day. The employees are, "Why is can he come in for four hours. He comes at ten and leaves at two and we're working nine to five." They are, "Because he's the one who's devising the plan for all these clients. We let him do what he does."

It was November to December 2010. I would suggest anyone reading to find a coach or mentor above you that's done it before and help them guide you. My coach and mentor named Jay Kubassek was one of the partners of Carbon Copy Pro. I told him the story I told you. He goes, "Let me get this right. You are training 6 to 8 people on how to do marketing. For twenty different accounts, you have a team of people under you." I go, "I'm on training. I have these classes." He goes, "Why don't you make a digital product about that? You can train people globally with that." I went, "Why didn't I think of that?" I didn't think of it. I was happy making my own $7,000 a month. Maybe I wasn't thinking big enough. Two months later, I went and recorded all my training that I was doing for this company. I put it on training products. I built a WordPress site. This is before all the great membership sites are out there. It was 2011.

In 2011, I have created the Internet Marketing Training Center and sold about 900,000 over a few years’ time. It's a good sale. I wasn't all profits having those marketing costs but did well with it. Then the industry is starting to change a little bit. Not many people were looking. The company Parallel 6 started switching to mobile apps. I learned a lot about mobile app, mobile app marketing, mobile app downloads. They went to medical mobile apps. I was, "It's time to me to go." I lost interest. I liked what I was doing before. I have been back out on my own for a while, working with businesses, startups and clients. It was about 2019, I started seeing all these feeds come up, learn digital marketing, my feed, sponsored ads. I'm like, "I was doing this eight years ago." I bought a few of their courses, these courses that were out there. I want to see what they were training. I saw their training. I'm like, “They are not up to date. They don't do what I do. They don't know what I know.”

In 2019, I redid my course. Instead of Internet Marketing Training Center, I called it Digital Marketing Training Center. I have added some other side courses to it, how to become a consultant and how to become a top influencer in your community. That gets you caught up to where I am today. It's been a fun ride. One little nugget that I get out of this is, in 2007, 2008, I remember being in the crowd, Jay and Aaron Parkinson were on stage talking. They were, "Everybody in this room, if you stick with this years from now, you are going to be so far ahead of the next wave of people that come into this." They were exactly right.

It took me less than 3, 5 years into it. I was running a digital marketing agency in five years. Now, it's several years that I have been doing this. No other JLB. Everything is me. I have a team. I outsource a lot of work. I project managed. I don't want to become a big agency because I saw what the agency was like when I work with those guys for three months, office politics, payroll. I'm, "Hell, no." Back in my gas station days, I had 90 employees, overhead, payrolls and taxes. I'm happy being an entrepreneur where I am now selling my digital products. Also, I'm very deep into the game, building websites, helping build some online courses, not at your level, but I have done some of that. That is where I'm at. I'm staying active at the community but also have my up to date digital course.

I love the part of your story where you let the doors open and you said yes. That is big with entrepreneurs. That was something for me. I never thought that I was going to start to grow workspace when I did but the door opened. I was, "I can do this for a business." You are, "I'm going to do this for my girlfriend." Someone else says, "Can you do it for me?" "I could charge for this." It sounds like the exact thought that went into my head. Before you know it, you started a business. I love that you were open minded to it. We are open to exploring that rather than saying stuck in your ways.

Another thing that I noticed is that you seem to take action, which is huge. To be a successful entrepreneur, we have to take action, even if we don't know exactly what it's going to look like and pan out to be. It could be scary. I've never done marketing for 68 people, but I'm willing to try it and learn along the way. That's a super powerful lesson to learn for sure. The other point is taking your knowledge and turning it into a digital course. You said, "Why didn't I think of that thing?" I have got a freebie out there. That has turned your knowledge into profit or into passive income. That has the whole reason and purpose behind it. Going through life and learning all of these things, you have knowledge that other people have, but there is a lot of people that don't have it. If you can take your knowledge and put it in a digital course, I can help people all over the world, not just the people in this office or in my local area. That is powerful.

Each social media platform has its own look and language. Don’t ignore the others. 

You mentioned, you stick with it for five years, you will be ahead in that wave. I mentioned this on a podcast I did recently, that digital marketing course membership sites, they have been around for a little bit now. There is a lot of people that are saying, "I wish I would have started early 2020. Did I miss the boat?" I talked to them, "No, you haven't missed the boat. It is going to blow up. It's already getting big and popular, but it's going to blow up even more." Invest in yourself. Invest in a coach and a mentor to help you bring that to fruition and create that. Now is as good time as any, as opposed to waiting. There is so much powerful information there. You mentioned becoming a top influencer. Let's talk about that. I think everyone reading is like, "I would love to be a top influencer. I would love to be on social media and generating a lot of leads." Let's dive into that topic a bit.

