Badass Is The New Black (Season 3) Episode #16 Is Clubhouse The Next Best Thing For Your Business? With Melissa Litchfield

clubhouse digital advertising lead generation networking sales funnel social media Mar 13, 2022
Is Clubhouse The Next Best Thing For Your Business? With Melissa Litchfield

If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs who are wondering right now if Clubhouse is worth their time, then you have come to the right place. Krissy Chin brings in Melissa Litchfield, a digital advertising specialist, to explain what the Clubhouse hype is all about and how you can use it to build quality leads for your business. While you may be groaning, “Oh, not another social platform,” this episode is going to show why you might actually love this platform way more than Instagram or Facebook! Krissy and Melissa also dive into how to make sure you aren’t wasting your time and you’re capturing golden leads every time you show up!


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Is Clubhouse The Next Best Thing For Your Business? With Melissa Litchfield

Digital Advertising Specialist

It's time to meet me at the club, not that kind of club. I promise I won't be this cheesy throughout the entire episode. We're talking about Clubhouse, the app. I'm here with Melissa Litchfield talking about Clubhouse, how to use it, and why it might be the next best thing you can do for your business. While you might be groaning over there, I hear you, “Not another social platform.” This episode is going to share with you why you might love this platform way more than Instagram and Facebook. We also dive into how to make sure you aren't wasting your time and you are capturing golden leads every time you show up. Are you ready to meet me in the club? Are you ready to have a party?


Let's welcome, Melissa. She is a Southern California native. She’s living in Savannah, Georgia. She's been helping online entrepreneurs market themselves online with paid traffic and strategic funnels. She owns Litchfield Media Co, a digital advertising company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs skyrocket their impact and revenue with paid traffic. She lives with her husband who serves in the US Coast Guard as a helicopter pilot and her daughter, Madeline. What's up, girl?


Thank you so much for having me. I'm super excited to chat all the things about Clubhouse and ads as well. It’s an intermix of everything.

We'll probably get your strategy on how to leverage Clubhouse with all the other things that you know. I love that we met virtually. Did we meet at iElive?

I probably scrolled and looked at all the hashtag posts of the event and I was like, “I’m following you.”

We were at the same event but didn't necessarily meet each other and then, after the fact, connected on social media. We’ve been following each other. I wanted to bring you on the podcast. Originally, we were thinking about talking heavily on advertising or paid traffic and then decided to flip it and talk about Clubhouse because it's such a hot thing. You are becoming the guru in Clubhouse for CEOs. I'm excited to dive into this topic because it's such a new app for people that are using it. I get to pick your brain about this app because I, to be honest, don't know very much. I'm what I would call a slow adapter to things, believe it or not. It's popular and then I'm like, “I don't know. I'm going to see how it goes.” A year later, I'm like, “I finally can get into it.” I need to become more of an early adopter of things. You're going to help me do that with Clubhouse.

I get it. For me, TikTok, I didn't do anything. I have never gotten viral. Every app has its perks. Everyone's attracted to different things. When I got on Clubhouse, I was like, “I'm obsessed.” I can see myself here. I could show up. I share what I know. I don't have to put on makeup. I don't have to be camera-ready. This is my jam.

Maybe that's the big appeal for people, they don't have to show their face on it. Now everything is like, “Insta-worthy. Does it look good? How am I presenting myself? I need a filter.” You get to share your voice, which is why people also love podcasting. I force my guests to come on here so I can repurpose a video and show in camera but that's why people love podcasting because it's your voice.

It's interactive. Instead of talking to the audience where they're not live, real-time asking their questions, that's where the huge benefit is with Clubhouse. You can converse with your community and interact and create that culture. We'll dive into that when we get into the whole club scene.

Before we dive into everything, how did you get to what you're doing now? Have you always been like, “I want to be an entrepreneur,” when you were a little girl?

There is power in hosting rooms within clubs. It gives you an opportunity to be specific and be niched.

