Badass Is The New Black (Season 2) Episode #16: How To Sell In The DM's W/ Special Guest: Taylor Slango

Mar 13, 2022


Season 2 Episode #16: How To Sell In The DM's

Have you ever wondered how to effectively leverage your social media platform to make sales in your business?

Join me as I chat with super successful, multi-6 figure business owner Taylor Slango as she shares with us the REAL strategies that turn to sales in your DM's.

Taylor built her business completely online and grew to over 6-figures in her very first year all by selling strategically in the DM's

She gives us really helpful tips to grow our own social media selling game and convert to cash all in the DM's.

You can grab Taylor's FREE guide to selling in the DM's by CLICKING THIS LINK---> ROADMAP TO  SELLING IN YOUR DM's


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