In the last several years, I met this guy at a bar. I won't go the whole story, but it's very funny. Maybe another day. I'll tell you over a cocktail. It was a hilarious story. He had a lead generation company and he was creating courses. I told him what I had told you that I look at these other things. I want to create another course. He's like James, "Digital marketing courses are a dime a dozen.” I go, "Mine is better, better quality. He's, "Try to think of something different. You are a top influencer in San Diego. Everybody knows you here. Why don't you create a course, the mentor thing, someone else? Why don't you create a course on how to become a top influencer?" What path did I get to get where I'm at now? Everyone knows me in San Diego.

When I traveled to other cities in the states, someone runs into me. "You're James. I know you from Instagram." It's great being noticed. When I go into a party or an event, I see people and they’re like, "You are that internet guy." It doesn't have to be an internet person. You could be a dentist, doctor, chiropractor, dry cleaner or Pilates. If you brand yourself as a top influencer, it's a high enough level, people know who you are when you walk in that room, or you come in that space. What I did was created a 24 module course. It's 5 to 7 minutes long each. It's step by step on what I did to get where I am now. There are some fun modules in there like how to dress, smell, how you look, how to order drinks, and how not to wait in lines. I don't wait in lines.

My husband doesn't wait in lines either. We agree it's the door guy.

I don’t have to grease them with money. I walk up and use secret words that will get you past that door guy.

He certainly could to and has so far. I think he just likes to take care of his people.


I live in the Gaslamp area. Downtown is a restaurant, right below me and I'm referring business to them all the time. I make sure I know the GMs. When the GM comes by, why would a guy send JD over? "He spent $1,000 about nice wine." I'm referring people to businesses. It's not just far as a restaurant. It's all industries. That is what I put together. It's like a blueprint. You got to follow the step by step. That is where some people, they are, "I'm going to get into Instagram. That is going to be my cup of tea." You are leaving a lot on the table if you are not on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and not so much. I play around with a little bit. A lot of big TikTok guys. I have been fighting it. I know some people are using it. I know it started out silly dances and all that stuff. I haven't got in. I'm an android PC guy. I thought I was on. I didn't know how it works. I didn't realize android didn't have an app. That's why I was like, "This thing is stupid." I never know what it was because I'm not an iPhone person.

There is always something new and that can be overwhelming in this space of feeling of you have to be on everything. I'm on LinkedIn. I'm not super active on LinkedIn. I never got it. I wish I could. I should hire someone to do my LinkedIn for me because I do know that it is powerful.

There is a lot of people on LinkedIn looking for your type of service. I can guarantee that. I'm active on there. I have 20,000 connections or 19,000, something like that. My suggestion on that is, you don't have to be active at high level on all these platforms, but you need a presence on all these platforms for multiple reasons. One is for your branding purpose. Like I was saying, my SD entrepreneurs were on all these. They handle almost every platform. People, when they go to hire you and they check you out, they're going to do their due diligence. If they go to one platform and they see you're active, they go to LinkedIn, Facebook and they are like, "He's not doing anything here. How active is this person?" It's part of branding. You never know where your next great leader client is coming from. You don't have to be super active on these other platforms but have a presence. There are all these social aggregating tools that you can post to one and it will ship out to all these others, OnlyWire and a few other ones.

Which ones are your favorite for that?

It’s OnlyWire, Buffer and Hootsuite. There is one called Cloud Campaign. It's expensive. It's more of an agency style. It got all the bells and whistles. I love it. Those are the top four that I suggest using. You can create one video and instead of logging to YouTube to post it in Facebook, Instagram. You can just put it on one and it goes out to all.

Have you found that it's as effective in terms of the reach that it gets when it's being shared through a third-party platform?

Follow the leader. People follow leaders, and then people become leaders. 

The reach is somewhat limited. Each platform has their look and language. For example, Instagram's all a lot of hashtags. Twitter has only 160 characters. I don't suggest using those tools only to get your word and content out. If I wrote a blog post that wasn't time sensitive, one that could last couple of years, I wrote one a while ago, we become a #world. I wrote it several years ago. That doesn't die. You could recycle that or you have a press release. You can put that into Buffer or Hootsuite or one of those that have a go out every six months. I'm talking to you now and something is posting on my platforms.

If that's all you do, I don't feel you get a real effect. You have got to choose one of these platforms that you would like, 1 or 2 and be more active on it. All I'm saying is, don't ignore the others. Use some aggregators to hit the other ones, because you can post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Even Google business page allows post now. Google Plus is gone. There is a lot of ways to get your content out. I don't suggest only using an aggregator for certain items so you have some type of presence on the other platforms without having to log in every day.