No. I had no idea I wanted to own my own business. I thought I was going to work from 9:00 to 5:00 my whole life. I have a Master's in public health. I started in a nonprofit organization back in New Orleans. It was one of the cities that we moved to with my husband. It was right after I graduated. I got a big girl job out of college and I was like, “This is my career. This is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life.” I felt I was not fulfilled. I came to this cubicle, this office. Even though it was a great location, it was right across the street from the Superdome where the Saints play, downtown in New Orleans, I was like, “This is draining.” I show up, I go to all these meetings and conferences for no reason. This could have been a via email type of thing. It was based on health policies. I feel like I'm not making a difference.

I dabbled into the MLM thing and I know you can relate. I did Beachbody for a little bit. That was my first taste of marketing and marketing myself as a brand. I thought I was going to be a six-figure business owner. It never happened, which is cool. I ended up getting pregnant in 2016 and having my daughter in 2017. I was like, “I need to go back into the workforce and find a job.” I needed something remote, digital. My husband moves from city to city. That's what fits the bill at the moment.

At the time, I was also dabbling in consulting with smaller businesses before I got my job at the marketing agency. A local baby product called NumNum, these little spoons that my daughter loved, I connected with the owner and they were like, “Do you want to work part-time for us?” I was consulting pretty much for these smaller businesses on the side until I got hired at a marketing agency where we were working with large, big top names in the industry like top thought-leaders. Amy P was one of their clients at the time. I could see behind the scenes of a lot of big and large accounts. They were spending thousands of dollars every month and having these million-dollar launches. I pretty much said, “I like this entrepreneur thing. I don't like working for somebody else. I should start my own business.” That's what happened in 2019 and here I am. I exploded during COVID, which is ironic. Everyone's like, “Let's go digital. Let's run ads.”

When you were consulting for the little spoon, NumNum, what were you consulting on?

Social media and I was running a few of their ads in the beginning.

That was something that you decided you wanted to learn about and then teach. That was before you went to an agency. Was that self-taught?

During the whole Beachbody thing, I did take a Facebook ads course in 2014. Back then, it was entirely different than what it is now. I came from an online course. Back then, it was brand new. That's when Kajabi was getting popular, Chalene Johnson was talking about it. I was on all the webinars trying to learn all the things. That was my first online course. It was about Facebook ads.

My first purchase online course was also a Facebook ads course. I’m proud of this. I didn't get it. I can't wrap my head around this. A lot of the features you talked about, you didn't have to use those. I was like, “I don't get it.” I never got into ads for myself. I would always try and pawn it off on someone else, like my sister in the company in one of her other businesses or workspace. I was like, “You take care of the ads part. You figure that out.” Eventually, I’m like, “We need to hire an ads manager because this is not our zone of genius.” While we understand we're fumbling through, we need a professional who’s spending the time to know all the ins and outs.

You mentioned things back then in 2014 are completely different with ads now. When you start working on your business instead of in your business, it's having the insight to say, “I know enough to be able to gauge whether or not the person I hire is going to do a good job or a bad job but at the end of the day, I can't be the guru on all of the things.” You have to hire out some of the things that people that are staying up with, the changes, what's working and what's not. That was one of the smartest things that we ever did. I know what you do with your digital agency is valued in this community when someone's ready to dive into that.

Going back to 2014, that was when you could get away with running a page-like ad. There was no optimization for conversions back then. It was simple. Now, there's so much competition. You have to have a strategy. If you're just thinking like, “I’ll boost a couple of posts. I'll run traffic ads.” You're not going to see results. We can talk about that later.

We’re going to have to bring you back on the podcast to talk all things ads. Before we get into Clubhouse, I'm sure we'll dabble in this. We're talking more and more on the podcast. I'm sharing with people more about systems, processes, automation, this whole idea of being able to work less or more efficient so that you can enjoy more and earn more. You run an agency. What’s maybe one thing that has been a game-changer for you to something, either a system, a process, a tool, or something that you've implemented in your business to help?

