Hi Friend! I'm Krissy Chin.

I'm so glad you're here!

 I’m a sarcastic, laid-back, midwest-raised, So-Cal at heart kinda girl, living in ATL. I'm livin’ the dream, teaching other badass boss babes how to leverage social media to grow their following and business online. While I love all things marketing and sales, my favorite part about business is scaling through automation because THAT is where the magic happens. After all, my motto is, “work less and enjoy more.” I’m obsessed with: all things marketing, lake life, dangly earrings, yoga pants, and binge-watching TV series with the hubbs.

 I wasn’t always a savvy business owner with a thriving membership site, clients to teach, and sales that come in each and everyday!


True story: It seems like not that long ago I was working 12 hour night shifts as an RN at my local hospital every other weekend and on holidays. Y’all, I had hard core FOMO so this schedule was BRUTAL. I was caring for those who needed it, but I never really felt fulfilled.

You ever feel like that? Like you know what you are doing is a good thing, but maybe there is something more? 

 Deep in my gut I knew- there was more.

 The reality was, I wanted more fulfillment, financial freedom (I like fancy things), and scheduling flexibility (because of...FOMO). I had no clue how I was going to get all of that, but I was determined to make it happen. 


 Then the unexpected happened.


 I invested in my family's health with a $150 essential oil kit and it CHANGED MY LIFE.

I instantly took on entrepreneurship as a network marketer building my first business. As I continued to grow as an individual and serve my amazing community, something happened that I never saw coming. I discovered another need that led to starting my third business.


I know you're thinking, "Third business! What was the second business?"


It failed miserably and don't worry, I'll share all my takeaways and valuable lessons learned from that one another day.


That third business is now a THRIVING 7- FIGURE business that I am running today. I'm no longer running the halls of a hospital but rather IMPERFECTLY balancing motherhood, owning and running multiple businesses, making excuses for why I don't have time to work out or shower every day, and helping anyone who is just like me to make that conscious decision to own who they are, what they want, and to take action to get there.


If you walked into my house right now you would find me in my bright and sunny office with a messy bun, most likely without a bra on, still in Pj’s, and taking action to help thousands of other ordinary people just like me become extraordinary business-crushing entrepreneurs. 


Life hasn’t always felt this sunny with new exciting opportunities around every corner. The road has been winding and to be honest, I have had to work through some giant shitstorms (and I’m not talking about my experience as a nurse's aid in college).



"Instead of living with regret, I learn from every experience (good or bad) and use it to generate success. "

Before I met my husband or had any successful businesses, I remember lying on my bed after a long shift staring at the loft ceiling in my downtown Chicago apartment wishing for more. I certainly wasn’t “Living The Dream” as it’s called.

In fact, I was a divorced nurse living with a mountain of student debt, dreading every single work shift, wondering if I would ever be living the life I still dreamed about. 


How did a smart, young girl like me end up here?


It was then that I made the conscious decision to figure out a way to create the life I always dreamed of and to NEVER settle again.

And so the journey began. I took the successes and failures I had learned on my own and from others in the past and used that knowledge to create success in business and life. 


My story is one I’m sure a lot of people have lived or may be living now.


I don’t know where you find yourself in your own story,
but I’m on a mission to tell you that...


YOU ARE ENOUGH and you have what it takes to be the REAL DEAL and a true BADASS pursuing your dreams and creating the life you want. I am living proof and I can't wait to inspire you to take action on your ideas, teach you new skills, and help you implement them to achieve success in all things. 


I can't wait to connect with you so I can cheer you on as you chase your wildest dreams!

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