With different platforms, different pictures, short text, long text, different things going on, you are posting the same thing. When you are on Instagram, you say a link in bio because you can't have clickable links in your message. You are sharing it to Facebook. You could put the link right there to make it easy. It's different. In those types of platforms, would you set up posts, you could just tweak it slightly to be what you want it?

Cloud Campaign is the one of the best. This thing is $99 a month. More than a lot of people are willing to pay for something like that. Time is money. I can have a couple of my clients. I do some social posting for a few clients still. I tell them what I'm doing. I'm like, "I want to take your posts. Do you still post regularly? I want to fill in the gaps when you forget to post, but it's going to be automated." On Cloud Campaign, it will say, what you click on each one, it will shorten it up for Twitter. It will adjust to fit on all the platforms. I don't know if Hootsuite or Buffer do that, but Cloud Campaign will make them look pretty on all the platforms without sending it to one and it looks weird. You say link in bio, I'm on Facebook or LinkedIn. Why are you saying link in bio?

Time is money. I always say you get what you pay for. If something is a lot more expensive, there is probably a reason why. If it's making your life a whole lot easier, it's simplifying things. It's saving you time. Time is valuable. Not surprising that it is more. Is it worth your investment or not? If you are using two platforms and you can manage it right now, then maybe not yet if you are starting your business. If you want to get things off the ground, you want to be on these different places because you know that you have clients and all these spaces, it might be worth the investment to get in there. That is great advice on that. A quick tip for someone who wants to get out there and be known for people. Quick tip for them on the first step to take. I definitely want to be known. You got to figure out what you want to be known for first. Once you figure that out, what is your recommendation for that next step?

There are two parts to it. One is a little bit of a ground game. I know we are looking at a digital world here. If you want to become a top influencer, you can't do it from sitting in this chair. You got to get out. Now things are opening back up, I started a networking group myself. I have been attending for several years, networking groups, somebody else's. I started SD Connect. We had most 50 people at our first event. When I was on that, I was the speaker and then the rest of the event, everybody came up and talk to me, "You started this company. This is your group. You did this. You started this." My advice is, if you want to do it, it's a ground game. Start a meetup group. Host to happy hour for your potential clients. Run it. You're the face of it. Put yourself out there.


On a digital part, start a podcast. Use that as a way too. That is something I haven't done yet. I probably could, but I got enough going for me to start one. For seven years, 2002 to 2009, I did an online radio show called San Diego Online Radio. This is before the word podcasters, even podcast. I had 30,000 MySpace followers. We were promoting events, nightlife and clubs. I did the podcast before I it was even a podcast. I know it takes a lot of work to find good quality. Take the time and do the work. I'm not afraid of work. I would say for someone, start a podcast, start a meetup group, host an event. Trust me people like free food. Put a little money out for free food and appetizers or drink specials, negotiate with the bar, invite people out. Who's in charge? Who's the boss? You. That is one start of it. People start to look as you as an authority.

One thing I regret about being a top influencer is, everyone calls me, "Where is happy hour, James? Where should I go, James? Where is live music now? Where is the concert? Can you get me into this place? Can you talk to someone?" There is a downfall of that becoming popular as an influencer but I take it as a compliment. If someone is constantly calling me, annoying me, I'm going to go, "I can't help you." Everyone knows that I know. I'm a super connector. It's not even bars or restaurants. Do you need a plumber, mattress, chiropractor? I know everyone. I will refer you to everyone. When you start doing that, those people start referring back to you. You set up that pecking order or protocol.

I don't remember who it was or what show it was on. I heard someone talk about the most popular kid in school. Who is the most popular kid in school? The kid that becomes king or queen. What is the commonality between the most popular kids? Do you know what it was? A lot of people say, "They were good at sports. They were good looking. They liked the most amount of people." You think about it. They might have been the football star but the reality was they liked people. They connected with people in all different groups, which means all the groups voted for them to be homecoming king or not. The similarity of what you are talking about, you know a lot of people, sounds like you want to become friends with a lot of people. When you become friends with a lot of people, a lot of people know you. You become the go-to guy and they send people to you. Instead of shutting people out and not wanting to expand your circle, I think there is definitely a place for boundaries there.

After this, people are going to not give out their personal cell phone numbers. They are like, "I don't want to be like James who gets called all the time." Meeting people, being open, starting conversations, I know it can be an awkward thing. It can be a little bit scary when you are amongst people and you are running the show. That is great advice to put yourself out there and be the one that is starting it. People look for you as the authority.

People follow leaders and then people become leaders. I have seen people who follow me, but now they are doing their own thing. I wanted something that is very opening when I covered everything that I talked about. You reflected back a lot of what I said. When I first made my change from the gas stations to sell on the Carbon Copy Pro, then the real estate marketing, people come up to me and they are like, "What are you doing now?" I'm like, "Internet marketing." Under my breath, I was embarrassed. I wasn't strong and proud of myself. Soon after that, when I got the big real estate account, the other account, "What do you do?"