Having a simple funnel with a lead magnet and a nurture sequence. You're continuing to email them after they opted in. A lot of people forget like, “I’ve sent the thing, now they're good.” We need to keep emailing them consistently even throughout the welcome nurture sequence and throughout your normal email newsletters throughout the month. It's important to keep a pulse and be omnipresent. You're on social media. You're in their email inbox. Maybe you're showing them an ad. Maybe you're also on Clubhouse. Be everywhere that you possibly can but also leveraging and utilizing that automation that you set up ahead of time. When someone opts-in, they get the thing that they wanted to be delivered into their email inbox. Continuously, after that, they're getting several emails from you and you're driving them to take action at the end of the email nurture sequence. That is the goal there.

Outside of that, having a low ticket offer funnel has changed the game and that is bringing passive income. Although it's not total profit because there's ad spend involved but having a proven offer, a proven funnel that you know people want to buy and that runs. I know how to run ads. I do run my own ads. That's been a game-changer so far. It's getting more people on my business even if they don't buy. I've had people reach out to me in the DMs asking crazy things. I don't say yes, but they're like, “I saw you on Clubhouse.” They saw my ad and they're like, “Do you want to co-moderate this room?” I'm like, “I'll send you my media kit and speaker fee.” Crazy requests are coming out and it's because I'm everywhere. They're seeing my ads. They see me on Instagram.

Many people are in many places but then at the same time, certain people are in specific places and they're not venturing out. A lot of people are trying to figure out, “How do I be omnipresent? How do I be on every platform?” I can't be on every platform. I'm not on LinkedIn because I never got a handle on it. I'm trying to manage all of the other things so I didn’t took to it. Is that your solution to appear as if you're on these platforms, running ads on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn? I didn't even know you could run ads on Clubhouse.


You can't. I’m sure that will come in the future, maybe boosting a room, sponsoring, getting extra eyeballs on your rooms. For the most part, I focus on three areas and that's Instagram, Clubhouse, and email. Ads are the same as Instagram. I focus on three platforms. I'm leveraging TikTok. If I do make a video, I use it because I know how to edit on TikTok if that makes sense. I'll repurpose the video and put it on Instagram Reels. I don’t go viral over there.

Let's get into Clubhouse. Explain what Clubhouse is for people. I know it's a voice app, there are rooms and you can chat, but then there are hosts and only the host can talk and people are listening. People have said, “It feels like I'm listening in on someone else's conversation.” Is what I'm hearing about it true? What’s your explanation of what it's all about?

They launched during the pandemic. It was that opportunity for those of us who have Zoom fatigue. We're in this social distancing world and it was that extra opportunity to connect with people on a different level. It's still a social media platform. You're networking, etc. You're listening in on content, so to speak. It's audio-based only. You have to have an invite to get on the app. It's still exclusive. It's still in beta. They haven't even launched the Android yet. You have to have the newest iPhone or a newer iPhone to get access to it. It's exclusive and they did that on purpose.

If you think back to Pinterest, you had to have an invite to get on Pinterest in the early days. Even with Facebook, I remember when they launched in 2008. When I got on it in 2008, I had to have an EDU email address to even get invited. This is normal. This is nothing out of the box. The Android people are going crazy like, “They're not including us.” This is normal. There are so many bugs and glitches. The app crashes sometimes. When Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk came on, the servers are down, no one can get in the room. They cap rooms at 5,000. If someone popular like that comes on the app, there's no way you're getting in the room.

I like to think of it as similar to a podcast but I like to think of it as a virtual conference or breakout room. These rooms are specific and niche to a specific topic. If you're scrolling the feed, which they call the hallway, your topic or your room has to be captivating to hook them in. I like to think of it as an email subject headline. If your room doesn't have a topic or it's not named anything or it's crappy, you threw something out there and you're like, “I'm going to start a room.” If it wasn't well-thought or strategic, people are probably going to scroll past it. It’s like an Instagram post and you have that furry first headline or hook to get them to keep reading. It's the same thing on Clubhouse, you need to have some hook, captivating room title, so you can get them to tap in and start listening in.

There are moderators in the room at the top. They have the capability of letting people from the audience raise their hands and speak. There's the opportunity for you to be a listener. That's what I did in the first couple of weeks, I listened in on conversations. I was like, “Let me figure this app out.” I raised my hand a couple of times to speak and I got followers from doing that. I got ten followers from asking a question. People are looking at your profile because you're able to tap on your picture or anyone's picture. If you're moderating or in the audience, you can read up on their bio and you can go to different apps while you're listening in. It's this new thing that you can listen in or be speaking and not be camera-ready, which I love.

It makes sense. If you raise your hand and you start talking, that would be a good way to gain followers because they're hearing what you have to say. If they like it and it feels aligned or they're interested, they're like, “I'm going to follow her.” When you're following someone, are you getting notifications? You can open a room and have your topic of discussion. Are your followers notified when you open a room?

Clubhouse creates a new type of influencer. It’s all about being authentic, sharing what you know, and fostering community.

There is a benefit to following the right people and being strategic about who you follow and which clubs you follow. You're going to get inundated with notifications so make sure you don't follow for follow. Be strategic. What you're doing on the app is going to directly benefit the results if you are looking for results. People that you do follow, you'll get notifications if they schedule a room, start a room, or if they ping you into a room, which is a notification that you can send to people who are online to whatever room you're listening into. You can say, “This room is pretty awesome. You should join.”

The key is to be intentional and purposeful for why you're on the app. You're on the app for business, over social. The reason that I would be on it is for business-related things and not social, for networking my business purposes. I like that tip, be super intentional and purposeful for who you decide to follow and what rooms. Are you searching entrepreneur or online marketing, searching those things, and then rooms or people that talk about that stuff will come up? What's the best way to find what you're interested in?

It gives me the newbie checklist. The first thing that you should do when you get on the app is to fill out your bio. Put a little picture up, something clear and not blurry or bright, something that's going to set you apart from anybody else. It doesn't matter if you have a different background. Some people have colorful backgrounds behind their pictures. As long as it's clear and you can see your face and you're smiling, it’s perfect. Set up your handle. I like to use the same handle as Instagram because a lot of people, believe it or not, are coming from Instagram to Clubhouse.

They see that I'm either sharing the rooms that I'm hosting or people are tagging me, etc. People are coming from there to Clubhouse. It's a good connector to have the same name. Although I've seen some people that have @Hair. You specialize in teaching hairstylists how to grow their business. I've seen some people do that. There are certain terms and stuff in your bio that are searchable, it’s almost like SEO on the app. People who are early adapters pretty much took those handles right away.

I didn't want it to be like Facebook ads because that's not all that I do. I do many things. Facebook ads are the top thing that I provide services for my clients but I also love funnels. I like to talk about Clubhouse and I also like to talk about content. I didn't want to hone in on one specific topic. I stuck with my handle. Profile picture, set up your handle and your name. I just use Melissa. That's the name that appears when I'm hosting rooms. Fill out your bio. Some certain keywords and terms are searchable. When people are searching for people and handles within the app, there's a ranking system. Twitter and Instagram are the only things that you can link directly from the app and that's the only way to connect with somebody off of the app to privately message them. Those are my top tips. Once you get those things set up, you can set up your interests.

On your profile at the top right, there's this gear icon. Go to settings and you can set up your notifications. Set some boundaries ahead of time because it is addicting. You can turn off certain turning rooms. Set your notifications to be infrequent or however often you want to get notified. You can also set up your interest from there. Maybe you're interested in marketing, entrepreneurship or dating. There are many different topics like religion, sports, entertainment. There are many different topics that you can pick. That's you telling the algorithm what type of rooms you want to see on your hallway feed.