I do internet marketing. I'm cocky now. I'm wearing a t-shirt. I have a YouTube t-shirt, Twitter, LinkedIn. I don't have Instagram. I have Google. I have DuckDuckGo. I got bored during the COVID thing so I started buying t-shirts related to my industry. I wear them when I do my training videos. I wear them in public and people go, "You do marketing." I have one, I'd Rather be Marketing or Got Marketing. I have not run a paid ad for myself in five years. Everybody finds me through my social influencing effort. I cherry pick who I decided to work with. That didn't happen by accident. It has been the plan all along.

If you really want to do things at a high level, you need to start thinking that way and trusting that way.

It's a good place to be when you are able to turn down projects that don't light you up. There is the next one knocking on the door when you have to raise your prices because the waitlist is getting longer and longer. You have got a free gift for us. We will get to that. Any other little final nuggets that you want to share?

I threw a bunch of them out there as we were going. I feel that in this industry, what you are doing and some of what I'm doing is a lot of the mindset, the shifting of the mindset. I liked what you were saying before we started talking. A lot of people out there are very knowledgeable in their space or industry, but they don't realize that they are. You can put something out there. You'd be surprised how much you know more than that other person, how much that other person wants to know what you have to offer. You don't have to be the biggest and best. Over time, you will grow and get into space. You also have to have the mindset of an entrepreneur and not wanting to work for someone else.

I thought of one more quick thing, a little funny joke at one of the no excuses summits. I was one of the panel speakers. It was here in San Diego. A lot of the guys, 600 or 800 people in the crowd and then someone goes, "Everybody's great questions about getting leads and doing that." They come to me and they are like, "James, what's your biggest reason? How do you fight failure? How do you keep going? How you keep active?" I thought for a second of saying some cut response. I looked at the whole crowd. I said, "I'm unemployable. There is no way I'm going to work for someone else and get a paycheck." That is what keeps me motivated. If you want to do this at a high level, you need to start thinking that way and trusting that way. That might not happen right away, but it will happen in steps. You got to keep going. What you are doing is not to get rich, quick scheme. It's not.

Some are out there, you can do some affiliate marketing. It might make some money. In the long run, I'm set for life on my career now. I'm in my mid-50s. I got another twenty years of doing this. Eventually, I might have online university, then maybe turn that over to someone else so that the younger people take it over. I will be the brains. I'll be the face behind it. You just got to think big. If anyone's confused about who they are, where they are, the E Myth by Michael Gerber, you only need to read the first two or three chapters. I won't go into the rest of what the book's about, but it's an easy read. Trust me, if you want to change, change how you think and understand who you are. Read that book.

There is much great knowledge here. I'm going to re-listen to this episode once it's good. I always sit here with the interview. I'm trying to listen and to think, what could I ask next? I always go back, and I listen to my episodes. Not to hear myself talk, but to listen to my guests. I can turn it on with the student’s vision. He takes it in from the student’s perspective and gets all those nuggets. I'm excited to just go back and listen as a student on the other end and take this in again. I realize I have to invest in some social media posting tools. We have been back and forth. We have done everything, Hootsuite and various things. I'm going to check out some of the other ones that you said. Thank you, James so much. Let us share your gifts with everyone. You can tell them about it. Why do they need to grab it? Where can they find you?

It's I went to buy dot-com, it was $20,000 for the domain and dot net was $10. I will be a dot net and save $19,990. It hasn't failed. That is what my training center is built off of. You put your email address in. You don't have to pay anything. You can watch the six videos. They do focus a little bit more on brick-and-mortar businesses, but they still apply to anyone. It will bring you value. That would be one thing. I say this, put myself out there sometimes. If you want to find me, just Google me. James Hickey is a very popular name, believe it or not. There is a James Hickey on the news, pitching coach for the Houston Astros, a pope, but Google James Hickey San Diego. I should dominate that page. You can find me there.

On social media, you are SD Entrepreneur across the board. It’s the same for me. Krissy Chin was already taken. She is a bodybuilder. People will Google Krissy Chin and unfortunately, she is the one that comes up. It's funny because if I'm just on a voice call with someone, they were going to add me to this group, that mentoring group that I'm now in. He goes, "Okay." I go, "It's the white Krissy Chin." I'm the Krissy Chin on everything. Consistency across the board. Search it on one platform, it's the same on the other so it's not hard to miss. People can continue to connect with you. James, thank you so much for being here, for sharing some of your knowledge. It's been a pleasure.

Thanks for having me. Peace. I appreciate it. Thank you.

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