I do remember that they asked me a bunch of things and I picked all business-related. I’m like, “Don't tell me anything that's not business-related because that's why I would be here.” I do remember that aspect of it. Once you're on, you're set-up, you're ready to host a chat in your room.

You're going to host a room on the app. A lot of people host open rooms where anybody can join and it's open to the public, but there's power in hosting rooms within clubs. Think of it like Facebook groups many years ago. How awesome and amazing would it be to be able to host live, so to speak, in a large group. There are some larger groups on the app that have been there and they have blown up. In particular, this is an example, there's a Women in Business group. They have over 300,000 members.

Hosting a room inside of club is like going live in a Facebook group. You have that opportunity to connect with a niche group of people. In this case, it's Women in Business. If your ideal client is women in business, entrepreneurs and women who have a business, that is your opportunity to host a room and connect with those inside of that club versus like, “Let's go live. Have our rooms be public on the hallway feed and let's hope people tap in.” This is your opportunity to be specific and be niched. Whoever's online within that group at that time will get notified of your room.

A strategic tip for Clubhouse is to find a club, as they call it. It's a club. It’s similar to a Facebook group on a particular topic, something of your interest, where your ideal clients would be. Host a room, which is a one-time chat.

In real time, nothing is recorded. There are certain tips and hacks that we can talk about if you want to talk about content repurposing or doing some market research, transcribing your room. It is against their terms of service to record the room, take note of that. That's what creates this FOMO, “I'm hosting this room at 2:00. It's not recorded so you better be there.”

That gives people urgency. It’s like, “I have to show up live.” You will get people that can't show up live. Probably being able to do various days and various times is helpful. Maybe even around the same topic, different day, different time for those that couldn't attend, would that be helpful?


Yeah. I do have my own club, it's called the Female Marketers Club. Sometimes they get random messages where people host one room and they're like, “I didn't see any traction. Not that many showed up.” If you went live and three people showed up, that's still three people that you're talking to. It's still a similar concept. Think of those three people standing in front of you. Would you get up and leave and stop talking to them because there are not enough people?

My tip here is to be consistent. Start thinking about maybe having a reoccurring room every week in that particular club where you're talking about the same topic. People catch on and they'll take notice, especially if you talk about it in your room. It’s like, “This is a reoccurring room. We host this every Tuesday at 11:00 AM Eastern.” I like to do specific hard stops because I do have a busy schedule. I like to tell them that in the beginning, “This is about to be an hour. I do have a client call.” You don't have to dedicate your whole life to the app and some people don't realize that. You can end the room. You can end the conversation. Tell them to follow you on Instagram and connect there. That's your opportunity to connect with everybody. Have a hard stop.

It's fascinating that someone can start a club but then anyone can host a room. It’s a conversation in your club.

As a club creator, you can create your own rules within your clubs. Some clubs don't allow their members to host rooms. It depends but for the most part, from what I found, some of the larger clubs allow that to happen. They allow their members to host rooms. I do think there's a huge opportunity for the app developers. As club owners and creators, how do we control what's happening within our club? We can't. We can't be there 24/7 on the app monitoring all the rooms that are happening within. Hopefully, they make that a little more transparent. I know they're working on it.

It's your club. If someone having a room, others might think they're associated with you and then they're talking about something that is not aligned with you or your thoughts or beliefs may be. You can't control that at this point.

Unless someone reports them. You can still report people within rooms if they're spamming or if they're speaking hate. Clubhouse is big on that. If you're trolling, spamming, speaking negatively about somebody or a specific race, they're anti-hate, anti-trolls. They make it easy to report somebody that was speaking in a recent room. Hopefully, everything I know is going to improve. This is why they're still in beta. They're still improving. They're still working on all the things. It's against their community guidelines to troll and do those follow-for-follow rooms. They don't want people spamming people on the app.

They want it to be valuable content where people can come to get information and have conversations on whatever it is. It sounds like there are a lot of other things outside of business on there that people are using Clubhouse. This is one little niche area inside the platform.

There've been live concerts and live plays, especially when we were in the middle of social distancing. That's why many people were drawn to the app. I'm pretty sure Shawn Mendes was the one that was live-recording an album or a song. There have been quite a few celebrities that have been popping on the app. That's what's creating more and more buzz as well.

When you said it's been around for a year, I was surprised. Not that I know everything as soon as it comes out, I don't. It wasn't that long ago that every group I was in, all of a sudden, overnight, was like, “Clubhouse.” I was like, “This new app came up.” That was probably not a whole handful of months ago. You're saying it's been around for a year. All of a sudden, it's gotten a lot of traction. Maybe within this community, the entrepreneurial community because those are the groups that I'm in on social media, where it finally got traction.

That's probably the biggest topic or interest group that's on the app outside of venture capitalism. The marketing community and entrepreneur community have taken over.

The whole thing that conferences are not happening. That's so much of how we have connected, we were at the same live event. We didn't necessarily meet face to face and have a conversation but I met many people there. From that conference, we connected on social media after because we were using the hashtag or whatever that is. Even without being able to go to conferences, people are looking for more ways to network outside of Facebook, Instagram. This is the new and hot thing. What are your predictions of how long it will be around? Periscope was a thing. Does it even exist anymore?

It doesn't matter how many people you have in the room as long as you have their attention.

It's different because it doesn't leverage video. You had all of these platforms, they're all leveraging video. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat are all video-based. That's why this is huge, it's audio. It's a new type of influencer too. You cannot fake what you know. You have to come to the table with your knowledge. If you don't know what you're talking about, it's going to be obvious. You can't fake the feed, post all these pictures that are curated.

Copy and paste someone else's message.

A picture-perfect type of feed changes everything. It's all about being authentic and sharing what you know and fostering community. That's why many people love it. That's why I fell in love with it too. You don't have to show up on stories looking perfect or have to use a filter. I could finish a workout and be like, “I’ve got to start a room right now. My room is starting in five minutes.” You don’t need to take a shower. No one is going to see that.

That's perfect for me because I only shower twice a week. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know this about me. I'm like, “We’ll put on a little makeup and we'll remedy this quickly.” My little thought and nugget to add to that is even if it's not something that's going to stick around, we can 100% leverage it like people leveraged something like Periscope. Whether it's still around, it's not that popular anymore, I don't think. I'm not on it anymore. I certainly was in the beginning.

You can leverage and maybe we can get into this more. You talked a little about redirecting people who are now following you, who are in your rooms. You're redirecting them, you're sending them, and this should be happening on any social platform. You're redirecting them to the place you want them to go like your website, getting them on your email list. We were chatting before going over the free gift because I always let my guests offer free gifts and I said, “Do you want to opt-in?” She's like, “No, it's a blog post.” You’re like, “I'm totally giving your secrets away. Send them to the blog post because we’ll retarget.” I was like, “Yes, the magical retargeting.”

Retargeting with an ad. You can make a custom audience out of a specific URL on your website, funnel page, etc., and retarget them.

You don't even have to have their email address. They could go to the blog, review the content, and you can retarget, which is amazing for your business. Where are the places that you recommend? You're in Clubhouse. You're leveraging it. It's hot. Let's take advantage of it. Where should we be redirecting people to make sure that if the platform ever flops or shuts down or no one's using it anymore, we can still have them as a captive audience where we own that?

A good example was when Instagram was down for an hour and a half and people were freaking out. There were multiple rooms on Clubhouse titled like, “WTF, what's happening with Instagram?” It's important to have an email list. You cannot rely on social media platforms to always be working or always be up if you're relying on sales to happen in the DMs, especially on Instagram because it's gone down before. This why it’s important to have an email list.

I like to think of Clubhouse as like top of the funnel. We're putting as many people as we can top of the funnel. We're building leads for our business. That's the purpose of hosting rooms and providing value. It’s key there. At the end of the room, it's important, like an Instagram caption, you need to have a call to action. What do you want them to do next? Do you want them to email you? Do you want them to DM you? Do you want them to go to your website? It's important.

The easiest thing is sending them to Instagram because it's linked to your profiles. You can be like, “Send me a DM on Instagram.” They know where to go, especially if they're already on the app. The DMs are like the middle of the funnel. The middle of the funnel is you're starting that conversation, you're thanking them for being in your room, and starting to build that relationship with that person. Sometimes what happens is after your room, they're like, “I want to work with you.” You provided that much value and they saw value in what you said that they want to work with you.

Some people need a little bit more nurturing, so to speak. That's your opportunity to be like, “Here's free training. Here's a free resource. Simply click the link or enter your email and it'll be sent to you.” That's your opportunity to take it to the next level, let's get them in your sales funnel. Let's start building that relationship there as well. With my clients, what we do is retarget the Instagram DM audience because we can do that with an ads manager. That was an extra tip.

People that are coming into your DMs, you can retarget those people as well. My ads manager is probably doing this stuff and I don't even know.

It is a great audience to retarget. If you think about it, those are your warmest leads. I always tell everybody that the link in your bio, hottest leads, they’re going and they're clicking. If you're using something like Linktree and yet it's not pixeled, please put something on your website. I have something created within Squarespace and it's made to look like Linktree. I want to make sure that's pixeled and I can retarget them later within ads via making a custom audience out of that link. You can leverage.

There are certain custom audiences that you can make. Especially if you're on Facebook and Instagram, you can create certain audiences based on video views. If you are doing reels, IG TVs, all that sort of stuff, you can retarget those people as well as people in your DMs. There are many other audiences too, but that's the most important one. Especially if you're using Clubhouse for lead gen, that's the next step that you want to get them in your DM so you can start nurturing them. Also, it's like, “Let's retarget them with an ad.”

Hosting rooms within clubs so that you can get to your ideal clients and more of your niche audience is a good strategy for maybe hosting regular rooms so people get accustomed to knowing you're going to show up. Do you ask them to follow you and your rooms? Is that not a thing?

It’s up to you. I do. I am like, “If you found any value in what I was talking about, please give me a follow. I would love to connect with you in the DMs on Instagram.”

Your call to action is at the end of whatever you're talking about. Are you always having a conversation with someone or are you sometimes there and chatting with yourself solo?

I don't like to host those types of rooms where the audience has no opportunity to raise their hand because there is that option to turn off hand-raising. I like everybody to have a spot at the table. Sometimes the best rooms are Q&A that are led by the audience. I've held rooms by myself where I let people from the audience come up on stage and ask questions and that carries a whole conversation for an hour, it's crazy. They get so much value out of getting their questions answered and I don't even have to ask for the follow. They follow.

What I was getting at was it doesn't have to be like me and you talking. You don't have to try and find someone to start the conversation with. You could host a room about a topic and be like, “This is my specialty and I'm going to host a room about it. You can come and ask me any questions and that could start the room.”

I will say that there is power in numbers. The more people you collaborate with and co-moderator with, the better. Think about it this way too, everyone that you're following and everyone that they're following will get notified. If you're hosting a room, the more people, the better. I do think it gets overcrowded when there are over five moderators. Sometimes the stage is filled with moderators and not ideal and then they're all conversing together. It's like, “There's an opportunity for me to speak. You're listening to this conversation.” I like to involve the audience, it's more special that way.

I'm loving these tips. I'm taking notes in my head for when I go in and do my first room. I was supposed to join someone in a room and it got canceled. I was nervous. I was like, “I don't know what I'm doing. What if I do the wrong thing? What if I hit the wrong button?” I opened the app, I went into some random room. I saw what room she was following. I went into one and I was scared to touch someone's little circle because I don't know what that's going to do. I was like, “Is it going to say that I'm raising my hand?” I got over that fear and I pushed a few buttons and figured some things out. I'm excited to dive into Clubhouse a little bit more. Is there anything else I want to get to you, sharing the freebie or the blog post?

The blog post has a ton of information. It's doing well on Pinterest. I poured everything into it. It's like, “Here's the app. Here's the lingo.” I frequently answered questions. I have a checklist for newbies on there. It covers so much. That’s why I feel like it is a freebie.

This freebie, this checklist, would have prepared me a lot more for those conversations. That's what I'm taking away. I am excited about this. I did purchase your Clubhouse for CEOs, which is super reasonably priced. I'm going to highly recommend that even though I haven't dived into it yet because I'm excited. I saw the topics that are in there and I'm excited about them. In our conversation together, you know what you're talking about. Even though the app hasn't been around too long, it doesn't matter. If you're spending time in there and you learn these tips and tricks, then I don't have to try and figure this all out on my own. I can learn.

It will save you months of being on the app for hours.

I don't have time for that. We got to know what we're supposed to do when we're supposed to do it and how we're supposed to do it so we can get in, do our thing, leverage it to grow our business, grow our audience, serve more and add more value. I'm excited about that.

I take a different approach. I am all about like, “Let's automate. Let's get them into the funnel.” This is for lead gen but let's take it a step further. Let's get them into our sales funnel. We don't own these social media platforms. It's great for our business. It's great to leverage and build those connections but then what? It's like, “What happens after that?”

If you guys are reading and you want more on automation, how to work more efficiently in your business, that's what we've been talking about here on the show but if you want more, shoot me a DM. Tell me what you want to learn about because I will bring amazing people like Melissa back. We can talk more about funnels, more about automation, because that is a major key to working less and enjoying more.

Less doesn't always mean fewer hours. Maybe you love working 40 hours in your business but let's do less of the things that you hate doing or less of the things that don't bring in more revenue. Let's get you focused on your zone of genius that's going to grow the business and let the automation, tools, tips, tricks, paid advertising, paid traffic, and all of that do the work for you. Shoot me a message so that we can give you more of what you want here on the show. Your blog post is about how to use Clubhouse. Do you want to share with them? Do you have the link memorized in your head? You can spit it out there for them.


That's where you're going to get some amazing free content. I'll call it out that maybe it's going to lead them to that amazing thing that I purchased.

It's in the blog post. It's a small little button but there's so much content on there. You'll learn a lot. The Clubhouse for CEOs is my mini-course. It's $37. It will cover everything you need to know and more. I cover conversion strategy and my four-step process for moderating a boss because there is a method to the madness. That is at

This has been amazing. It's been enlightening talking to you about Clubhouse. I've learned more. I'm more excited to go dive into the app and explore it. I'm going to do your Clubhouse For CEOs first before I go waste energy and space in there. This has been awesome. Any last thoughts that you want to leave the audience with?

There's power in starting. I know some people are afraid or scared that no one's going to enter the room or they're going to have minimal people. It doesn't matter how many people you have in the room as long as you have their attention. Imagine that one person is standing in front of you, would you stop talking and end the room? Probably not. We'd have a conversation with them. Bring them up on stage, have a conversation, answer their questions and then utilize all the steps that I cover in Clubhouse For CEOs because there is more to it than hosting a room.

She's going to give you the inside scoop in there. I'm a done-is-better-than-perfect type of girl. You have to take action to get somewhere that you want to go. You're not going to know if Clubhouse is for you unless you dip your toes in and check it out and feel it out. Give it a go. Maybe it's for you. Maybe it's not. There's only one way to find out. Where can everyone find you to connect with you more?

At Clubhouse, I'm Litchfield Media there. That's my handle. Also, on Instagram, @LitchfieldMedia.

This has been great. Thanks for spending the time with us. I appreciate you so much. Maybe we'll be having you back if you'll have us.

Let's talk about SLO funnels.

We’ll see you later.

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